Your 2024 Horoscope for Aries


Love - a magical dream

What the stars have in store for you

The Sun rules 2024 and that means a guarantee of a good year right from the start. The Sun really likes you. Your spontaneous nature, which likes to put yourself in the spotlight and doesn't let boredom stop you, goes down well with her. From May 26, things will be particularly exciting as Jupiter takes up a favorable position. And it bears the promising name "lucky planet". With its help, your interpersonal communication will improve. You will do better business and be unbeatable in sales.

You will also be even better in your love life. The Sun also ensures that you are less impatient and restless. As the annual regent, it has a calming effect on everyone. This is particularly beneficial for you. You are less easily irritated and can accept things as they are. Another calming property of the sun is that it alleviates your latent fears. This makes you a pleasant person to spend time with. In addition, you don't get into competition as quickly as is often the case with your zodiac sign. You can work on observing yourself and calming down if necessary.

What to watch out for

The problem lies with Saturn. It is in the zodiac sign of Pisces all year round. So you are left to your own devices. Sounds good, doesn't it? Just wait and see! Some certainties could suddenly be called into question. You could make mistakes, forget important dates or overreach yourself. It's particularly important not to panic now. You can be absolutely sure that you'll be fine without Saturn. Perhaps you need to make a little more effort.

The Sun's message

It rules the year and that it supports you has already been said. That's great. But don't take it the wrong way: The sun doesn't want you to think only of yourself. Like the real sun in the sky, your energy should benefit everyone.


From May 25, it takes up a favorable position, making you even better, more popular and more winning. There's no question that you'll be well received in the world and have great opportunities.


It has already been mentioned that he leaves you alone. But don't take it the wrong way: You need to take care of yourself.


It is in the sign of Taurus and takes care of your finances. You should know that Uranus makes you reckless, even when it comes to spending money.


This planet deepens your connection to mysticism. If you get involved, you will have wonderful experiences.


This powerful star took up a position at the end of 2023 that opens up great opportunities for you. However, it will still take some time. But in any case, it will not hinder you in the coming year.

Love and passion

Your celestial ancestor, the golden Aries, sends his regards: Your love will make you so happy in 2024 that you will sometimes feel like you're in seventh heaven. The new year may bring less freedom and erotic adventures, but more intense intimacy and strong feelings. In individual cases, and only if a relationship has already died out, this deeper emotionality could lead to a break-up. But will the year 2024 bring the longed-for partner to all those Aries who are looking for a partner? Of course it will! There are times - such as in February, March and August - when you will encounter potential partners like in an anthill.

Career and money

Say goodbye to the idea that you could have an eight-hour job, receive your salary at the end of the month and be glued to your desk until you retire. In 2024, you won't just have a job, you'll have a vocation! Enthusiasm and commitment are more than ever the foundation of your success. With the Sun as your ruler and Jupiter in harmonious conjunction with your zodiac sign from June, you have a task to fulfill and the ability to convince others of your ideas. Towards the end of the year, everything calms down: you are firmly in the saddle and there is no one who can hold a candle to you.


Saturn approaches your zodiac sign of Aries and will enter it in 2026. Until then, he will examine your body down to the smallest cells and register everything that is not one hundred percent in order. It's like an MOT check, but not for a car, but for you. You should therefore be very attentive in order to recognize Saturn's warning signals and get rid of them. In most cases, you don't need a doctor for this, just your own healing intelligence.

Aries and its partners

Another Aries is just right in January and February.

You will rarely let Taurus into your bed in 2024.

Geminis are amusing - but also moody.

You should keep Cancer as a friend - he is too possessive to be a lover.

With a Leo, you'll bring the competition into your home - at most in June and October there will be a kind of truce.

Virgo is headstrong. If you want to turn an affair into love, you'll have to wait until July/August.

No one can ensnare you as well as Libra - possibly even for a lifetime.

Nights with Scorpios are particularly hot in November.

Sagittarians are fantastic lovers, and heaven comes very close to you on a trip.

Capricorn needs a long 'warm-up' - but in December the time has come: he will ask you to marry him.

With an Aquarius, your wildest dreams will come true.

Pisces are mysterious - and irresistible in the second half of the year.


This will be a wonderful year. Especially from May 25, when Jupiter moves into Gemini, you will experience one happy day after another.


The Sun and, from June, Jupiter will make you younger. That's wonderful, and there will be quite a few people who fall in love even as they get older.

Mar 21 - Apr 20

SOULMATELeo, Sagittarius, Libra


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