Dream symbol Alien


Unexplored, strange, suppressed, beyond one's reach, mysterious.

General dream interpretation

Alien in a dream may indicate unknown or unusual parts of the dreamer's personality. It may also refer to repressed or suppressed areas of the personality.

The dreamer feels that certain characteristics do not fit his own self-image, or more precisely, are experienced as strange in the waking world. It indicates that the dreamer should try to recognize and accept these abilities without trying to split them off, because they also belong to his personality.

Positive dream symbol

A meeting with an alien in a dream symbolizes that the dreamer will soon have a meeting with strange people. Even if he meets them with rejection or caution at first, they will have a positive influence on his life.

A friendlyAlien as a dream symbol announces a pleasant, family environment and, generally speaking, a good state of health.

If positive feelings are triggered, it indicates that the dreamer is open to possible changes.

Negative dream symbol

If you are chased by an alien in your dream, it is meant that you want to avoid something in the waking world or you are running away from something. If in the dream the dreamer represents himself as an alien, it indicates that in the waking world long-lasting friendships will delight his life.

If the alien in the dream conveys negative feelings to the dreamer, it indicates that the dreamer finds it difficult to fully accept his unusual character traits in the waking state.

Psychological dream interpretation

On the psychological level, the dream symbol "Alien" wants to make the dreamer aware that he feels a part of his self in real life as alien, not fitting or belonging to him and tries to suppress it. The dream therefore also asks him to take a closer look at himself, to integrate the split-off part and to achieve inner harmony.

If the person dreaming sees the alien in the dream in connection with a UFO, psychological dream interpretation interprets this as a sign of creative ideas . However, she should be careful not to leave the ground of facts. Both mature and realizable these ideas should be.

Spiritual dream interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, on the other hand, one sees in the dream symbol "Alien" an indication of something mysterious,unresolved or inexplicable evil in the dreamer's life.


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