The Aries portrait

by star astrologer Erich Bauer

Aries: Come, see, win

Aries-born are representatives of the "all-important fast start". They have to get going, it is their destiny, it is out of their hands, it is beyond their conscious control. As children, they are the fastest when it comes to raising their finger and shouting "Here!", provided there is something pleasant to be won, chocolate for example. But they are also the first to protest and say no when something doesn't suit them. Always works this Aries principle - to get better conditions.

Aries and profession

Aries power makes you lively. To assert oneself, to argue, to compete with each other, so that the better one wins, corresponds to their nature. As an Aries, you basically experience existence as a challenge, as an opportunity to realize yourself and your wishes, ideas and dreams. However, you also have to be in the right place for this: Doing the same thing, the same task, every hour makes such people grumpy and unhappy at first and sick in the end. Their enthusiasm, commitment and willingness to work for a good cause do not deserve to be drowned in a dull work routine. And it has to go somewhere according to their heads, too. Just carrying out what others dictate is against their nature. Aries opens the zodiac and is thus destined to initiate, to lead. Therefore, Aries-affected people get problems if they cannot give in to this enough. This does not mean that they are destined to be chancellor, chief of staff or head of department right away, but they have to be able to contribute their ideas, they need a free space for their temperament. Confirmation is as important as variety and dynamism. Aries see the world through almost childlike eyes. They marvel at everything they experience and they are proud of everything they accomplish. They naturally want to share this joy with others and hear that they did great. Individuals who deny themselves this childlike and fresh trait always need new and more exciting ways to satisfy their urge for confirmation. It would be better and healthier to give free rein to their spontaneous nature. What's wrong with grown people retaining their childlike, fresh, and rousing nature?

Aries and money

Money is a prestige object for you. If you have a lot of it, you are worth a lot yourself. This is, of course, a wonderful motivation to increase money. Therefore, Aries-born people are definitely not among the poor among all signs of the zodiac. But this also has a disadvantage: The self-esteem of Aries-born people depends on whether they have more than others. When they meet someone who has more than they do, their self-esteem plummets. They have to free themselves from this and smile when someone comes along with a swanky car or tells them that they have just been shopping and spent a few hundred euros.

All love Aries for

their spontaneity. No other sign of the zodiac decides so quickly and so spontaneously and leaves everything else if necessary.

What does the Aries need to be happy?

Aries seek happiness in a very spontaneous way. Sometimes they literally stumble upon it. They are then glad if you give them their space. Because they love to be active and like to be busy with something exciting. If, for example, an illness prevents them from doing so, or circumstances to which they have to adapt, then they quickly become unhappy. However, when they are so absorbed in something that they really become absorbed in it, they shine. Happiness for Aries also means vitality. This includes everything that maintains and strengthens their vitality, such as sports.

Finally, on this subject, all sorts and variegated, what the Aries likes in any case: Fast cars, Asterix, sports, art, courage, spirit, sass, new wine, duels, red, fire, volcanic eruption, Attila, Marlon Brando, Whoopi Goldberg, Mata Hari, Joan of Arc, Gérard Depardieu, ruby, boxing ring, wolf, thistle, fitness, number 1, Tabasco, evening paper, spontaneity, sex, conquest, tomatoes, pepper.

And he definitely doesn't like: detour, bores, red traffic lights, traffic jams, chatterboxes, sycophants, diplomacy, club formalities.

The Aries as boyfriend/girlfriend

Aries is a fire sign and thus these people are quick to catch fire. Easily possible that the best friend today is someone completely different than a year ago. As quickly as the euphoria for a new acquaintance ignites, it can also cool down again with this unsteady sign. Aries can also have long lasting friendships. However, this is then mainly due to the stamina of the other. Since Aries do not mince words and like to speak their mind directly, they sometimes make it quite difficult for people who love harmony. A quarrel, which is not a serious problem for an Aries by far, can already be classified as serious by others and put the friendship to a hard test. But one thing is for sure: It will certainly never be boring with an Aries as a friend!

Can Aries keep a secret?

Please do not tell anyone!? Fiery and direct as Aries is, he actually considers secrets superfluous. Because why should something remain hidden? It's much better to talk about it openly anyway, especially if it's important. Aries doesn't like it when people press around, make a huge affair out of trifles or even act as if they know something he doesn't have to know. He quickly feels as if he is being made a fool of, and that is why he does not like to be the bearer of a secret himself. Information should be passed on, especially if it helps to bring momentum into a matter.

Female Aries on the test bench

She is the most masculine woman in the whole zodiac and therefore hardly inferior to male Aries. Of course, she does not show the same macho attitude. But she also assumes that men were created especially for her and are all to be had. Normally she also "wears the pants" in a partnership. An Aries woman will hardly choose a man who is as dynamic, strong, moody and self-centered as she is; there would be no end to the fighting. She is more likely to find someone who can bask in her strength and hide behind her at times. However, in a relationship with an Aries woman, even the biggest softie will learn to stand up to her. After all, she leaves him no other choice, she teases, provokes, threatens, cajoles until he explodes at some point: Only then is she satisfied. A relationship with her is therefore a hard school, not for wishy-washy boys or wannabes: you have to show your colors with the Aries woman. And since a relationship with her does not follow the pattern "strong man - weak woman", but rather the other way around, she holds a lot of additional fuel. Her strength is also the only reason why there are Aries women who live alone now and then: Men are afraid of her and avoid her. But as I said, this is very rare. Because even in the fieriest, most powerful Aries Amazon there is a cuddly soft woman. But as I said, if you forget her birthday, joint anniversaries or Valentine's Day, the Aries woman will take it badly. Gifts for her should be really original and noble. With the color red you are always right with her.

