Dream symbol Bull


aggressiveness, rebellious, masculinity, fertility, unpredictable, aggressive behavior

A bull is a male domestic animal that is fully grown. A young bull is one that is less than 24 months old. Fattening bulls are bulls that are raised for slaughter, and breeding bulls are used to inseminate cows.

Oxen are castrated male cattle, which are calmer and more predictable due to lack, of hormones that are no longer produced, and that is why they are used for work purposes.

The dream in which a bull occurs should be seen in the context of the accompanying circumstances, such as What was he doing in the dream? Was he peaceful or belligerent? Was there fear of an aggressive attack by the bull involved? Were there a lot of bulls?

Taking these details into account, it is possible to create a comprehensive in-depth dream interpretation.

General dream interpretation

The dream image "bull" symbolizes, in general terms, above all the masculine principle and, furthermore, stands as a sign of fertility. It also embodies dealing with one's masculine sexual parts.

The dreamer should also be shown through that he has great sexual potency and a pronounced masculinity to show. General dream interpretation also attributes determination, drive, and assertiveness to this dream symbol, "taking the bull by the horns," so to speak."

Sometimes the sight of a bull also illustrates to the dreamer that he possesses potential qualities such as stubbornness and obstinacy .

Perhaps in real life the dreamer tries to go headlong into the wall, regardless of losses, to get his way. This behavior can backfire, however, and so one is well advised to pause a bit and weigh carefully when to be uncompromising and when to be a bit meek.

Fighting with a bull could also be a reminder to be more lenient in waking life.

If a bull is racing towards the dreamer in a dream, this may be a call for more perseverance and more determination in one's actions; at the same time, it is important to wait for the right moment and to be consciously inactive.

Often it may happen that the sleeping person is being chased by a cop in the dream, this symbolizes trouble in business life . On the other hand, the dreamer may become aware that he fears his own passionate inclination and runs away from it.

Psychological dream interpretation

Psychologically, the bull as a symbol may illustrate the SEEKING to explore the masculine side of the person, or the opposite may be true and the person is trying to avoid or avoid doing just that. The exact interpretation always depends on the dreamer's life circumstances and own behaviors.

A belligerent bull in a dream could warn of a false friend who is in truth only out to inflict harm.

A bull fight in a dream can illustrate the urgent need to quickly find a solution to a stressful problem. Two bulls fighting with each other, can indicate two siblings, pointing to hidden disagreements . The dream image of sacrificing a bull could bring to light that it is necessary to sacrifice something so that future success can actually occur.

C.G. Jung believed that the bull represents the true nature of a person and that at the same time animal instincts are hidden behind the multi-layered levels of consciousness.

Spiritual dream interpretation

Determination, energy and power are concepts attributed to the bull in dreams in spiritual dream interpretation. He embodies in the dream the fertility symbol par excellence.


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