The Virgo portrait

by star astrologer Erich Bauer

Virgo: The all-round genius

Virgo people are incredibly adaptable and changeable. Perhaps they are the most changeable sign of the zodiac of all. It is their great art to approach and adopt external conditions. However, it would be unfair to accuse them of a "weather vane syndrome" or to claim that they hang their coats after the wind. No, quite wrong! They are changeable because they carry several personalities within them. Their great "role model" is the legendary Hermes/Mercury, their ruler planet. He appears with so many faces that one really wonders how all this can be reconciled: He led the souls of the dead to the underworld. He possessed magical powers over sleep and dreams. Hermes was also the god of trade as well as the protector of merchants and herds. As the god of athletes, he provided protection for sporting venues and was held responsible for good fortune and prosperity. And despite his virtuous qualities, Hermes was also a crook and thief. Last, but not least: he is also considered the patron saint of all bards and balladeers.

Virgo and profession

Virgos have a natural and self-evident relationship with profession and work. It is simply part of life, just like eating, sleeping or breathing. Their work discipline is admirable. They can put everything else aside to devote themselves completely to a task set by others or by themselves. Naturally, such a work ethic leaves an impression. Together with their sense of responsibility and reliability, they are tailor-made for the profession of secretary, chief of staff and all other service-related jobs. In addition to their high work ethic, they have a strong sense of reality. No other sign of the zodiac has so few illusions and views the present and future with such sober eyes. Occasionally, these people are also struck by insights and inspirations of spiritual greatness. The most famous example is poet prince Virgo Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Remarkable are also their keen powers of observation and their great sense of system, planning and order. Due to their reliability and conscientiousness they are excellently suited for positions of trust, for exact statistical calculations, for keeping lists, card indexes, as accountants (EDP), tax consultants, auditors or in administration. In the crafts, they are especially small and fine work such as dental technicians or watchmakers. Among the sciences, it is mainly mathematics and physics.

Virgo and money

In financial matters, Virgos are to be pitied. Basically, they always have too little and even if they have a lot, yes, they might lose it all again. This is probably due to the fact that they come into the world at the end of summer, with autumn and winter in front of their noses and deep inside them the fear of a time that will bring nothing more. As a rule, they come to money only through their efforts. There are few among them who inherit, even fewer who become rich through clever investments. Nor are they among those who skim off the top in gambling. Still, all things considered, Virgo is a lucky person, for life never lets her down. But she must remain true to herself and not lose her confidence in existence.

All love Virgo for

their reliability. No matter if it's storming or snowing outside, Virgo will show up at the appointed time. And even if she lies in bed with a fever of 40°, she doesn't turn anyone away. She always ticks correctly - just like a Swiss watch.

What does Virgo need to be happy?

Basically, Virgo is "low-maintenance", it does not make great demands. The well-tempered middle position is her favorite. That is, she needs her kiss every day and a partner who smiles kindly at her when they see each other in the morning, wants to hear that she is a great person, and insists on her sex with nice regularity - not too much, not too little. She doesn't want a partner who covers her with caresses and roars with pleasure during lovemaking so that the neighbors drum on the wall. Uniformity lifts her life feeling, exaggerated love exactly like indifference kills her desire. She more or less silently complies with her partner, but also demands the same from him or her: Endlessly long discussions about whether a thing should be done this way or that way should therefore be avoided. Your partner should spread order and cleanliness, that makes her happy. The fact that Virgo has a rather broken relationship to these secondary virtues, however, is not a contradiction: She herself can live in chaos, but she expects reliability and order from her partner. What she is still into is punctuality; she hates it when she has to wait. She gets wide-eyed when you spoil her. This is a gift you should sometimes give her: bring her something completely unexpected, for example, or surprise her with a special sex technique. But you have to use these means sparingly, so that it doesn't become too much for her. Distance from everyday life - if necessary also brought about with gentle force - belongs to the most important tasks of her partner. Virgo has the work ethic of a swarm of bees and allows itself only insufficient phases of relaxation. This in turn also means hard work for the partner. Therefore, every trick is allowed to steer them away from the workplace. Because that beyond PC, hobby room and kitchen a lot of other pleasures and cheerfulness wait, the virgin notices only if this everything is out of reach. Wise Virgo companions therefore "forbid" their partners to have a cell phone, so that they at least get some peace and quiet during vacations and weekend excursions. Last, but not least, Virgos are mavericks. They have their habits, their rhythm and their pace. One does well to respect this. For Virgo does give in for the sake of peace when a conflict arises, but it registers every sacrifice it has to make, and at some point the measure is full - and Virgo up and away, or with someone who seems to be more tolerant of it.

