Your 2024 Horoscope for Virgo


Radiant Virgo: Discover your magical year 2024 under the stars!

What the stars have in store for you

The sun is shining especially brightly for you this year. You like the sun and it likes you just as much. In 2024 you are definitely one of its favorite children. She will make sure that nothing happens to you and you will be showered with goodwill and love. Obstacles will be cleared out of the way and you will be pushed forward. By the end of May, Jupiter will also be taking care of you. It doesn't get any better than this. The Sun and Jupiter set the stage for everything for you.

What to watch out for

Saturn and Neptune are exactly opposite your zodiac sign throughout the year. Sometimes these two have a different view of things than you do. You may want to achieve something big, but Saturn and Neptune find that even the simple or second-hand will do. Your desires are sometimes too great, and they may not always come true as you would like. However, these two know what is best for you.

The message of the Sun

You can learn from the sun: Everything in life takes its time. Meadows and trees blossom in spring, but it takes a while to harvest. As a Virgo, you may be impatient and think that everything should move faster if you put your mind to it. But in the Year of the Sun, you can experience how nice it is to take your time.


Jupiter is above things. You can express this aspect more strongly in your life. You think and act primarily practically. But there should be room for mental and spiritual points of view. Jupiter can help you give the spiritual world a place in your life as well.


Saturn's actions can sometimes cause discomfort or problems. However, no heavy fate will be imposed on you in the coming year. So do not worry about it. Eventually you will move forward, have new experiences and be proud of yourself. The stars know exactly what is right and good for you. Have faith!


Uranus sets the course for new things. You may resist it, but Uranus prevails, that's for sure. You may move, start a new job, or experience a new love. In any case, the new will be better than the old. Knowing this, you'll find it easier to let go.


With Neptune, you will learn about the world of the sign Pisces: Astrology, scrying, tarot and much more. You discover that you can use it to solve questions and problems and get answers that will help you. This is fascinating. At the same time, you also remain realistic so as not to lose yourself in this world.


Pluto moves and is no longer in Capricorn, but in Aquarius. This brings advantages and disadvantages for you. You will be less haunted by your karma, which is certainly an advantage. But your life will also become a bit more sober as a result.

Love and Passion

The Sun brings you real benefits. It gives you youth, eros and an almost magical attraction. As a woman, you will have intimate contact with more men in the coming months than in recent years combined. As a man, you will try to seduce as many women as possible. Fidelity and monogamy are not easy virtues in 2024. You need to know this. If a fling occurs, it may be a consolation that in 99 out of 100 cases it doesn't have much to do with love. The real driving forces are lust, sensuality and sex. Your strongest love times run in March, May, August and October. If you are thinking of getting married, the stars advise you to say yes in May or October.

Career and money

In May, you're in for a stellar moment of good fortune: more money, more influence, more responsibility, and a job that suits your talents are all assured. One issue that will play a role throughout the year is competition. You'll quickly feel threatened in 2024, even though there's usually nothing behind it. However, you can be more relaxed.


The Sun, the year's ruler, is fire by element. It could heat up your astrological weak point, the intestine, too much. You must pay attention to this and drink spring water or herbal tea daily. And you certainly know that you can also balance and moderate the fiery Sun by exercising.

Virgo and its partners

Sex with Aries is beastly. But everyday life together costs more nerves than you have.

With Taurus you dance through sensual days and lustful nights.

With a Gemini you enjoy gladly the one or other hot night. But your heart remains cool and uninvolved.

With Virgo and Cancer, on the other hand, everything glows: belly, heart and head - a connection for life.

The night together with Leo is a real pleasure.

Two Virgos love each other like siblings after initial fireworks: it might get boring.

Libra you will hardly resist, but for a whole life his love is not enough.

Scorpio is your destiny: if he wants you, he will get you. And then you will be putty in his hands.

Sagittarius is a partner for stimulating conversations.

An unbeatable double in all practical life situations are Virgo and Capricorn. Highlights in bed, on the other hand, are rare.

With Aquarius there is too often a time problem: If he wants, you don't like - and vice versa.

Pisces and Virgo? Frustrating in the long run!


Normally you live by your feelings and not by the stars. This will be even more the case in the coming year, with some exceptions.


Your name says it: Virgo. What is meant is that you will always stay young. You don't have to do anything for that, the stars will take care of that. It also means that even at an advanced age you are not ready for the classic senior life. There are Virgos who still fall in love at the age of 75.

Aug 24 - Sep 23

SOULMATECapricorn, Taurus


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