Your 2024 Horoscope for Pisces


Trust life

What the stars have in store for you

The Sun directs the upcoming year. For you, this is a lucky year because there is a good relationship between it and your zodiac sign, so you will benefit directly from this reign. Also, from January 1 to May 24, nearly five months, Jupiter is in an embracing relationship with your zodiac sign. It is considered a lucky planet in astrology. So you can expect to keep encountering good fortune during the first half of the year. Then, in the second half of April, there will be an exciting encounter between Uranus and Jupiter. It looks quite as if a seed will sprout in you. What exactly will become of it cannot be predicted. But you can be one hundred percent sure that something will emerge that will do honor to your life and make you happy.

What to watch out for

Saturn takes position in your zodiac sign throughout the year. He is considered a villain in astrology and represents worries and problems. Can this Saturn challenge your otherwise excellent outlook? But no! This Saturn is absolutely not all negative. Earlier astrologers gave him this black dress. Modern astrology sees it quite differently. Today we know that this Saturn primarily embodies the wisdom of old age. He does not make tired or slow, but wise and wise.

The message of the Sun

That you can count on the Sun has already been said. However, pay a little closer attention to its position in the sky. There are times when it is even stronger, for example in February, May, July and September. If possible, place important undertakings in these months.


The lucky planet has particularly favorable times in the first five months and then again in September and November.


Its best times are in January, March and May. However, there is also a critical period here, at the end of February. That's when your Sun meets with him in Pisces. You should not make any important deals then.


You can count on him throughout the year. He helps you to cope with changes more easily and also takes care of your finances.


You will be faced with puzzles or have a question mark every now and then in the coming year. Then you need confidence. The cosmos will definitely not let you down in 2024. On the contrary, it will take you by the hand and lead you on the right path.


Maybe you got used to Pluto in the last 20 years, to the fact that it was often difficult and that you sometimes had to go through unhappy times. That's over now. Pluto leaves you alone. Your life becomes easier.

Love and passion

The year's ruler, the Sun, strengthens your heart, makes you cheerful, increases your enjoyment of lust and love, and helps you to switch off more easily, feel more deeply, and let go more easily. The subtraction of Pluto ensures that one or another problem disappears from your partnership. It's as if the heavens, with a magic plane, will remove everything that is not good for your relationship. Singles are also generously taken care of. You become a little more gentle. This is exactly what increases your popularity. Don't take offense if Jupiter now also gives you a little lesson along the way. It is well meant: you are a totally lovable person. The remark in certain astrological books that you are cool or even hypothermic is nonsense. But you often don't give the other person the space he needs to get really warm. If you sometimes become more wait-and-see and passive here, your love will benefit enormously in the solar year 2024, and you certainly won't end it as single.

Career and money

In January, Jupiter moves into a fabulously favorable position for you. If you want to change something, you should implement your plans now. When making decisions, please follow your gut, not necessarily your head. A particularly important time for change has already been mentioned, namely the second half of April. That some Pisces completely change direction is likely. That at the end of the year everyone is happy and has more money in their pockets is certain.


What is the state of your health? The most important thing is that you treat possible symptoms not only classically-medically, but also psychologically. You must ask yourself what consequences are involved, especially whether you will gain something indirectly by doing so. Your stars say: Insight is at least as important as tablets or other medicine in 2024. You should get to the bottom of your symptoms yourself!

Pisces and their partners

Aries likes you. But in his life you play only a supporting role. Therefore, only suitable as a casual lover.

With Taurus, on the other hand, it's the other way around: he prefers to stay at home, on the sofa. But you don't want to be that comfortable.

With Gemini you have wonderful conversations about God and the world.

With Cancer you know right away in January: it's him!

Leo is the best companion: enjoy it.

Virgo brings order into your life.

With Libra, dreams come true.

With Scorpio all wishes come true: Your number one!

Sagittarius motivates you, builds you up, strengthens your back: a great friend and loving lover.

If you have cracked the hard shell with Capricorn, the way is clear for a harmonious relationship.

Aquarius is attractive.

Another Pisces is an emotional tug-of-war: stressful.


Everything suggests that you will have a great time and do not wonder often and long, but follow your heart, or rather your gut. Love is always beautiful, but especially in February. Quite a few Pisces will meet the person who will then stay with them forever during this time.


A bit of age wisdom can't hurt you either, now that Saturn is in your zodiac sign. Quite possibly many a Pisces will start a new life now, perhaps in business, perhaps in love, and perhaps in both.

Feb 20 - Mar 20

BEST DAYThursday
SOULMATECancer, Scorpio, Virgo


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