At the end of this topic still all kinds and colorfully mixed, what Virgos like in any case: watches, shoes, pharmacy, nature, autumn, harvest, Albert Einstein, number 6, train, pets, hazelnut, Porsche, Greta Garbo, muesli, seduction, Persian cat, Donald Duck, encyclopedia, Switzerland.

And they definitely don't like: church mice, unpunctuality, park police, blowhards.

Virgo as boyfriend/girlfriend

Doesn't everyone think of an innocent angel who stands unwaveringly and steadfastly by their friends when you play with the little word "Virgo"? No way! You can't be too suspicious of a typical Virgo. It's not that she's lying to her friends when she expresses affection. She already means it! But she also forgets it as soon as she senses another opportunity. The virgin in pure culture has not much stamina - neither in the other life nor with the topic friendship. You can call this "weakness", "opportunism", "fickleness" or whatever, in reality it is her nature to swim with the circumstances. Today she is of one heart and soul with someone, opens up, gives herself completely to the relationship. And tomorrow she meets another person by whom she feels understood and appreciated.

Can Virgos keep a secret?

Accordingly, the virtue of keeping secrets is not far off. Today she swears to keep a secret forever and ever, and another time, in a completely different situation, that very secret slips out. And again, it is not malice, but her inner sense, which depends on the circumstances, and what is right today, may not be right at all tomorrow. In the word virgin, after all, the little word "young" is hidden. In fact, some behaviors of these people are not adult. Virgo also has a childlike mind. One can laugh about it, despise them for it. But basically, sometimes Virgo is just not as well programmed as others. This can also be seen as an advantage.

Female Virgos on the test bench

She can only smile about the double meaning of her name, because she is a virgin in the anatomical sense until sixteen at the most, and there is no question of her being prudish, unerotic or asexual. She remains young on the inside, likes to act youthful and is - as the Bavarians say - a bit "g'schamig". For example, she doesn't like to undress in public and hates transparent blouses or underwear with suspenders. But all this gives her an innocent rather than an old-fashioned air - and that's what she wants to be in the first place: innocent. A virgin who comes dressed up like Madame Pompadour or a punk is a rarity. She sees life as a task in which one should learn and understand as much as possible. And love is part of life. So she practices in this area as well, from an early age until old age. A Virgo knows what is fun and pleasurable, and she knows the preferences of men. She is decidedly pleasure-oriented and doesn't think for a second that lovemaking is actually meant to produce offspring. She has a rather ambivalent relationship to pregnancy and birth and can easily do without bodily offspring altogether. On the other hand, she is an ideal surrogate, adoptive, foster, and stepmother, caring for other people's children as if they were her own. Of course, she is also a good housewife and cook. But she's more inclined to go out into the wild to pursue a career than to languish in a suburban home. Even when she has a child, she only hangs up her job for a very short time: for her, being a mother and having a career are by no means contradictory. Sometimes she is critical and wooden, but you have to live with that. In return, she reads her partner's every wish from his eyes, sacrifices herself for him, even "serves" him, as long as he doesn't abuse this love. What attracts her to a man is the mysterious, the undiscovered. It is as if this practical, capable, earthy woman is looking for exactly her opposite in her "co.": an artist, an existence on the fringes of society, a man with a wealth of mystery. Hot, passionate love she feels only briefly; from desire grows friendship, affection, tenderness, caring and partnership. After ten years of marriage, she would find hot sex, where you "fall over each other like animals," rather comical. But she has a great need for tenderness and longing for the feeling of loving and being loved. What she can't stand at all is emotional coldness. Emotions are her daily bread. She is a true master at absorbing, directing and controlling them. But when the flow of emotions in her environment dries up, she really feels like she is in a desert and desperately clings to every reaction of her partner. Then it can happen that the in itself kind, friendly and quite independent Virgo becomes childish and fearful and clings to her partner like a small, helpless monkey.

