Dream symbol Aggressive horse


energy and vitality, performance, drive, sexuality

General dream interpretation

The horse symbolically represents the libidinal and animalistic parts of the dreamer. If an aggressive horse appears in a dream, it may indicate an injury experienced in real life by a close person.

If you yourself try to tame the aggressive horse and neither danger nor force are feared, you try to find a solution to a conflict in a difficult matter. However, one comes very close to one 's own limits and does not shrink from any effort. But even if one has suffered a small wound, in the end the hard work and perseverance are rewarded with success.

If the dreamer is pursued by several aggressive horses, this would indicate a warning and one should be attentive. People around him envy his professional success or cannot grant him private happiness. Full of resentment, every opportunity is used to harm the person. Be careful on your way and don't let them "take the reins out of your hand".

Psychological dream interpretation

In psychological dream interpretation, the aggressive horse represents sexual energies that are difficult to control. If a male person dreams of an aggressive stallion, he may be suppressing in his life the urge pressing within him to give in to his urges.

However, an "aggressive horse" in his dream shows him that it is only a matter of time until he can no longer keep his sexual energies, which are difficult to restrain, under control.

When a woman dreams of an attacking horse , she longs for a strong male partner. She also has a desire for a passionately lived sexuality, to be able to give herself completely. She desires to give up control, to be dominated, and to let herself fall completely.

Spiritual dream interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation the aggressive horse stands for a strong urge for freedom of the dreaming person, which should not be suppressed.


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