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Pisces as a partner in love


Somewhat exaggeratedly formulated, the ideal image of the Pisces man in love was still sixty or seventy years ago such that he was on the road at night with a guitar to perform his love songs written with heart and soul under the window of his beloved, languishing, almost dying of longing ... And the Pisces woman was like Penelope, full of love waiting - if it had to be, even for forty years. Today, one experiences Pisces love especially in corresponding Hollywood movies like "Titanic" with Rose and Jack, alias Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, whose love goes down with the Titanic in real terms, but becomes eternal and immortal on another level. As in the film, where the dead Jack slowly sinks into the icy sea while the "Titanic" song plays, "Every night I see you in my dreams ..."
This is almost typical of fish love, that it remains unfulfilled on the real everyday level, but continues on a mystical one. One can almost say with certainty that a Pisces always carries around an unfulfilled love or lives with a partner who does not embody his very great love. After all, in the philosophy of a fish, what is true and real is not of this world; it is divine, mysterious, a riddle, and incompatible with practical everyday life.
Does this mean that people who are looking for a partner should always give Pisces a wide berth?
Of course not! Pisces are such lovable, friendly, considerate contemporaries that it is wonderful to relax at their side. But you should know that you will have to say goodbye to your Pisces-born again and again in the long run: because he wants to be alone, because he might have a lover or a beloved, because he has to meditate or travel alone. But, and this is the other side, whoever knows how to keep him on a "long leash", he will always come back to him.


Pisces are very sensitive in bed, wanting not only their own satisfaction, but also that of their beloved partner. This makes them very interesting in any case. Because in most beds, despite all the enlightenment, there are still so many "numbers pushed" and "wood chopped" that it is a pity. The Pisces is a praiseworthy exception; he seeks the togetherness, the harmony of the bodies. His high sensitivity lets him feel the wishes of his love partner, read them off his eyes. So he is not only good, he is above all pleasant in bed: no stress, no orgasm compulsion, no numbers. From such a fish can emanate a suction that no one can resist. The sex of a fish makes hungry for always, always more ...
But that is only one side. The other is that the sensitivity of a fish can also be very annoying. That is, when the noise of the elevator in the hotel or the fly in the bedroom prevents him from undisturbed pleasure. And then only his moods, which let him be once open like the sea, the other time closed like an oyster. In other words, love and sex with a fish can be breathtaking: a trip on cloud nine, a flight into eternity. And they can be so dull and "turn-off" that even a tired yawn would still be a compliment.


The Pisces has a complicated soul life. And he behaves above all extremely contradictory. This trait is already memorialized in the sky: The classic zodiac sign of Pisces, in fact, consists of two fishes pushing in opposite directions. And the Pisces man thinks, feels and acts in the same way. He says this, but means that. He wants to go there, but goes in the opposite direction. Because of all the contradictions the fish confuses itself and all others more and more, until in the end only one big riddle remains.
From the logic of the astrology it is very well understandable why the fish is so complicated and puzzling: He was "invented" and created by the "existence", in order to question and dissolve superficial realities. He is the personified "antimatter" and for the understanding the bodily "lawyer of the devil", the Advocatus Diaboli of the ratio - he must confuse, stir up dust, so that "the understanding" questions itself and at all first the conditions are created to search for another existence.
But its inconsistency is simply a disaster for many interpersonal issues - and in terms of fidelity, it is worst of all: a typical fish that does not betray its partner is as rare as a pearl in an oyster. Jealousy dramas are therefore part of the everyday love life of a humane fish, and one could feel sorry for partners of fishes if it weren't for the fact that no one gets a partner they don't deserve. In other words: Those who love and marry a Pisces-born usually hope for free play themselves.


Typical Pisces-born idealize their partner. They put him on a high pedestal and it does not fit to this, if the love partner flirts with others or cheats, even if Pisces do not take it so exactly with the fidelity.
However, there will be no loud scenes in such cases with a partner of this zodiac sign. A Pisces detests quarrels. He prefers to sulk silently and gloomily. And in this mood, from his point of view, sooner or later he will have no choice but to look elsewhere for comfort ...


The Pisces loves it when he can bob along and nobody bullies him. He loves freedom above all. So you have to leave the Pisces alone; that is one side. The other side contains exactly the opposite: He wants to be seduced, longs to be taken out of his world. In other words, any lover of a fish must firstly be self-confident. Secondly, he needs the patience of an angler, must be able to wait without complaining, must always put out new "baits", i.e. charms, to lure the fish and then at the right moment - and please not too early and not too late - gently and firmly grab it at the same time.
Isn't all this a bit much to ask of someone who goes out to catch a fish? Indeed! Fish partners should therefore always keep in mind that with every day that their fish does not swim away or is locked, they have succeeded in a small masterpiece.
Moreover, since the fish is not only a gusher and philosopher, but also a very normal person with very normal desires, here is his "favorite toy": Shoes (lots of shoes, a typical fish never has enough shoes, he collects them), ice cream (many kinds of ice cream), telecommunications (the Internet is clearly the modern sea of fish), sauna (fish like to sweat), lotus scent (they love heavy fragrances), mystical (every fish is, hidden or open, a mystic), Getafix (the wizard of the comic series Asterix and Obelix), comic books, breweries and wine cellars (fish like to drink for their lives; this is a small makeshift bridge to escape a little from the crushing burden of everyday life).
Even though they act like the cool world champions in flirting, kissing and socializing, they are actually always looking for the dream partner, the true soul mate. So for his sake, keep your hands off a fish if you only want a short-term adventure.

Feb 20 - Mar 20


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