Dream symbol Burglar


stealing, dispossessing, loss, damage, theft, forcible, intruder, self-doubt

One's own home stands for the person as an intimate place of retreat, which offers him protection and peace, like the walls of a fortress. Not only in horror and action films, but also in real-life stories, it happens that robbers use crowbars to force their way into a house that does not belong to them and seize or even destroy someone else's property. It is probably not the fear of theft that is in the foreground, but rather a feeling of shock and horror that has been accomplished by this transgression of boundaries, by the intrusion, so to speak, into one's own private protective cave, which had otherwise been considered a safety space. It is the loss of trust and the feeling of security that hurts more than the material theft.

So when you dream about a burglar, you certainly get to deal with fear. If you are at the scene at the time of the crime, you will want to hide and watch the action secretly rather than have the courage to scare the burglar away. Fearful might be the idea of being discovered in the secret hiding place. Also, the question might arise for the dreamer as to why the burglar is breaking into his house and what he is after. Otherwise, if possible, it could also happen in the dream that the dreamer himself becomes a burglar in a house or apartment.

What exactly else happens in the dream of a burglary is all-important for the dream interpretation of this symbol. Does the burglar, depending on what he is looking for, find what he is looking for and steal something, or does he go away empty-handed? Does the intruder get away scot-free or is he caught and arrested ?

General dream interpretation

In the dream there are two possibilities that can occur, on the one hand the sleeper himself can become a thief and break into someone else's house and steal something, or a "burglar" can force his way into the dreamer's place of residence. If the former is the case, one has perhaps a desire to possess something material or one does not begrudge another person something and would like to have it for oneself. One uses the ignorance of a person with cunning to get an advantage for oneself.

According to the particular life situation, this dream can indicate that one becomes a thief oneself, that self-doubt is present, or that a longing overcomes the person concerned to break out of one's own life.

If another person commits a crime of burglary in the dreamer's own four walls, this dream symbolizes the violation of personal boundaries. So if a "burglar" appears in the dream of the sleeping person, this can be an indication of MISCONFIDENCE in others or also the fear of the unknown.

For general dream interpretation, this dream symbol depends on the details. If one is actually robbed by an intruder in a dream, this may indicate that one must expect infidelity and losses in the waking world. If the burglar evaporates without being caught, this could indicate that a great disappointment or at least an unpleasant surprise awaits the dreamer.

If you catch the intruder in a dream, it augurs in waking life that you will be able to meet your opponents on an equal footing and will receive honor and praise. To see a burglar appear in a dream is, generally speaking, an indication that people in one's environment are disguising themselves as friends, but are taking advantage of the person in question. A burglar being led away in handcuffs usually symbolizes difficulties and problems.

Psychological dream interpretation

Psychologically, the intruder, as a dream symbol, represents a part of the psyche that has not yet come to the surface because it has been repressed or denied. People who dream of an intruder more often have problems showing clear boundaries to others. Fear of invasion of one's privacy is reflected in the robber in the dream.

In psychological interpretation, the thief usually also stands as an expression of libidinal longings and thoughts that have been repressed and an unconscious affection for sexual adventures that are not lived out in real life. If it is about a woman who, as a dreamer, is confronted with the dream image of the burglar, this indicates above all a sexual component, which has to do either with great fear of sexuality in general or with fear of sexual violence.

If you spy the thief at the window in your dream, or if you enter your home through the window, it means that a known person or a close friend in your waking life has access to the dreamer's innermost desires. If the robber causes havoc in the house or apartment by breaking in, this suggests that the bow is already stretched and chaos can soon break over the dreamer. Some order could not harm the person concerned and he should try to bring everything back into order.

If you are the burglar yourself in the dream, you could pursue the question of what you would like to steal in life. Are you looking for a thrilling adventure or a different kind of distraction from the monotonous daily life ?

On the level of general dream interpretation, the burglar symbolizes great MISTRUST to the dreamer, blaming other people for your own problems, and imputing dishonest virtues and intentions to you to boot. If you are caught as a burglar yourself in a dream, it indicates shame and repressed guilt.

Spiritual dream interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream image "burglar" spiritually represents violent intrusion of a physical and psychological nature. Not perceived UNCONSCIOUS THOUGHT PATTERNS enter the spiritual imagination world.


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