The Scorpio portrait

by star astrologer Erich Bauer

Scorpio: The mysterious one

If you ask a Scorpio about his or her zodiac sign, you can get two typical answers. The questioner either gets a mysterious look and says, "You'll never guess!" Or he or she looks piercingly at the questioner, as if trying to see to the core, and responds with a counter question, "What do you want to know for?" In both answers "scorpionic" peculiarity reveals itself - and each of these retorts is actually based on the same characteristic: namely, that a scorpion never takes things as they are. "You'll never guess!" actually means that he assumes that what is seen of him does not meet his nature, that he is therefore in reality quite different. And the counter-question "Why do you want to know?" implies that you actually want to know something different than just the name of the zodiac sign. What interests the Scorpio is the background, and of course not only in relation to his own zodiac sign. He always searches for the actual, essential core. Appearances do not interest him one bit.

Scorpio and profession

Scorpio energy makes one knowledgeable, reverent, intense and mindful. Man realizes that with all his efforts and good intentions, his plans and deeds, he is nothing. That there are forces beyond him that are stronger than he: the winter side of the year, the night, the unconscious, libidinal spaces of the soul, everything uncanny, the processes related to procreation, birth, death and rebirth - all these are Scorpio themes. Scorpio-born people seek intensity, risk, wrestling with fate. The stories of Fyodor Dostoevsky or the dramas of Friedrich von Schiller (both Scorpio) reflect the Scorpionic world. These people only seem to move on quite normal and predictable terrain. In reality, they meet their fate every day, are challenged, give their all, and win - or lose. Prominent examples are Prince Charles, soccer star Diego Maradona and tennis ace Boris Becker. All three have the Sun in Scorpio, and all three have been making headlines for years due to fateful, tragic entanglements or a completely incomprehensible ups and downs in their performances. Professions and occupations need at least a hint of this intensity, this world of drama and fateful entanglements. Admittedly, there are also Scorpios who seem to be engaged in a completely harmless or undramatic activity. However, when you hear these people talk about their activities, the Scorpionic nature does emerge. Scorpio-born men and women who work eight hours a day in an often boring, unspectacular job, and at some point begin to create a more exciting, dramatic life for themselves: they buy a crazy fast car and risk their heads and necks with it. If this thrill is no longer enough, they start hang gliding or bungee jumping. Far more often, however, the Scorpionic challenge is shifted to a colleague, the boss, the partner or oneself. Then one's husband, wife, children or oneself becomes an unsolvable fate that sucks up all one's strength. Typical Scorpionic activities and professions, the exercise of which is almost inevitably associated with courage, self-conquest, discomfort and uncertainty, are: Soldier, policeman, detective, investigator, explosives master, weapons producer and dealer, work subway, in tunnels, subways or under scorching heat, politician, agent, war correspondent. All these activities arouse fear, for example, in Virgo or Libra people, in Scorpios they open a reservoir of energy, give strength, courage, determination. It is said that Scorpios can look death in the eye. Dying for them is the other side of life. A full life for them is always a piece of dying. The Scorpio energy also leads to the fact that one usually comes into contact with death at an early age, for example because a person dies shortly before or after one is born. This familiarity leads to such people later being able to assist in the dying of the elderly and seriously ill, or again dealing with death in a completely different way, for example as a life insurance agent. They also wrestle directly with dying, for example, as emergency physicians, paramedics, surgeons, and as doctors and nurses at every bedside, especially, of course, in every intensive care unit. Also all social marginal and border areas are cared for by scorpions, except by piscean people. These are activities in the psychiatry, in the prison, with drug patients, socially weak, difficult young people or with mentally handicapped people. In addition to their fearlessness, their protective instinct and bonding strength come to their aid: Scorpios would never abandon a weak person.

