Dream symbol Angel


heavenly being, godlike, white wings, the pure, supernatural, perfect, bearer of good news

Beings of supernatural beauty live in the transcendent etheric realm with delicate faces and soft voices, in our imagination we may see them sitting on a cloud and playing with a harp.

Angels represent the link between heaven and earth, between the divine and the earthly. In the image we have of them, they appear to be equal to human beings with the difference that they are more wisely endowed with more powerful abilities and are provided with wings with which they swing back and forth between the two worlds. In ancient religious paintings, the so-called guardian angels watch over or protect innocent children who are playing near a danger, or even in churches on all murals angels can be found. They reflect the good and pure.

Also included are fallen angels, who emerge from stories and mythologies, known to take the role of the devil or to act as messengers of death, that is, to accompany the dying into the afterlife, either into the light in heaven or into hell. So what could it mean to dream of these demigods as a human image ?

General dream interpretation

Angels are seen as messengers of God, floating and vibrating, bringing a message to the other world. And so they represent a hint for the dreamer, as a symbol that should prepare the dreamer to receive an important message from the worlds of the subconscious. You are asked to follow this hint and to open yourself more to what wants to rise up from within you.

In your dream, the angel embodies the symbol of goodness and how necessary it is for your everyday life and goal setting to listen to your subconscious.

Angelic qualities that we associate with angels are wisdom, gentleness and goodness. If one meets an angel in a dream, this predicts, in the general dream interpretation, a solution to a conflict that is just around the corner, which will bring joy and prestige.

In addition, the dreamer could also experience important support, from a spiritually very connected friend or even a new person who comes into life, going through thick and thin. Furthermore, if one sees oneself as an angel in a dream, it refers to bliss.

This dream image could also stand for the fact that the longing for a parent figure is present. Someone who stands by with advice and action and holds a protective hand over you and also gives security. In general, you want to experience appreciation and unconditional love. On the other hand, this dream symbolizes that these virtues want to develop themselves and should be independent of recognition from the outside.

In ancient times, the angel was generally interpreted as a messenger of death, and superstitious people thought that if you heard an angel whispering, it was a sign of illness and death. If you see yourself as a dreamer surrounded by many angels, harmony will soon arise. The inner harmony with the environment and oneself has already occurred or at least a deep desire is present to be in the CLEAN with the world and oneself.

If you meet two angels in a dream, one of them is bright, joyful and beautiful and the other one is dark and threatening, where do these two angels symbolize good and evil? Which of the two sides you choose depends on your mind and clarity of decision.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dreaming about transcendent beings like angels should make you pay more attention to the subconscious . There is an assumption that at the time of the dream the dreamer is struggling hard with an inner problem and no solution can be found rationally in this way. The desire for the right solution, wise advice or a trustworthy message is great. If you take time and leisure to listen to yourself, the solution is already given from your subconscious.

On the other hand, psychological dream interpretation also assumes that the dreamer wishes for a MOTHERFIGURE. Also in the story of Jesus from Nazareth, the angel Gabriel gave Mary the good news of the coming of the Messiah, received by the Holy Spirit. Through night prayers and songs, the angels then protect the sleeping child. An angel is closely associated with motherhood in Western Christian culture. Through this dream there is reason to believe that the dreamer is urged to deal with the relation to his own mother.

If you yourself as a dreamer dream of being an angel, this could be reason for you to take a closer critical look at your waking life and behavior. Are you as angelic as you think you are? Or does your subconscious want to ask you to realize more selfless love and thereby come into harmony with yourself?

Spiritual dream interpretation

On a spiritual level, the dream image of angels reflects the ENLIGHTENED PRINCIPLE of the HEAVENLY. They fly over and reveal messages from a higher level of consciousness. The angel in the dream indicates that they are setting out to follow the spiritual path, even if you are not sure what it will look like. It may be that they have set out on their own to connect with this higher level.


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