Male Aries on the test bench

The Aries man is the Sicilian among the zodiac signs; even after decades of women's lib, he still dares to play the chauvinist: cool, debonair, confident of victory, and highly explosive at the slightest slight. He can also be moody and quarrelsome like a cat at the Colosseum and, again quite Italian, very mamma-fixated when a little ailment plagues him. Typically, he always expects opposition, even if there is no contra in sight far and wide. Occasionally, therefore, he comes across as a Don Quixote tilting at windmills. What really makes him strong, however, are real challenges. And the bigger they are, the better. All the more he can shine. What's more, he belongs at the top of every project. If you condemn him to routine or position him in a subordinate position in a firmly established hierarchy, Aries becomes a mutton that has lost all zest for life. In one sentence: He behaves almost anachronistically: the last "real" man! "Whether blond, whether brown, I love all women ..." - the Aries is and remains a ripper. And hand on heart, his mixture of naive impersonation and cool fire, his readiness for any adventure make him the champ in the conquest game. And if you really want him, this fiery Don Juan, then you should let yourself be conquered, never take the initiative and arm yourself. The Aries man wants to be a hunter. Because if it is obvious that you want to have and hold him, he may lose interest very quickly. Yes, what does she look like now, the dream woman of such a splendid specimen of a man? A minor matter! Above all, she must be spontaneous, adventurous, passionate and sporty - and diplomatic enough to look up to him, her "knight without fear and blame". Pleasing him with gifts is easy: enthusiastic as he is, and with his childlike disposition, he is interested in all new technical gadgets and everything to do with sports and fitness. Aries men like to prove their sexual prowess and some of them sometimes come up with such outlandish ideas that others are shocked, such as partner swapping among acquaintances or group sex. Also, some of them may develop an inclination towards sadomasopractices. The more turbulent the act of love, the better the Aries-born finds it. But besides his undisputed skills in bed, his abilities as a partner are also quite appreciated. Of course, not by women who dream of an idyllic and peaceful relationship. At the side of an Aries, action is the order of the day. Changing the restaurant several times in the evening, because the kitchen and service are deserted by all good stars, chef's hats and spoons, can become a habit. And enjoying TV together without remorse is as unlikely as winning the lottery: Aries zaps through the programs without restraint until he actually loses sight and hearing. But what does a wasted TV evening count against the live program of an Aries, which chases away soporific relationship routine like a magical elixir and keeps young and excitingly alive.

Small Aries

Little Aries are lively girls or guys who need a lot of exercise. Sitting still or being otherwise confined is not something they like at all. They prefer to be outdoors, climbing trees or building sand castles by the sea. At school age, it is not easy for them to sit still for hours on end, and they need a sporting activity to satisfy their strong urge to move. The defiance phase in these kids is very pronounced. They feel their anger and give it expression. It is important that parents and other caregivers also allow their little tomboy to be angry. Little Aries want to measure their strength and love fighting and confrontation. They challenge their environment again and again. They need clear boundaries against which they can fight. It is definitely not easy for the important caregivers to assert themselves against little Aries. In order to test their fighting spirit, they need parents who do not give in to their challenges, but who also do not restrict them with too much and thus stifle their fire, but who always engage in rope pulling. If they are allowed to move as their nature dictates, they will learn over time to channel their exuberant energy into creative channels. Little Aries have a healthy self-esteem and can accept themselves with great ease. Their abilities lie in their spontaneity and creativity, less in the practical area. If patience and thoroughness are demanded, this probably goes quite against the grain for them. These children want to go their own way. They assume that everything is a question of will. In doing so, they can sometimes become quite selfish.

Aged Aries

The older an Aries gets, the harder it is to find a form of expression for his zodiac sign. It would be silly to still mime the macho, ride a motorcycle like a twenty-year-old or dance in a discotheque until dawn. Aries is associated with a youthful figure, and besides, some Aries undertakings are often no longer possible for older people. Nevertheless, they should take care of their bodies and exercise as much as possible. Regular gymnastics and a healthy diet are simply essential. Even more important, however, is mental agility. Aries people are usually lucky to stay fit in the head as they age. But the mind also needs to be exercised. In addition, the aging process can be postponed by taking suitable nutritional supplements (ginkgo, for example). In old age, it is also a matter of becoming more and more receptive to inspirations. To open oneself to them means to participate directly in the world of ideals, of being.

Mar 21 - Apr 20

The facts

Element: Fire

pushing and invigorating, competition encourages, obstacles challenge


Aries, a male ram, stands for directness and aggressiveness, but also for childishness and spontaneity

Quality: Cardinal

Claim to leadership, assertiveness, impatience

Time quality

The spring month is considered to be an expression of universal, pushing, expanding energy

Polarity: Plus

masculine, yang, active, outward, extraverted

Ruler planet: Mars

God of war and symbol of procreation


Combative, idealistic, dynamic, cheerful, spontaneous

Magic helpers

Color: Red    Stone: Ruby
Tree: Spruce    Animal: Wolf
Fragrance: Rosemary



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