Scorpio and money

Money serves a Scorpio primarily not as private enrichment, but for the survival of the family and clan. This makes him fundamentally different from Taurus, which is exactly opposite to his zodiac sign, and which is primarily concerned with his personal possessions. Scorpios need something greater than themselves, as said, a family or an idea. Then they can go all out, give everything - but remain in the background themselves. This is an important attitude of Scorpios, that they don't like to be in the limelight. They let others take the stage and pull the strings unrecognized. A Scorpio must therefore always keep the bigger picture in mind, his family, the clan, the business, the company: Then he comes into money. In addition, he is good in areas where it is about preserving and maintaining. Where courage, danger, tradition play a role. Where spaces of the soul, of magic, of the occult are the order of the day. Where concerns with death are involved. Work that involves a special human closeness and bond is his specialty. He is a wonderful helper and healer.

All love Scorpio for

their loyalty. These people do not abandon anyone, and in the end they are even ready to sacrifice something of themselves to help others. But - and this objection is very important - their solidarity is only with those individuals whom Scorpio counts among his pack. The word is chosen on purpose. It refers to the realm of animals. There, with wolves for example, always the whole pack appears, if an individual animal is attacked. Behind it works an instinct. In the same way, a scorpion puts itself in front of anyone who is attacked from its pack - its family, its clan, its profession, its village, its country. He can't help it. It is an instinct.

What does a Scorpio need to be happy?

Really good mood comes up when a Scorpio can tell about his excessive life, the episodes in which he almost "went hopscotch". Or when he can tell who his great-grandfather was - and that an uncle of his father was there when the Titanic sank. Gifts also make him happy, although he usually pretends to be above money and glittery things. But basically he dreams of a country house with walls full of old master paintings. What Scorpios can't stand are surprise visits - for example, when their friends just "drop in" for the purpose of a late, humid drink. A Scorpio will not mince words and will tell their friends what they really think. A Scorpio becomes sad if you forget any day that plays a significant role in the common relationship: the first kiss, the first night, of course, the wedding ... And it becomes rabid if you are not one hundred percent open and honest: a Scorpio wants to know everything you think, feel, dream. He goes mad if you keep a secret from him.

At the end of this topic still all kinds and multicolored what scorpions like in any case: Black or blood red, number 8, mysticism, danger, Brahms, Humphrey Bogart, Dostojewski, Georges Danton, wolves, predatory cats, black noble opal, veil, telescope, cave, desert, Miraculix, sunglasses, problems.

And they definitely do not like: superficiality, pretense, empty chatter, detergent advertisements, New Year's TV speeches.

The Scorpio as boyfriend/girlfriend

Friedrich von Schiller was a Scorpio. He wrote a poem called "The Surety." It is about a man who was captured by the tyrant Dionys and sentenced to death. The prisoner asked to do one more thing and offered his friend as guarantor during his absence: this is friendship à la Scorpion. Even if it's not a matter of life and death right away, always give a Scorpio friend the feeling that you will always stay with him and go through thick and thin with him - then you will have a happy and contented Scorpio. Furthermore, always take care of his salvation, if possible spend hours, if not nights, with him in deep conversations about life in general and love in particular. Thirdly, if you always agree with him when it comes to a third person, a friendship is saved for now.

Can Scorpios keep a secret?

Scorpios are born secret-keepers - and if not on the job, as an agent or spy - then at least in private. They would rather bite off their tongue than reveal a secret. On the other hand, it is also the case that these people love to make fun of others. Of course, about those who do not belong to their pack - or at least should not belong. This brings us to the critical point. It is in such a way that as a consequence of a marriage basically two different packs, which had nothing to do so far with each other, come together. And as a rule, each pack thinks that its own is better than the other. In such a case, it may well be that one not only divulges secrets, but also searches to uncover secrets from the other party - and to bring them to the people.

