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An Aquarius puts his freedom and need for individuality above everything. Nevertheless, he is faithful, if only because romantic love affairs simply do not fit his lifestyle. He is at home in the world of ideas, feelings tend to confuse him and upset him. Friendships mean a lot to him, if not more than a love affair.

Love between Aries and Aquarius

Love between an Aries and an Aquarius is like a dance between fire and air, an encounter full of sparks and vitality. Aries, ruled by Mars, the planet of passion, and Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, the planet of freedom and change, together create a relationship characterized by a sense of adventure and excitement. They are both independent signs who value their freedom but also enjoy each other's company.

Fidelity in the Aries-Aquarius relationship

Fidelity in the relationship between Aries and Aquarius can be a challenge, as both signs value their independence and don't like to feel confined. However, when they engage in a deep emotional connection, their fidelity can be unwavering. The key lies in respecting each other's space and being willing to see their relationship as an adventure that they explore together.

Sexual harmony between Aries and Aquarius

In the bedroom, Aries and Aquarius ignite fireworks of passion. Aries brings the passion and intensity, while Aquarius brings the creativity and experimentation. They are both open to new experiences and love to live out their sexual fantasies. Their sexual relationship is characterized by a sense of adventure and curiosity, which makes them an exciting and fulfilling couple.

Family and home with Aries and Aquarius

In family life, Aries and Aquarius bring a mixture of stability and change. Aries is a protector who wants to create a safe and stable home for their loved ones. Aquarius, on the other hand, brings a breath of fresh air and new ideas to family life. Together they can create a dynamic and exciting family where everyone can express their individuality.

What makes the relationship between Aries and Aquarius special?

The relationship between Aries and Aquarius is special because it is based on a deep friendship and mutual respect. They are both independent signs who value their freedom but also enjoy each other's company. They love to experience new adventures together and push their boundaries. Their relationship is characterized by excitement, a sense of adventure and a deep connection.

Tips for the relationship between Aries and Aquarius

For a successful relationship between Aries and Aquarius, it is important that they maintain their independence and give each other space. They should see their relationship as an adventure that they explore together and not as a restriction on their freedom. They should also be open to new experiences and be willing to step out of their comfort zone. And above all, they should nurture their deep friendship and mutual respect, because that is the foundation of their relationship.

Aries & Aquarius

The little love secret

If you are an Aries and you know an Aquarius, you have found an ideal partner for you. You will get along great and you will have a person at your side you can rely on. Your partner is air by element, while you yourself are a fire sign. Fire and air, as they say in astrology, complement each other perfectly. In everyday life you will experience this as cheerfulness and happiness.
Occasional boredom or disharmony you can always get out of the world by doing something together. But you are "friends", never forget that! Friends try not to bully or cheat each other. As long as you observe this "rule of the game", you will live in a happy partnership, which will become even more stable and fulfilling with children.


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