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What the stars say about Cancer and Capricorn

Love between Cancer and Capricorn

The love between a Cancer and a Capricorn is like a hidden treasure that lies deep in the depths of the ocean. It is mysterious, fascinating and full of surprises. Cancer, a water sign, is emotional, intuitive and loving, while Capricorn, an earth sign, is practical, disciplined and ambitious. These differences can lead to a magnetic attraction that brings the two together and creates a deep, meaningful connection.

Fidelity in the relationship

When it comes to fidelity, Cancer and Capricorn find common ground. Both signs are known for their loyalty and commitment in relationships. Cancer is a protector, wrapping their loved ones in their protective armor, while Capricorn is a faithful companion, keeping their promises and staying by their partner's side no matter what. This shared loyalty forms the foundation of their relationship and strengthens their bond.

Sexual harmony

Another dimension of their relationship unfolds in the bedroom. Sensual Cancer brings a depth of emotion and passion to their intimate moments, while Capricorn, although considered conservative, shows surprising stamina and commitment. Their sexual relationship can be a journey of discovery and pleasure that further strengthens their bond.

Family and home

Family is of great importance to both signs. Cancer, who values home and family, and Capricorn, who seeks stability and security, can create a loving and supportive home together. They share a deep appreciation for traditions and together they can create a family based on love, respect and mutual support.

What makes the relationship special

The relationship between Cancer and Capricorn is special because it is based on opposites attracting. Their differences complement each other and create a balance that strengthens their relationship. Cancer brings emotion and sensitivity to the relationship, while Capricorn brings structure and discipline. This blend of emotion and pragmatism makes their relationship unique and special.

Tips for the relationship

For a successful relationship, Cancer and Capricorn should appreciate their differences and see them as strengths. They should give each other space to express their individuality while appreciating the common values and goals they share. Communication is key - they should be open about their feelings and needs and be willing to compromise. And above all, they should never take the love and loyalty they share for granted.

Cancer & Capricorn

The little love secret

Opposites attract. And what is most different can still come very close. Love is precisely the golden bridge between opposites. It makes us whole, because it brings what we ourselves lack. In astrology it is said (and this is the message of all esoteric teachings) that every singular and isolated thing has the aspiration to become whole. This desire can be all the greater, the more one person is different from the other. And love is correspondingly stronger.
This applies in a special way to a relationship between Cancer and Capricorn. But this is also a general law. For every other person, no matter what sign of the zodiac, will be quite different from you in some respect. So if your lady or jack of hearts is a Capricorn, you should not regard this difference from the outset as a disturbance and an obstacle, but as an opportunity to love even more deeply, even more fully.


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