Leo is ruled by not just any planet, but the Sun itself. The power of this fiery, fixed star can be seen in the character of the Leo person. They are very generous, but they can also be very egotistical. Like the Sun, they are cruel and friendly at the same time. They have a strange power: their eye flashes, their footstep sounds, but they always keep their composure. He takes on every challenge life confronts them with.

The lion, at the top of the food chain, has a harder time adapting than his subjects. Leos will never let themselves be commanded because they are the masters of their own lives. They are born with the knowledge that they are special and unique. Even if they don’t have any particular pedigree or qualifications, they’ll find ways to draw attention to themselves and ensure that they’re never out of the center of attention for long. And most of the time, this tactic works! Their winning and likable nature makes them popular everywhere they go.

When it comes to their careers, Leos make it to the top faster than other signs of the zodiac, without making nearly the same amount of effort. But their strength can also be a weakness: Leos often lack the cunning to exploit the weaknesses of their competitors. They simply don’t know any tactical moves because they’re so used to being in the lead. Only seldom do Leos clue into an undertone or recognize false compliments. If they do, they risk a fatal blow to their weakest point: their pride. Hit here, Leos will make their pain known to those around them, and they are likely to react with all of their power.


Most Leos are idealists through and through. There’s no doubt they want power, but it’s the power of the Sun, to be at the center of the universe, and emanate life-giving heat. Leos spend their money hand over fist and are more than happy to treat their partners to anything—they trill when others praise their generosity. People born under this fire sign are mostly of strong constitutions, but their tendency to overwork means that they’re prone to heart and circulatory problems.