Virgo males on the test bench

With no other man do the clichés from the mouths of would-be star interpreters tumble so blithely and uninhibitedly as in his case: The Virgo man is prudish, fussy, compulsively neat, a know-it-all and functions selflessly like a Swiss watch. On the other hand, he is a rogue, a swindler, a filou who should not be believed for a single word. Apart from certain dispositions similar to these, however, he is neither the one nor the other, but an amiable contemporary, rather shy than self-confident, rather yielding than asserting himself, rather modest than everywhere in front. Sure, he sticks his nose everywhere and knows basically everything better - but mostly he is right! It is not without reason that Mercury is his protector, the planet or messenger of the gods, who in classical mythology shuttles between heaven and earth, between the immortals and mankind. For this reason alone, a more or less successful synthesis of higher insight and practical life reasoning slumbers in every Virgo man. This man remains young longer than others, curious, pubescent and lives according to the motto that nothing is the same. Especially not when, for example, in mature - or even over-mature - manhood, he once again falls in love with an eighteen-year-old. His sex is guaranteed to be better than you would expect from a "virgin". Playfully and virtuously he touches many a so-called taboo. But he is not passionate. A lover who makes her feelings known through constant loud cries makes him perplexed. Sons of September like it cool, deliberate, well-timed, al dente. Preferably like a perfect menu: with a light entree (emphasis on light - endless foreplay makes them limp), then the hearty climax and a cosy get-together for dessert. It is well known that virgins - and thus also the male representatives of this sign - can be critical to the point of pain: Is there a worm in there somewhere? A hair in the soup? A hidden little problem in a seemingly watertight affair? The virgin will find it! Because the detection of errors, weak points and mistakes is his specialty. The closer you get to him, the more sensitively his highly sensitive sensors feel the dirt on the stick. So what, virgins - confronted - will say, the world is bad, after all! Can't there be a devil's face behind every angelic face? Therefore, caution and distrust are always better than to run gullibly and open-heartedly into his "misfortune" ... So far, so bad! Thank God they don't mean it in the end and can laugh about it themselves. One thing partners of not virgin virgins should take to heart in any case: If one neglects a virgin man in the long run - in which relationship also always -, finds itself completely fast another, which gives him the abstained gladly; because he is a popular husband.

Little Virgos

The little Virgo is a rather reserved child. Like a snail, she puts out feelers before she ventures out, and observes before she acts. In traffic, this caution serves her well. But in many life situations, she tends to hesitate too long and then often doesn't get around to acting at all. To prevent her from growing up to be an overly cautious and dutiful child, parents should encourage her to romp around the playground every now and then. She needs a well-positioned family climate that brings out her playful side, and games and sports for a healthy balance. It's okay to disregard the usual daily rhythm for once! It is good for her to get out of control now and then and to experience that the world is not out of joint, even if the agenda is upside down for once.

Aged Virgos

Whoever sees the light of day when the zodiac sign Virgo is in the sky, is granted a special grace: in him the forces of fire and earth combine with the visionary power of the planet Mercury. This magic must be handled with care so as not to abuse it. The most important thing is never to make oneself the author of one's gifts, inspirations or visions. One is only a messenger, a bringer, but not a causer. As a messenger, one remains a servant and is not a master. An astrologer, for example, receives his inspirations from the stars. An artist from the muses. A cartomancer from the spirit of the tarot. The bearer has actually no meaning. There is humility in this taking oneself back. Virgins who grow older and remain true to themselves come closer and closer to this visionary source. Often it is even the case that only in old age the actual meaning of the sign Virgo is understood: to remain innocent, no matter what one does.

Aug 24 - Sep 23

The facts

Element: EARTH

as substance and primal element, as bearer of life, as great giver and mother of the harvest


Virgo stands for purity, youth and innocence, for sublimation, maturity and order

Quality: Flexible

Willingness to renounce, procrastinate and reflect on the whole. Selflessness

Time quality

Transition from summer to autumn as ripening and harvest time. Provision for the winter

Polarity: MINUS,

feminine, yin, passive, inwards

Ruler planet: MERCUR

THE ADVENT as an ordering rational principle


Reliable, caring, businesslike, buoyant

Magic helpers

Color: Olive    Stone: Amber
Tree: Apple tree    Animal: Cat
Fragrance: Myrtle



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