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Aries as a partner in love


Typical Aries you can only love - or you have to avoid them. They are usually unrestrained egocentrics, they always want what they don't have. They live in a world where men are still "real" men, fighting for their wives, conquering them, carrying them on their hands and ready to die for them - and where women are of course "real" women, suffering and fighting for their husbands, going with him through thick and thin and also ready to die with him and in his arms. Of course, jealousy is also part of this world - but not out of fear of losing the partner, but because Aries is strongly competitive.
So at the side of an Aries you are constantly offered something. Peace and harmony are clearly among the rarer goods of a partnership with Aries. And yet they are hardly ever alone. Aries-born people are among the least likely to live as "soloists." How is that possible? Aries bring drama, yes, but they also make you feel alive. They don't just watch as their partner next to them gradually grows old and threatens to fall asleep. They keep him awake and alive, if necessary with the hissing and roaring of a tiger.


In bed he is the best! At least the Aries himself shows himself one hundred percent convinced of it. Isn't his astrological ancestor the Aries, the pride of every rural homestead, the only one who doesn't meet the fate of all other male sheep to be castrated and degraded to mutton? This archetype of the gifted ram, producer and fertilizer slumbers in every ram. The ram belongs, as said, to the fire element. And fire is a symbol of passion. The Aries, this was also already mentioned, is the most fiery fire sign - and therefore also the most passionate. On top of that, Aries views sex just like everything else in life: It's also about who's the best in this area. Therefore, a night with an Aries is always something special: it's about breaking records, winning a new championship.
However, the Aries is less interested in extensive fore and after play. He gets to the point quickly and directly. He always aims at the whole thing right away and wants to get to the main course, the sexual union, without much delay and annoying fuss. And he is also not a lover of any techniques that delay the orgasm or maybe even stop it completely. The orgasm is the climax, the fulfillment, for a moment the ego experiences itself liberated, relaxed and discharged, a state which is exceedingly rare and valuable in the life of a true Aries.


The male Aries-born sees himself as a knight, loyal and devoted to the one to whom he has offered his protection. The Aries woman, in turn, could be seen as an Amazon, just as naturally true to her word. So once an Aries has said yes, he means it. And if you want him to, he will reinforce his yes with a thousand vows, claiming that he would rather gouge his eyes out than leave his beloved partner any day: "As many stars are in the sky, as many days I will love you ...!" says an Italian love song; it must have been written by an Aries.
The only problem is that the Aries, as a fire sign, ultimately follows its inspiration - and that, in turn, is oriented only to the moment. In other words, with an Aries you can never be sure that he won't forget his oaths of allegiance at the next best opportunity. So: In every Aries woman, in every Aries man, there exists something like a knowledge, a hunch, to be the only "authorized one" in a flock of "sheep willing to mate": For the Aries man it is ultimately a self-understanding that every woman is created for him and is to be had. The same is true for the Aries woman towards the men.
With the faithfulness it is therefore difficult for typical representatives of this sign of the zodiac.


Aries are fire signs; that is, they are of an urgent, impulsive, expansive nature. Therefore, jealousy does not occur with them at all to begin with. How can a man want to possess another, when the point is to realize himself, to live in the moment, to enjoy his freedom?
If he nevertheless rages with jealousy, it is not because he could lose a person whom he has taken into his heart. Rather, he is jealous because there seems to be someone who (or which) is "better" than the Aries himself. This is also the reason why Aries - just like the other fire signs - immediately "console" themselves with a new partner when they are left.
In reality, however, they are looking for affirmation. If an Aries' partner threatens to leave him for someone else, an Aries also wrestles less with his other half of the relationship than with the rival, the competitor. The classic situation arises that the "cuckolded" (married) man seeks out the rival to challenge him to a duel.
Aries women handle this quite similarly; for them, too, the rival is the more important figure in the case of a love triangle. If it actually comes to a separation, one must know that the Aries waits certainly not eternally whether its partner does not change his mind nevertheless still: He will look for a replacement very quickly.


The heart of an Aries not only beats a few beats faster than the heart of other signs, it also beats fast for the one or the chosen one. With these "Martians" (Mars is the ruling planet of the sign Aries), it doesn't stay with the eye play for long. The Aries man has just made eye contact, and already he comes up to you with a beaming smile, introduces himself to you, and a short time later he is already trying to persuade you to leave with him the event at which you have just met in order to have a drink with him in a bar. He is so irresistible and makes you feel that you, only you, can make him happy that night. And already you have fallen for him and disappeared on his arm.
Aries ladies are not so obviously impetuous, but also leave no doubt about their interest in a potential flirt partner. With prompting looks they show that they would like to be conquered by storm.
Neither female nor male Aries are "into" awkward, shy, timid approaches: they want to conquer and be conquered - quickly, fiercely and directly.

Mar 21 - Apr 20


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