Dream symbol Bully


dictator, ruler, Hitler, cruel, oppression, ruthlessness, abuse of power

A bully is a person who oppresses others. Usually such a person is known from dictatorships. A dictatorial ruler who is in power and who is comfortable with any means available to achieve his goals. Critics are imprisoned, tortured, persecuted or silenced so that they are forced to remain silent forever. Such methods of action are frequently known from history, regardless of the culture or country.

However, oppression, bullying and abuse of power sometimes prevail in private life and at the professional level as well. One who bullies his own family or an office bully who likes to bully his employees.

If one dreams of a dictatorial tyrant, inwardly a defensive attitude against subjugation most likely arises, as well as feelings of despair and powerlessness or even deep anger about the injustice done to one could arise. Or one may appear in the dream oneself in the role of the tyrant. This plays an important role in dream interpretation, whether one suffers from an oppressor or is oneself the one who tyrannizes others.

General dream interpretation

The dream symbol "tyrant" generally represents abuse of power and physical and mental violence . If one suffers from the harassment of one's boss and his uncontrolled aggressions while awake, this dream image could be repeated at the dream level. Oppression in the private home by a member of the family or one's relationship partner is often reflected by a bully dream.

Inconsiderate action of people who do not care about feelings and needs of others and only their own advantage is important in this, show up in dreams in the form of an oppressor. If a kind of powerlessness of thedreamer is shown in the dream, it indicates that the person feels constricted and limited in his actions, which may also foretell imminent financial losses.

According to the popular interpretation, a tyrant in a dream promises that the subjugated person will gain liberation from a tricky situation. Probably he has the courage to face the person who dominates him tooth by tooth and to give him a good thrashing, which he would like to do in the real world, but does not dare to do.

This dream image should also make the dreamer aware that he himself is partly responsible for his circumstance, since he does not defend himself out of fear of the consequences and prefers to fall into silence.

Psychological dream interpretation

According to psychological dream interpretation, the tyrant illustrates the sign of control and oppression. If the dreamer himself appears as this, it symbolizes to him his own weaknesses and faults. In any case, this dream represents a reminder to the dreamer that he should not go too far with his need for recognition and his show of power....

Usually a tyrant in the dream action indicates the dreamer's own personality model and expresses that he will harm himself the most if he continues to enforce his own laws and rules by force.

The dreamer seems to be manipulative and to take advantage of others.

Also the own esteem related to the dreamer himself is reflected by a tyrant according to the psychological point of view. Looking behind the facade, abuse of power is about own inhibitions and inferiority complexes, which are well concealed by dominance and self-determination and present a completely different image of the person than it corresponds to the truth. This dream image supports the dreamer to admit and overcome his felt inferiorityand at the same time to find another way to carry out his own ideas with more gentleness and consideration or to take a clear "no". This also means accepting that everything does not always go according to one's own plans.

The subconscious holds up a mirror to the dreamer through the appearing symbol of the tyrant in the dream itself.

Spiritual dream interpretation

According to the transcendental view, the dream image of the tyrant illustrates a sign of the longing of being free from the influence of the physical world and to realize one's own spiritual destiny .


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