Female Scorpio on the test bench

She is an emotional, passionate woman. Yet she will never trumpet her feelings - joy, defiance, anger, lust - out loud like a Lioness or Aquarius woman, or suppress them like a Virgo or Capricorn woman. The emotions of her heart are almost sacred to her, she celebrates them, elevates them to a cult and savors every nuance. Conformity brings her the most happiness: when he (her darling) feels the way she does, it makes her "high." Of course, this emotional, passionate woman is not suited to a half-baked youngster who longs for his mommy, nor is she suited to a dandyish saloon boy who follows the trend like a frog follows the weather. She needs a man who is her equal, almost like an opponent. He must be made for the Scorpionic dance of attraction, repulsion, surrender, refusal, ecstasy, fusion, dissolution ... And she wants him whole, she doesn't want to share him with his career or his new sports coupe, and certainly not with his ex. Less than "everything" for this woman means very quickly "nothing at all". She is a passionate mother, a mediocre housewife (love doesn't go through the stomach, but through the bed), always stands her ground in crises and has magical abilities: Her presence alone keeps evil influences away - or alleviates and heals already existing suffering. She is not necessarily the woman who shines in the spotlight. Rather, the one with whom you can march through thick and thin.

Male Scorpio on the test bench

He lives extremely, totally and perceives average or mediocrity as a gray no man's land. Tasks where others run out of steam are his passion. The fact that not every Scorpio man becomes a stuntman, throws himself headlong from television towers or extinguishes burning forests, is simply due to the fact that society tolerates such frenzies of risky pleasure only to a limited extent. Suitable free spaces for real scorpions are rare. Those who now expect a muscle man or a gentleman with intellectual impersonation are again wrong: The Scorpio man does not catch the eye at first sight. He rather holds back and plays the repertoire of disguised power - a professional of understatement. That such a man also seeks borderline experiences in terms of Eros is a matter of course. He therefore needs a strong sex partner. Compared to men of other zodiac signs he is relatively faithful, reliable and sensitive. He can be relied upon one hundred percent even and especially in times of crisis. A woman who plays with him should know what she is getting into, from the first second of their meeting. Because this man is fascinating, but he forges a woman in chains very quickly and - once you've come to terms with it - abruptly releases her, doesn't even seem to know her until he grabs her again, and just when she has decided to leave this guy. In other words, love with a Scorpio man is not a Sunday stroll, more like a climb - along the precipice again and again. His motto is: All - or nothing.

The little scorpion

He is a sensitive and cuddly child and needs a lot of security and nest warmth. Too many environmental stimuli unsettle him, whether this is too much noise, constantly new toys or a frequently changing environment. He feels comfortable in a familiar family atmosphere. He does not appreciate a too frequent change of caregivers, for example, always different babysitters. More than other children, he needs his mother and depends on a stable relationship with her. Little Scorpio is likely to develop a strong urge to explore at an early age. Thus he asks persistent and not always pleasant questions. He may be fascinated to take his toy apart to see what it looks like inside. The thought that the teddy bear will break if you cut it open is beside the point; the important thing is to get to the bottom of things. He is a deep child who engages in life with intensity and passion. Topics like birth, death and sexuality fascinate him.

Aged Scorpio

When you come into the world as a Scorpio, you are firmly connected with your ancestors. Therefore, it always falls to you to take care of the past, to cherish it and - if necessary - to put it in a different light in order to redeem (karma) debts. If a Scorpio-born succeeds in this, he goes into old age liberated and knows that he is carried by all those who were before him and that he lives on in all those who come after him.

Oct 24 - Nov 22

The facts

Element: WATER

The primal substance of all life. Instinct instead of reason


The animal Scorpio as a sign of the primordial, animalistic and libidinal

Quality: FIX

persistent, binding, merging, engaging, absorbing, dissolving, preserving

Time quality

Progressing Before

Polarity: MINUS

feminine, yin, passive, inwards

Ruler planet: PLUTO

the god of the underworld


Fearless, unfathomable, solidary, energetic, passionate

Magic helpers

Color: Black or Red    Stone: Black precious opal
Tree: Fig    Animal: Snake
Fragrance: Musk



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