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September 2023


The name "Virgo" primarily represents a young woman. In fact, people with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or other major planet in this sign age less quickly. This is as true for females as it is for males. The prolonged youth is also usually experienced as such. One feels young - even at the age of 80. Furthermore, it can actually be concluded from the sign Virgo that these people do not have children. Much more often than other signs of the zodiac, they get out of the general and natural life process and thus have more space and time for other things. The highest would be, of course, to have a divine child themselves. Whether one actually encounters Virgo-born people in the monastery more often than other zodiac signs remains to be seen. But surely at some point each of these people deals with it to connect his life with an idea. However, there is also the opposite implementation of the term Virgo: this has to do with the zodiac sign that follows Virgo, it is Libra. This zodiac sign is considered in astrology as a relationship or commitment sign. So, from this point of view, Virgo expresses actually entering into the bond of marriage as a virgin. However, today hardly anyone will marry "immaculate", but the lustful side can be lived even if you do not have children.


Further thoughts about the meaning of the sign Virgo can be deduced if you look at the time: August 24 to September 23. Summer is over, and at the same time the approaching winter becomes more and more present due to the longer evenings and nights. In order to survive the winter, harvesting and precaution is the order of the day. On the fields all kinds of grain are due and on the trees the fruits which can be stored. As a proper virgin, you make a fuss about both, but because you have internalized the idea of precaution, you save the pleasure and put fruits and grains in suitable containers. Precaution then plays an important role in the life of a Virgo throughout life.


The word adaptation is often used in connection with the Virgo sign. It is often said that Virgo adapts to reality. But it is not true like that. The sign of Virgo is about finding a compromise between ego and reality. In other words, the signs Aries to Leo expect the environment to conform to them, that is, to adapt to them. Virgo takes note of reality and begins a process of coming to terms with it: What can I accept, and what can't I? That this is not an easy process is obvious. After all, in the course of life, the degree of adaptation must first be found: not too much, but also not too little. Often such adjustment processes are extremely painful - for virgins as well as for the people who have to deal with them, especially parents and teachers. And it is teeming with "miscarriages." If the reality outside "wins," a child may become over-adapted and deprived of the opportunity to shape the environment according to his or her own considerations. If, on the other hand, the ego wins, this can lead to social exclusion. Adaptation in its optimal form would mean processing just enough of the outside world to grow.


Like every sign of the zodiac, Virgo has a personal planet: Mercury. To no other is such an unimportant and secondary significance attached. Since Mercury is also assigned to the zodiac sign Gemini, people often associate it with the ability to communicate. But he can do much more. Important, for example, is its connection with Jupiter and thus with - as it is called - divine inspirations. His earthly images often wear wings on their heads and legs, as a sign that they can move quickly. Then Mercury also carries the Aesculapian staff as a sign of his medical knowledge. A well-placed Mercury in the chart does indeed lead to deep insights, and when transiting Mercury passes over a personal planet, you often get good ideas. But you also have to engage with it, relate to it. Imagining that you actually have a connection to higher intuitions can easily be "translated" into connecting with the higher self in meditation. I use my pendulum when communicating with Jupiter via Mercury. Of course, everything that has been said applies not only to Virgo-born people, but to any sign of the zodiac. The process of adjustment here is based on the position of the sign Virgo and the sixth house. For example, if someone has Saturn in the sixth house, it causes a tremendous reduction and selection of receptive possibilities. Neptune, on the other hand, causes a flooding, or overcrowding, here. And this brings us to the area that is firmly connected with the theme of Virgo and adaptation, namely health. Simplified and certainly also shortened it can be said that illness always has to do with the fact that this process of confrontation and adaptation between ego and reality does not run optimally, that possibly too much is taken in or that the ego is overstrained. Such under- or overstrain can cause diseases.

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