Your 2024 Horoscope for Scorpio


This will be your fateful year

What the stars have in store for you

2024 brings great opportunities for you: the Sun rules the year, Saturn reaches out to you, and Jupiter is exactly opposite your zodiac sign until May 24. Following your karma and succeeding is therefore completely in your nature. The Sun ensures that efforts do not get out of hand and that you feel in harmony with yourself. Jupiter accompanies you until the end of May and simply gives you luck. Its position opposite your zodiac sign indicates that luck is really favorable to you, literally showering you with it and sometimes even making you stumble over it. You can count on benefits overall. This starts with small things like a fantastic bargain while shopping and can even lead to winning money in the lottery in individual cases.

What to watch out for

Pay attention to Uranus, which is also opposite your zodiac sign. This was already the case last year, but in 2024 its effect may become stronger as the Sun reacts to it. This could lead to restlessness in your life. Therefore, make sure you have moments of relaxation!

The message of the sun

The Sun brings you light - not only symbolically, but also in the sense that you tend to see rather the dark. This will change in 2024.


Jupiter brings about a miraculous change: a never-before-seen elemental trust awakens in your heart - in the world, in people and in yourself. One of the most beautiful consequences of this is that you enjoy love and sex more deeply and sensually.


Saturn in the zodiac sign Pisces makes your life easy and natural. You sometimes feel that someone is watching over that your fate is kind.


Uranus can bring unrest into your life, as mentioned earlier. But it also supports you in addressing necessary changes.


Think of Neptune as an angel who keeps reaching out to you and making you happy.


Is your personal regent and therefore important. In recent years he has supported you, but this will not continue in the same way. However, in 2024 you can be sure that he will leave you alone.

Love and passion

How is love shaping up in 2024? Enjoyable, stress-free and relaxed! You will notice from day to day that your partnership does not consist mainly of obligations, but of tenderness, loving words, nice gestures and spontaneous ideas. You will have sex more often and enjoy it more. But it will not be like before: you will have become more mature and stronger. This will especially benefit the singles among you, because you will show yourself as you are from the beginning, without pretense or embellishment. This has the effect that you don't have to correct anything later on and thus avoid tedious arguments. Are there new partners in sight? Yes, but "not many, but better ones." Under the influence of Uranus, you have let many a weird bird into your heart in recent years who later proved unsuitable for a relationship. Such candidates will remain absent in 2024. Your best time for love is in March, May, June, September and October.

Career and money

Your personal ruling planet Pluto is in a holding pattern in 2024. However, this does not mean that you can forget about him. Its position creates tension and challenges you. You should realize that this year you are setting the course for the next ten years. The roadmap of the stars does not foresee that everything will continue as before. You need new ideas. You don't have to implement these immediately in the coming year, but to assume that everything will stay the same would be wrong. In the second half of the year you should definitely look for allies and look around: You are stronger in a team than alone.


You feel stronger than you are and therefore, especially in the first half of the year, you could easily overstep your limits and forget important relaxation phases. Physical symptoms that remind you of this neglect can be sciatica and abdominal problems. To prevent this, natural remedies will help. Drink plenty of liquids, such as lime blossom tea and water. Eat fruits and vegetables regularly. "Spice up" your bath water with relaxing medicinal herbs. And give yourself plenty of breaks in the open air.

Scorpio and his partners

Aries arouses a lot of desire - but with him you will argue so violently that the sparks will fly.

You are powerless against the sex appeal of Taurus.

With Gemini the motto is: What loves, teases each other.

With Cancer everything fits: He thinks like you, he feels like you, he loves like you.

Leo will quickly drive you to despair: keep your hands off him!

Virgo is a friend and helper - in good times and bad. Libra's nonchalance attracts you - especially in October.

Another Scorpio? A community of destiny with lots of love involved.

Sagittarius shakes up your life.

With Capricorn you instinctively feel: everything will be fine!

With Aquarius you should dance into spring and forget all worries.

The Pisces is emotionally, mentally and especially erotically your number one in the coming year!


You will definitely enjoy the year. So many interesting things happen, especially in the first half. You will also often be completely surprised. However, think carefully about whether you already want to make a firm commitment, i.e. get married and possibly even have a child already. It would be better to wait until the end of the year.


The Sun as regent and Jupiter as partner in the first half of the year make for good times. These will be even better if you open up a bit in the second half of the year: You might meet interesting people.

Oct 24 - Nov 22

STONEBlack precious opal
SOULMATECancer, Pisces


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