The Pisces portrait

by star astrologer Erich Bauer

Pisces: The psychic

The Pisces sign symbolizes a power that makes light. It gives the ability to let go of all that seems so immensely important in a human life: ego, possessions, knowledge, family, work, relationship, belonging and status. This does not automatically mean that Pisces people do not like to be rich and do not love a comfortable life. But they are less attached to it. If it is meant to be, they can let go of all this. "Pisces" ultimately means oceanic happiness, fulfillment, enlightenment. Pisces-born seem to be clairvoyant, paranormal, and have prophetic, occult, supernatural abilities. Of course, this does not mean that they can all read the future like a book. But they do have "organs" with which they can receive things that others have no idea about.

Pisces and profession

Real Pisces in the water have an extremely sensitive sensory and radar system. They use it to locate the currents of the seas, attackers and conspecifics. Similarly, Pisces-born people possess a kind of sixth sense. They often know in advance what is coming. Or they think of another person and just in this moment this person calls them. This ability often benefits them professionally as well. For example, they give notice to their company and shortly afterwards they hear that this company is going bankrupt. Or they have an idea, which at first seems completely absurd, implement it anyway and find out afterwards that it was exactly the right thing to do. Some Pisces go even further and directly take up a profession that involves this mediumistic gift and become a clairvoyant or medium. From a similar source, Pisces people draw the gift of locating and curing diseases and their causes. Sometimes they even sense them before they actually break out. Because of this great natural healing power, these people are found among alternative practitioners, naturopaths and followers of alternative treatments such as acupuncture, acupressure, massage, body therapy, reiki, color therapy, magnetism. Actually, it is almost secondary with which method Pisces-born heal. They only need to be able to make their powers flow. From the point of view of the sign Pisces, illness is always the result of incompleteness. A person becomes ill because he excludes one part of his whole reality or overemphasizes another. If someone listens only to his head and forgets his feelings, he may become ill precisely at the heart (the symbolic place of feelings). Pisces sense this incompleteness and can have a healing effect.

Pisces and money

Astrology does not give Pisces-born people flattering marks when it comes to making money. They are said not to be tough enough to go after the big money. At the most, if they do something crooked, they might make some money. Nonsense! Names like Gloria von Thurn und Taxis, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, Levi Strauss, Fritz Henkel and Jakob Fugger the Rich prove that fish can get rich. And there are millions of other wealthy Pisces-born. Almost certainly their income is far above the average. However, when it comes to money, these people are not quite as obsessed as everyone else. They take it as it comes. Perhaps it is this very attitude that often allows them to make a lot of money. Pisces normally live in good harmony with existence. Maybe that's why it accommodates them when it comes to money.

All love Pisces for

their kindness. Pisces are such lovable, kind, considerate contemporaries that it is wonderful to relax by their side. But you should know that you have to say goodbye to your Pisces again and again: because they want to be alone, because they want to meditate or because they absolutely want to travel alone. But, and this is the other side, whoever knows how to keep him on a "long leash", he will always come back to him.

What does a Pisces need to be happy?

The Pisces appreciates it when he can bob along and nobody bullies him. He loves freedom above all. It gives him the feeling of his destiny, to be one with creation, which gives him the highest happiness. Partners of fishes who misinterpret this longing, possibly even see it as a sign of unkindness and try to influence their fish, have lost him very quickly. So you have to leave him alone - that is one side. The other implies exactly the opposite: you have to lure him, take care of him, coddle him, share his wanderlust, follow his crazy theories and, and, and. In other words, any lover of fish must firstly be self-confident. Secondly, he needs the patience of an angler, must be able to wait without complaining, always lay out new "bait", i.e. stimuli, to lure the fish and then, thirdly, at the right moment - and please not too early and not too late - gently and firmly grab at the same time. Furthermore, a Pisces partner needs deep psychological intuition, but one must never lay it on too thick; because the Pisces cannot stand "shrinks". He must be able to solve unsolvable riddles and can sometimes be a master of contentless interaction, for example "saying something without saying anything". I wonder if all this together isn't a bit much to ask of someone who goes out to fish for a fish? Indeed! Fish partners should therefore always keep in mind that with every day that their fish does not swim away or is closed, they have succeeded in a small masterpiece.

Moreover, since the Pisces is not only a gusher and philosopher, but also "a normal person" with quite everyday desires, here is his favorite toy: Shoes (and lots of them, a typical fish never has enough of them, he collects them), ice cream (many kinds of ice cream), telecommunications (the Internet is clearly the modern sea of fish), sauna (fish like to sweat), lotus scent (they love heavy fragrances), mystical (every fish is, hidden or open, a mystic), Getafix (the wizard of the comic series "Asterix and Obelix"), comic books, breweries and wine cellars (fish like to drink for their lives; this is a small makeshift bridge to escape a little from the crushing burden of everyday life).

What you can't give him is pressure.

Pisces boyfriend/girlfriend

Pisces are complex, mysterious and shy of people. They would prefer to hide under a magic cloak that makes them appear, if not invisible, at least stranger and more mysterious than they are. A good friendship is worth a lot to them, they also care about keeping it. However, they do not like to be harassed or bullied. Friends should also not complain that they sometimes do not hear from them for months. Their fish has gone underground.

Can Pisces keep a secret?

Ultimately, for a Pisces, all of life is one big mystery. And since they live in the middle of this wonder world, of course, secrets are best kept with them. But! Because everything is somehow a secret, it can happen that they spill the secret that they should have kept secret.

