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Cancer as a partner in love


There you are, sitting with a Cancer, having a wonderful meal together, toasting with glasses, looking into each other's eyes in love. And your heart is overflowing, you just have to vent: "I love you ...!" you may sigh. But your Cancer will smile, blush, look to the side, possibly breathe a kiss on your cheek - and remain silent. You wait and wait, but finally (always assuming you're not a Cancer yourself) you just can't take it anymore and ask, "And you, do you love me too?" A long, oppressive silence follows. Then the answer, almost just breathed: "I don't know. What is that, anyway - love?"
They are in despair, the glorious evening is spoiled. You go home alone, still lying in your bed for a long time. Seeing her/him in front of you, racking your brains about whether he/she is in love again now or not - that's when the phone rings: it's your beloved Cancer, laughing and joking ... "I think I've fallen in love!" - "Oh yeah? With whom?" - "With your eyes ..., no, with your eyelashes ...!"
The next time it may be your earlobe, then your thumb ... But whether he loves you completely, your whole person, you will probably never get to hear from him. The Cancerian will marry you. Then the child will come anyway and a Cancer will love that much more than you in any case. And still, even if a Cancer never professes his love in clear words: he still loves you more than any representative of any other sign of the zodiac could. His love is deep, exclusive, all-encompassing and forever. You are a part of him. Your Cancer would, without batting an eye, throw himself into a raging river or a burning house to save you. Your cancer will do anything for you. Just don't ask him to say he loves you at the drop of a hat.
However, I would like to emphasize here once again that Cancer can only give and nurture if it also receives something. This must never be forgotten.


Cancers love soulful. They find the question of whether they are good in bed an imposition. Nevertheless, how does it turn out, the test for the Cancer in terms of sex? It can be seen! Perhaps he is not up to date as far as technology is concerned. In the "freestyle" he is certainly not one of the winners, but in the "duty" because he celebrates it so tenderly, so openly, so soulfully and sensitively. The act of love is for Cancer-born a deeply felt experience, in which they feel far inwardly connected to the love partner. Warm, honest feelings have an eroticizing effect on Cancers. If they feel emotional security, it increases their sexual pleasure and the intensity of their reactions. Hug your Cancer and hold him tight, he likes that. He loves tenderness without end and above all he never gets and gives enough kisses. Cancers kiss, kiss, kiss - and by all means not only beautiful mouths ... Their most sensitive body zone is the breast, and even a gentle caress arouses sexual desire in both sexes. The most important prerequisite for sensual hours with a Cancer: the atmosphere must be right. He loves it cozy, snug, romantic, which of course includes candles and emotional music and a good glass of wine.
If a typical Cancerian, male or female, has not just been bent by some sexually hostile attitude, he gets an orgasm every time he has intercourse. And every time he flies away, glides on cloud nine and is so into it, as if it were really always about conceiving or fathering a child again. Love with a Cancer is simply heavenly and without any stale aftertaste.


If you are a Cancer, you know it yourself: You save everything. In your basement or attic, there are still your children's toys, and usually your own. Maybe there are even some diapers among them, which were not used at that time. In your living room, there is definitely a shelf or a larger box reserved exclusively for pictures. In it there are countless photos, not necessarily of you, but of your children, your parents, grandparents and, of course, your husband or wife. Well understood, you are not concerned with all the things themselves, but with the memories and emotions attached to them. Ultimately, it is this small portion of soul that sticks to every picture, every piece of jewelry. Can you just burn something like that or throw it in the trash?
No, they are not faithful. They are super, mega, insanely faithful. You are so faithful that your partner can have a mistress or a lover: You will not throw him out the door. You are so faithful that your children can lie to you through their teeth: You will not abandon them if they are ever in a jam.
Of course, at some point the last straw will fall for you, too: You file for divorce or kick your adult children out of the house. But in your heart, things will always remain the way they were when you all loved each other once ...


It is not easy to put into words the jealousy of Cancer people. On the one hand, a Cancer naturally suffers horribly when they fear losing their beloved other half. It is as if a part is torn out of him, as if the sun suddenly stopped shining ... Cancers can suffer from jealousy like animals, become mute, withdraw, no longer say a word, are unresponsive. On the other hand, the love of a Cancer is so great that he forbids himself to put hurdles in the way of his partner when he goes his own way. As much as he suffers, he begrudges his partner for seeking happiness and love "outside the home" as well. It is an almost unsolvable conflict between jealousy, almost pathological possessiveness and clinging on the one hand, and equally great compassion on the other.
Therefore, it is important that no Cancer forces himself to do something that goes against the grain. If he is jealous, he should quietly lament, complain, make a scene ... Suffering silently in front of him does him a lot of harm.


Show him that you are romantic, this will definitely make him perk up his ears. Seduce him to a picnic with champagne on a moonlit jetty on a balmy summer night.
Small attentions not only mean a lot to the extraordinarily sensitive Cancer, but are existential for him: postcards with tender declarations of love tell him how much you miss him, a bouquet of roses on Valentine's Day and on shared anniversaries gives him confirmation that you still love him. And one thing you should never forget for heaven's sake: his mother's birthday.
Cancer is a "pet." Nowhere does he feel more at home than in his own four walls. That's why you can't give him any greater pleasure than to help him make his beloved home even more beautiful. Consequently, it is not difficult to choose gifts for him: for example, a decorative candlestick, pretty picture frames for the numerous family photos, an antique carafe, silk bedding, a large, cozy pillow, professional kitchen utensils, a fireplace set, cookbooks, a soft housecoat for cozy winter evenings together or silk lingerie.
Furthermore, one thing must be clear from the outset: his family comes first! Ninety-nine out of one hundred Cancers love their family, and it's very unlikely that you've just come across the one who doesn't. So speak only in the very best terms of your parents - and of course even more so of his, whether you have seen them yet or not.

Jun 22 - Jul 22


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