Your 2024 Horoscope for Libra


Finally a great love

What the stars have in store for you

As the ruler of the year, the sun, you maintain a special relationship with it. Its light is very special to you and helps to dispel all darkness from your life. In 2024, you not only have the Sun on your side, but also Jupiter, which accompanies you for a full seven months, from June to December. This is truly a divine gift that you may unwrap. But that's not all. Pluto, a powerful star that has been in tension with your sign for the past 20 years, now comes to you as a friend. He will help you unravel and resolve the stories of your ancestors.

What to watch out for

Saturn is the planet that watches over you and sometimes seems like a referee, blowing the whistle when you don't follow the rules. But in 2024, Saturn takes a break and keeps a low profile. While it may seem pleasant at first that no one is constantly lecturing you, you must now take care of yourself. This means you need to be careful to avoid mistakes.

The message of the Sun

As mentioned earlier, the Sun brings you light and helps you form harmonious relationships so that those around you are happy. It might not be a bad idea to express gratitude for this gift now and then in 2024.


The great lucky charm enters your sphere on May 24 and doesn't leave until the end of the year. However, he does not show himself personally, but works through other people: Family, friends, colleagues - the whole world will bring you his good luck.


You will have to do without its guidance, as mentioned above, and therefore take special care of yourself.


Don't think of him as either a friend or an enemy. Sometimes he will seem out of place, disturb you, and possibly steer you in the wrong direction.


Astrologically, he has no connection to your zodiac sign. But this is also the deeper meaning of this planet: It connects you to the unseen, the mystical, and ultimately the divine.


He is holding back for now, but soon he will introduce himself to you and introduce himself as your new friend. You will be involved with him in the years to come, and it will prove to be a great benefit.

Love and passion

Thanks to the Sun, and from June thanks to Jupiter, your longing for true love grows even stronger. Problems could arise only if your partner is quite different and does not share your euphoria. But don't worry, there are other fascinating people you can look out for. Your most intimate and passionate times will be in January, June, September and October. For the singles among you, crazy, wild and unconventional adventures are on the love program all year round, but the greatest candidates will meet you in August. Whether this will develop into more than hot sex, however, is unlikely. The men and women play poker just like you with your independence. In autumn, your desire for people who only ignite your passion fades. You long for someone you can trust not only with your bedroom, but also with your heart.

Career and money

You are one of the favored zodiac signs of 2024: the Sun and Jupiter are in a position to your zodiac sign that gives you a real aura of happiness. In everything you do, a portion of luck always accompanies you. Also at the lottery you have better chances than usual. But to really succeed, it is essential to correct your hesitant attitude. You tend to take a long time before making decisions, and as a result you miss many opportunities. Jupiter is planning a large-scale advertising campaign for you in 2024, and you will receive enormous support. You can bring in agencies, but ultimately it's up to you whether you want to make it big. You carry many undiscovered talents, and 2024 wants you to unleash them.


Relationship stress has a negative effect on your health. Feelings of cold or heat, back problems and even migraines can be caused by it. The lack of Saturn's influence increases your vulnerability. But fortunately, Jupiter is in a wonderful position to help you live carefully, consciously and healthily.

Libra and its partners

Impulsive Aries fascinates you because he is so different and his passion surpasses anything you know.

Taurus is stubborn and quick-tempered, and as soon as he has his orgasm, he is full - no matter how hungry you still are.

All-night sex, daytime chaos: you and the Gemini make a great team - but who will take care of the shopping, cleaning and paying the bills?

With Cancer, you can talk great and always rely on him when you're in need - but he's not a one-night-only kind of person.

You will experience endless orgies of cuddling including sex with the Leo. If you're also willing to accept where things are going, you'll be in great hands.

Virgo also always has a plan in mind during sex. However, you will not reach love nirvana with her.

For two Libra, on the other hand, sex is like a dance in which both partners become increasingly weightless.

Pure sex is in the air when the Scorpio comes near you. But you can also get along well with him before and after - promising!

Sagittarius is always by your side: a true friend, a loyal colleague, and a great lover to boot.

Oh wonder, sex with a Capricorn is magnificent. And as a colleague, you can rely on him one hundred percent.

You've always had a soft spot for Aquarius. Now, with Jupiter acting as matchmaker, he could even become the love of your life.

You can't think of anything to say about Pisces: a mystery.


Good times far outweigh bad, and periods when you don't feel like it are rare. Starting in June, you could be inspired by Jupiter to get married before the end of 2024. But you'd better wait and see!


It will be a great year for you. Quite a few of you will achieve great things, perhaps even in political bodies. Never let anyone tell you that you are too old for love. That is absolute nonsense. On the contrary, you are better now than ever before.

Sep 24 - Oct 23

BEST DAYThursday
SOULMATEGemini, Aquarius


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