The Libra portrait

by star astrologer Erich Bauer

Libra: I and you in balance

Libra is the only representational sign. All others are animals or humans. In this naming already hides a central secret of the Libra: In it slumbers from the first day of its life a knowledge that the other beings out there are just as important as oneself. To give the right weight to this fact, astrology created the image of the scale. A scale is an object, a thing, lifeless, without feelings. Astrology wants to express that on this level feelings could interfere. This in no way means that Libra-born people are motionless. Quite the contrary, Libra are distinctly moody people. However, their feelings do not come - as for example with Aries or Cancer - directly from the "belly", but from the coherence between it and their fellow men.

Libra and profession

Libra are sales geniuses. They can smell from a distance why a customer is entering their store. On the other hand, if you buy from a Libra, you can be sure that you will take home something that suits you. Scales put themselves in other people's shoes. They slip into the skin of their customer or business partner. They feel him out, rummage through his cerebral convolutions and sneak into his secret wish department. Their great talent to be able to put themselves in the shoes of others, to guess their wishes and intentions, naturally enables Libra-born people not only to become salespeople. They are also in their profession as psychotherapists, management consultants, politicians or diplomats. When you enter the practice of a Libra, you immediately feel secure, welcomed. When you then talk to the doctor, psychologist or alternative practitioner, you open your heart to them without any reservations. Because you feel understood from the first moment. For the same reason, scales become hairdressers, masseurs, beauticians or work in the hospitality industry. It is always their goal to make others more cheerful, kinder, happier, more satisfied, more relaxed or more beautiful - and especially in this respect they are each born masters of their trade. Then they are also gifted artists. Whatever they look at, hear, touch, smell, taste awakens their aesthetic sense and creativity. All the small and large creative deeds, from the artfully traced eyeliner of a mask in a film to the layout of a daily newspaper to the immortal work of art, were and are often performed by Libra people. Every day Libra people pursue their vocation as hairdressers, flower arrangers, make-up artists, cosmeticians, make-up artists, costume consultants, fashion designers and in similar professions. Even when you come to what is actually a completely uncreative workplace, a sales counter, an office or whatever, you can tell by the bouquet of flowers on the table or the particularly polite tone of voice: a scale is working here.

Libra and money

There is everything in a Libra, from a little penny pincher to a financial genius. In any case - so astrology claims - she knows what she is worth. She is most likely to earn her money with Venusian activities and Venusian products. Famous dancers were Libra-born, and under this zodiac sign most important and famous artists, painters and designers are found. Examples are the architect Le Corbusier, the fashion designer Ralph Lauren and the painter Arnold Böcklin. Also many actors can be found under this zodiac sign like Kirk Douglas, Brigitte Bardot, Kate Winslet, Christiane Hörbiger, Roger Moore and Klaus Kinski.

All love Libra for

their cheerfulness. Very rarely they slip into a sad mood. Even if they do, it is only for a short time. It seems that they have to counter the evil, bad, sad and unpleasant in this world. In general, it is one of their specialties to show the opposite of what is right now. This sometimes gives rise to a real spirit of contradiction. And also, if too much sweet is grated, the Libra protests. Bringing quarreling people closer together again is another specialty.

What does Libra need to be happy?

Their pronounced weakness for everything beautiful, good, noble makes Libra a regular visitor to pinacotheques, opera festivals, theater festivals and other "social events" with a cultural supporting program. And of course they expect their partners to keep up with them, accompany them, get them tickets, maybe even introduce them to artists. Of course, a Libra always comes alive on a shopping spree, and if her partner whisks her away to a chic new café or restaurant, she's in seventh heaven. Otherwise, she has her favorite bar, her favorite cocktail, and a few (few) favorite restaurants that she wants to share with the person she's with. But wherever she is, she wants to talk, about quite complicated things like the zeitgeist, the trend of art and fashion, but also about banal and everyday things like her friends' trouble with the neighbor's dog. Most important is the "atmospheric". If you want to make a Libra unhappy, all you have to do is leave dirty laundry lying around or get up after dinner without a kiss and a word of thanks. A Libra hates unkindness and values style above all else. Gifts that beautify their home or personal appearance always make a Libra happy. And of course, love becomes even more beautiful with the accompaniment of appropriate music.

