Your 2024 Cancer Horoscope


Like a goddess, like a god

What the stars have in store for you

The Sun rules the year, and until May 24, Jupiter embraces your zodiac sign. This creates great benefits, especially for your love life. Those of you who may have been looking for a partner for some time will have a much better chance than usual in 2024. You've had such good experiences in recent years and know how to put yourself in the right light. I say it over and over again: Cancerians are the sweetest people in the world. Everyone wants them. At the end of May, Jupiter moves on. That's when things tighten up. So live and love like a goddess, like a god, in the first half of the year, and don't worry about the second!

What to pay attention to

What you may let go of Pluto has been quite opposite your zodiac sign for the last few years. This led to great devotion and love. Now he is one sign further. You may miss him at times and find that your life has become a little more sober.

The message of the Sun

Your personal ruling planet is the Moon. There is an intimate relationship between it and the Sun, the ruling planet of the coming year. This is reflected in the fact that every month there is a meeting, the new moon. In the same way, once a month the sun and the moon are exactly opposite each other, crowning the sky with a full moon. With the Sun as the regent of the coming year, these encounters are especially healing, fruitful and uplifting.


Until May 24, you will fully enjoy the lucky planet Jupiter. Place all important appointments during this time.


This planet is in friendly trine to your zodiac sign throughout the year. This will bring you many advantages. Especially in matters that require a lot of discretion, you will have an advantage.


This planet is very friendly to you throughout the year. He helps you with every change, no matter if it is about the apartment, the job or even in individual cases about the partnership.


Through this planet you are connected with the world of mysticism. This gives you deep confidence in life.


He is no longer on your side from 2024. Your life will become easier, but also a bit more ordinary.

Love and passion

The most beautiful gift that the annual ruler, the Sun, unwraps is inner peace, trust and deep happiness. No matter who and how you love in 2024 - in a committed partnership, in casual relationships or alone with occasional affairs - you will be happy, cheerful and content. Do you even need the other planets? Mercury acts like that famous god Cupid: you tell him who you like - and he directs his love arrow straight into their heart. The moon hexes you magnetism, which attracts others like "moths the light". But when it comes to who gets to stay with you longer, Saturn makes the right choice thanks to his foresight. Jupiter crowns your love with a wedding, possibly with a child, and certainly with great feelings.

Career and money

The world is in a big crisis. Pessimism up to a doomsday mood spreads. But with the friendly position of Jupiter you know the only right therapy, namely positive thinking. Visions of a better future for our world are born in the minds of Cancers in 2024 and in time infect all the other eleven zodiac signs. For you personally, the way forward and upward is easiest in the first half of the year, in August and in December. Certainly it is not wrong if you take opportunities to become active with your skills in a team or association.


The most favorable influences come from the Sun and Jupiter. Saturn and Neptune are also important. All require you to take care of your own health, so don't consult doctors right away. Buy a health guide and then tackle any symptoms yourself: you will be a good healer.

Cancer and its partners

There will be excitement and trouble with Aries in 2024.

Taurus wants to be seduced: is great fun.

Flirting with Gemini makes you loose and sexy.

Another Cancer plunges you into emotional chaos: exhausting, but beautiful!

Leo spoils you. This flatters and is easy on the wallet.

Virgo is golden: looks like happy ending in front of a registry office.

Best advisor for job and finances is Libra, but in bed there are problems.

For the Scorpio you do outrageous things.

With Sagittarius you melt away.

A Capricorn will dispel your fear of the future.

The Aquarius you find quite sexy.

Pisces is very much in love with you. But when you make plans together, he goes into hiding.


You have a great year ahead of you. It starts right away with Jupiter constantly giving you a hand and many gifts of good fortune during the first six months. The Sun, in turn, brings the youth out of you. Sometimes you feel even younger than you actually are and enjoy it. It is not at all uncommon for women among you to become pregnant. Then the most important wish of a Cancer-born will come true: a family.


Uranus is sitting on top of all those who are already retired or no longer working for some other reason. He wants you to throw yourself into something new. This can be anything but what you have been doing all your life. Maybe you learn astrology or start some other mediumistic study. Or you may go back to school in a continuing education course at the adult education center. Or maybe you will become a volunteer in a social field. No matter what it is: you will revive and be very happy.

Jun 22 - Jul 22

BEST DAYWednesday
SOULMATEScorpio, Pisces


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