Female Pisces on the test bench

As the representative of the last sign in the astrological zodiac, her psyche gathers - symbolically speaking - all the feminine faces of the eleven preceding stages, and she is at the same time the culmination of feminine being. She can be quarrelsome like an Aries, sensual like a Taurus, sprawling like Gemini, moody like a Cancer, proud (and aloof) like a Leo, nagging like a Virgo, loving like a Libra, emotional like a Scorpio, generous like a Sagittarius, cool like Capricorn, chaotic like an Aquarius. And she is the Sphinx personified: a mysterious, iridescent, fluorescent magical creature that lures and seduces men. She is the primordial feminine, heaven and ruin at the same time. On this earth she feels only conditionally at home. She rather experiences herself as a fallen angel, an alien or a foundling. Often she feels lonely and not understood. Then she sits like in a glass tower in the middle of the people and is nevertheless far away. She pretends to be mysterious and speaks sighing of misunderstood depth of soul ... Longing is almost the most important feeling for her, unfulfilled love is more beautiful for her than a flat two-one. And so she begins the eternal round dance of water nymphs and fairies with everyone she likes, she lures, lets herself be caught, escapes, laughs and then runs away again. She is a fabulous lover and a sensitive woman. She will never bully her husband, but will expect him not to abuse his freedom. Her housewifery skills, with exceptions, tend to be below average, unless she has a Moon in the signs Taurus, Cancer or Virgo, or one of these signs is her Ascendant. As a rule, Pisces women are completely ambivalent towards offspring: On the one hand they want nothing more than a child, on the other hand their body, their psyche or their fate invent a thousand reasons that it doesn't work out after all. The Pisces woman is an empathetic mother, but for fear of getting too close to her child, she tends to keep her distance and play hard to get.

Male Pisces on the test bench

Like "real" Pisces, the male representative of this zodiac sign resists any attempt to grab him. And to maintain this image, he likes to pretend to be mysterious or - his favorite game - puts on a cloak of invisibility according to the motto: "Nobody understands me anyway." In his opinion, the courage to be lonely is how you recognize the right man. Deep in his soul lives the "Steppenwolf", lonely, eremite, on his own. Temporary togetherness is just acceptable. But everything that comes after that - binding partnership, family or group community, every compulsion to the norm - he categorically rejects. His worldly ambition is limited. As a rule, he doesn't give a damn about a place in the executive suite. Nor does he care much about membership in the "rich man's club. The fact that he still flies at fat bait from time to time has earned him a reputation as a freeloader. But you can't buy him for pure gold either. Then it's better to go into hiding and provide for the bare necessities as a cab driver! As for his eroticism, he probably has the only right mixture of sex, heart and mind, is soft without being sticky, and puts up with all projections. In a word, he is the man that ladies fall in love with on the spot. Even if he occasionally mimes the macho, sensitive women immediately sense: behind this hides a pronounced softie, who is just waiting to be gently seduced. However, a permanent relationship with the Pisces man is a completely different matter and requires almost supernatural abilities from the lady of his heart. For she has not only a dazzling and graceful, but also a completely contradictory and defiant creature at her side, which can lack any spontaneity. One will go with him on a career course or to a meditation center, celebrate tantric art of love or play Monopoly until exhaustion. Only one thing you can't do: expect him to take the initiative! He is a feminine man, so he has no problems at all to play the househusband, to cook, to put on the apron and the like. He is not a macho man or a bully. He is ambivalent about children: He likes them, but they also scare him because he is so bad at protecting himself from their emotionality. Finally, a word about his qualities as a "nurturer." The tendency is rather to sort of rope himself off on the subject. He would even have no problem with the woman taking over this role.

The little fish

Pisces are delicate, sensitive, very permeable beings. They read in the feelings of others like in an open book. Conversely, you can tell immediately whether their mood barometer indicates "good" or "bad". If they are out of tune, however, they do not become grumpy, loud or naughty: they suffer - silently and quietly. Most of the time, the cause of their sorrow is the family: Maybe mom is having a bad day. Maybe dad is having a hard time at work. These children absorb these moods unfiltered and feel "responsible" for them. Remarks like "that makes me sad!" reinforce this tendency. One must be sparing with such sentences, must also not demand consideration too often. They possess this in excess anyway.

Aged Pisces

Old age brings the great relief. Now you can finally let go and you don't have to prove anything to yourself or others. As a rule, you have also long since discovered that being alone does not mean being lonely, but quite the opposite, that it is much easier to find the feeling of being one. Many now discover what potential they have and cultivate an artistic hobby. Many still begin studies in their seventies, learn a new language, study astrology or alternative healing methods. The older he is, the more quiet and withdrawn he becomes - provided he lives in peace with his karma. So he can then also drift over on the current of life into the other world at some point.

Feb 20 - Mar 20

The facts

Element: WATER

as the original substance of all life and symbol of infinite interpenetration and fusion


Pisces as a transitional creature between plant and animal, instinctive and egoless; but Pisces are also the sign of the Christian man carried by love.

Quality: mobile,

unstable, flexible, social, adaptive, conciliatory, receptive, dissolving and dissolving

Time quality

Transitional period between winter and spring; period of (religious) fasting.

Polarity: MINUS

feminine, yin, passive, inward, introverted

Ruler planet: NEPTUN,

also Poseidon, god of the seas


Mysterious, compassionate, intuitive, sensitive, understanding

Magic helpers

Color: Sea blue    Stone: Amethyst
Tree: Belladonna    Animal: Dolphin
Fragrance: Calamus



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