To conclude this topic, here are all sorts of things that Libra like in any case: purple, number 7, lilac, romance, rococo, chimes, smile, art, antiques, Picasso, day peacock, emerald, turquoise, violet, poetry, dance, dragonfly, deer, George Gershwin, Le Corbusier, rhythm, beat, fashion, almond slivers, museum, Troubadix.

And they definitely do not like: unkindness, chaos, noise, injustice, ready-made, destruction, aggressiveness.

The Libra as boyfriend/girlfriend

Because Libra always put their own feelings aside, they give out of hand what is eminently important for relationships and friendships: namely a healthy portion of egoism. It takes them a long time to finally protest. After all, they always see the other person first. They don't feel their needs at all, but his or hers. They put themselves in the other person's shoes even when they do things that hurt them. This is perhaps the biggest disadvantage of the beautiful, balanced, harmonious Libra, that at the decisive moment they do not feel their own feelings or do not dare to articulate them: out of consideration, out of fear of hurting the other person - friend, partner. When a friendship breaks up, the Libra experiences this as a personal failure. Because she experiences herself as a guardian and savior of love from childhood on, because love means task and fulfillment for her, she then loses her security, her home, her meaning in life.

Can Libra keep a secret?

You should be careful with a Libra: you ask them not to tell you something, and of course they nod and give their consent. But then her spirit of contradiction breaks through and at the next best opportunity she blurts out the secret again. Besides, she is a "chatterbox" - even more so in female than in male form. Secrecy is simply not her thing. After all, isn't it precisely the things that are concealed and hidden that take away the beauty of life?

Female scales on the test bench

Libra woman is the most beautiful and graceful bird there is. Venus herself is in her, giving her that wonderful complexion, making her eyes sparkle, coloring her cheeks rosy, shaping her body into such accomplished curves. Even if this beauty is not immediately apparent, it is inside her. Even when a Libra should be voluptuous like a Valkyrie, she moves like a ballerina. This woman is Venus and thus perfected. So you have a great woman in bed, you have a great woman in your home, which from now on will always be neat and stylish, and you have a woman to go out with and to be admired by others because of her. Libra fulfills in every way the expectations that a man has of a woman and lover. Even more, a Libra woman will single-mindedly "push" her man to success without him even noticing. Once she has decided in favor of someone, she will also consistently stand up for him. She removes obstacles from his path and is a master in choosing such friends who will help her beloved move forward. On the other hand, she considers a person who is not good for her darling as persona non grata - and soon her husband will also find that the person in question is one of the less welcome persons. Is the Libra woman clever? Oh yes, and how! She directs her husband without him feeling a whiff of it. She will claim with the most innocent eyes in the world that she has nothing, but nothing at all against this person, but soon he will not appear in her house. She pretends that she has no needs and desires at all. But her husband - and even her husband's friends - will work their tails off to make her happy. Ingenious, isn't it? Now it's time to name the cons: Everything shrill, weird, garish, every quarrel gives her the creeps, every unkindness stabs her right in the heart, and every wrong note grieves her soul. If it were up to her, the world would be an enchanted magic garden, an oasis of beauty, a symphony of coordinated pleasures and delights. Only the reality looks so completely different - and from it your Libra suffers, she also suffers from her partner, because he is as insensitive as the rest of the world ..... She is long-winded. You wouldn't think you'd get a quick answer from her to a question: "Are we going to the movies?" - "Oh yes, I'd love to, there's this movie on with this wonderful actress we saw on TV the other day. Oh, now I've forgotten the name. But never mind! You know. It was the movie that started out so exciting and then got more and more boring, remember? The man had lost his wife ...". And now the Libra woman tells in flowery words the content of the last screen epic, although the point is to decide on a film today and now. Whoever is a reasonably spontaneous man will eventually go insane with this woman. You may find yourself yelling at her to keep it short, or shaking her hard. The beautiful, flowery, loving Libra can be - you won't believe it until you experience it - emotionally cold. It's entirely possible that one day she'll come home and say she's fallen in love with another man and will move in with him the next day. Bang! If the man's heart breaks when he rages and screams, his Libra will shrug her shoulders and not understand. Conversely, if a man has made up his mind to leave his Libra wife, at first she will be completely shocked and cry like a child. But after a week or two, she will have forgotten. This woman is not after a particular man, but after love. She is, as a Libra woman once put it, "in love with love for love." Wherever she finds more of it, she is magnetically attracted. One never forgets this.

Male Libra on the test bench

Clearly, the Libra man is the most charming guy among the twelve zodiac signs: smart, elegant, smooth - the Libra man pays attention to the varnish. And not only when it comes to appearances. There's no small talk that he doesn't sweeten with wide-ranging flattery. His image: charming, radiant, always in the best of moods. A one-million-dollar man who manages to "turn" even envious people. But he doesn't make decisions. Let's assume the worst, namely that the Libra man is still involved with another woman. So, he said that he will leave this other woman. There is no way to believe him. Not because this man is a liar, no, he is always rock solidly convinced of what he says. But from the moment he spends the night with the new woman to that moment when he is back with his former wife, a Libra man is worlds apart. Suddenly he is no longer sure of himself. All of a sudden he realizes that he loves this woman after all and thinks that he cannot inflict such an injury on her. You wait for a decision, but the Libra man feels unable to do so. He loves both women, he says - and it sounds believable. In the end, the decision is not up to the Libra man. You have to put the gun to his chest and say, "So, my dear, either you decide for me or for her now, or I decide - and against you." But then you have to follow through on that and not let yourself change your mind again after you've drawn the line because this time he, the tragic hero, swears on his knees that he's going to get a divorce. He won't. Is that his only mistake? His biggest! He has a few smaller ones in store: for example, that he takes much more liberties with himself than he allows his partner. That is, he asks himself at least with every third woman he meets whether she would not be the ideal partner for him, while he already reproaches his wife if she only says that she likes this or that movie actor. Moreover, he will very rarely surprise her with a spontaneous idea. One of his weaknesses should be mentioned in more detail: One must not pose psychological riddles to a Libra man. For example, if his wife suffers from the fact that her Libra treasure does not care enough about her, it is absolutely useless to get drunk or lock herself in the room. Her husband does not draw psychological conclusions. He is not a therapist, but a judge. In this case, he will argue to her that she drinks too much. It is even of little use to tell your Libra husband directly to his face that you are suffering from him. He has no sense of psychology. The quickest way to divorce is to have a messy home. Libra Man doesn't expect everything to be spotless, but the aesthetics have to be right. But last, but not least, despite all flaws - as said in the beginning - you still have the most charming man among the twelve signs of the zodiac. And once you know his weaknesses, you will be able to live with them quite well.

Small scales

From the moment Libra-borns open their beautiful eyes and see the light of day, they are capable of love. They develop this art to the very highest perfection throughout their lives. I don't know any Libra who doesn't remember a childhood in which they tried with childlike devotion and love to fulfill the needs of their parents, who were often extremely different. As a rule, a Libra child experiences his parents as quarreling or unloving. He therefore feels obliged to give his parents what they lack: love, tenderness, cordiality, joy ... There are Libra children who already have the intuition of a trained partner therapist at the age of half a year. Such children do exactly what for the moment reduces the tension in a relationship. As they grow older, they perfect the other qualities of their zodiac sign. Thus, during school age and especially during puberty, aspirations for harmony and aesthetics come to the fore. An open and warm kindness becomes part of their nature. Commonality and relationships become important.

Aged Libra

Libra is born for love. That's what every astrology book says. What is often overlooked is that the love a Libra is capable of is usually too great for an everyday human relationship. It is so rapturous, idealistic, romantic, enraptured ... that a normal person usually cannot keep up. Therefore, in old age, Libra-born people are more able to express their great capacity for love, because then they no longer bind themselves to a person. Their love is their gift to life, and they distribute it as they please: to a poem, to music, to a tree, to a neighbor.

Sep 24 - Oct 23

The facts

Element: Air

as the primary substance of life, strong intellect emphasis, sociable


Libra as a sign of harmony and love

Quality: Cardinal

And thus urgent, persuasive, powerful, set on friction, victory and triumph

Time quality

The beginning of autumn with equinox stands for center and justice

Polarity: Plus

masculine, yang, active, outward and inward

Ruler planet: Venus

of the evening, divine expression of spiritual love


Just, graceful, subtle, balancing

Magic helpers

Color: Purple    Stone: Aquamarine
Tree: Lilac    Animal: Butterfly
Fragrance: Rose



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