The Leo portrait

by star astrologer Erich Bauer

Leo: Shine like a sun

The Sun is the ruling planet of the Leo sign and it is also the symbol of its activity, a source of inexhaustible energies, warmth, power and life. Inside every Leo slumbers this power, vitality and love of life.

Leo and profession

To be creative themselves is their greatest desire in life, and openly or secretly each of them dreams of being an artist. Many painters, writers, musicians, graphic artists, sculptors, advertising designers, decorators, photographers and fashion designers were or are Leo-born. But even those who don't work in creative professions at all add to their activities the quantum of creativity, show or posturing typical of a Leo: as a bartender he mixes drinks with ingenious, breathtaking panache, as a nurse he dispenses a quantum of joie de vivre in addition to pills, and even if he works on the assembly line, there is guaranteed to be more than just a monotonous movement going on there: a smile, more joie de vivre, a little show. Furthermore, a Leo likes activities where he can feed, complete, build, relax, beautify, uplift, kidnap, make others happy and sometimes even blissful. When a Leo becomes an educator, doctor or therapist, he or she, like an ideal father or mother, wants to be there for others, to support them, to generously give them a hand like a patron, to pat them on the shoulders with encouragement, to exude generosity like the sun.... A profession in which they can't at least patronize now and then is not for lions.

Leo and money

Poor lions are rare. Either they manage to earn enough money thanks to their own skills, or they marry someone who has the necessary money and gilds their lives. However, they are not after money in any way. On the contrary, they seem to be quite indifferent to it. This is exactly one of their peculiarities. What makes them interesting and endearing is that dollar or euro signs do not sparkle from their eyes. They are not greedy. They are also talented. Now I don't mean that no other zodiac sign has as many artists, actors and other celebrities as the Leo. But even when they pursue very simple things, they are involved in them with their whole being. That's what makes them so lovable and for that they sooner or later get a corresponding value back - often also in the form of money.

All love Leo for

their generosity. This is their "magic drug." They do something for others, don't ask if it's worth it - and that's exactly why they eventually get back just as much or usually even more.

What do Leo need to be happy?

In every Leo there is an "object of desire" that wants to be seen, admired, touched and - this especially - embellished, decorated, crowned. Love goes with the lion through the eye: If one wants to make him a joy, one needs to give him only something beautiful. Of course, it must be real or original. Better a real rose than fake jewelry. Rather an individual little thing than any boring mass-produced article, even if it is still so expensive. What else can be done for a lion's happiness and satisfaction? One should be open and honest. If there's anything he can't stand, it's secrecy and half-measures. He does not mince words himself. Angry lions are best appeased by waiting until the hottest emotions have subsided. You can also help with a witty, charming remark. In all this, of course, provided that the lion is not really hurt, because then no smile and no begging helps; the lion resents, and that can be sometimes "forever". Basically, however, the lion is not resentful, he laughs, lives and celebrates much too gladly, as that he would grieve for a long time about something. Don't reproach a Leo if he follows his big heart and buys eight pounds of bread instead of the necessary two, if he always likes the most expensive dishes at dinner, if he takes a cab the two blocks. In the vast majority of cases, he instinctively knows how much money he can spend. His secret: He lives by the principle that the more you spend, the more you get back. Maybe he's right. In any case, stinginess chases away not only good-humored lions, but also happiness.

To conclude this topic, here are all kinds of colorful things that lions like in any case: gold, diamonds, New York, Picasso, Christian Dior, Vogue, sun, Rome, luxury, first class, number 5, extravagance, sable, Majestix, lipstick, Rolls Royce, Hollywood, Coco Chanel, Napoleon, palm trees, white beach, surf, champagne chocolates.

And he definitely does not like: second hand, pettiness, stand-up café, average, colorlessness, Rimini in August, bank statements.

The Leo as boyfriend/girlfriend

The amazing thing is that Leo don't seem to need to do much for their popularity, and often they are envied by others for that: they have it good, they get everything as a gift ... That's not so true, it doesn't happen entirely by chance. Lions are colossally generous and helpful to their friends. There are certainly other signs of the zodiac with which helpfulness is associated, but Leo offers his support with such warmth of heart that you just have to love him. In addition, he likes to invite his friends over, shop for them, cook for them, and spend money on them. In the end, this is what makes him so popular - and not just the fact that he was born a Leo. However, lions do not allow themselves to be taken advantage of. People who want to make themselves comfortable at their expense and effort have lost with them very quickly. Another advantage of having a Leo as a friend is that he does not put you under pressure. He doesn't take it badly if you don't keep an appointment or don't get in touch for a long time.

Can lions keep a secret?

Never would a Leo reveal a secret. But because he likes to put himself in the right light, it can happen that he spills a secret at some point, simply because he thinks he will make an impression and it is chic. And he loves to talk about all the people he knows. It may well be that he passes on something that was not actually intended for that purpose.

Female Leo on the test bench

She is definitely not a cute bunny or even a "silly goose". Why should she put on a smile if she doesn't feel like it? Or pretend to be naive, just because men seem to be attracted to such creatures? The lioness says what she wants, does what she feels like, and takes what she wants - and that's that! Restraint, modesty, shame hardly occur in her vocabulary, just as little as falsehood or hypocrisy. Even as a little girl, she was the princess, playing with her father, who spoiled and admired her. She was usually at war with her mom, convinced that she would be a much better wife for her dad. The older she gets, the more naturally she lives by the motto of a lioness, which is "Come, see, conquer!" Yet ninety-nine times out of a hundred, she is not really aware of her own impact at all. But that is precisely what makes her so appealing: A lioness who knows that she is attractive and special always comes to the edge of her own shadow, into the realm of arrogance and arrogance. As a rule, she has a boyfriend very early - or one main and several secondary boyfriends. It should not become too close while she is young, because she is an extremely freedom-loving woman who may find it difficult to decide on lasting ties with eternal value. Therefore, at the beginning of a common relationship or marriage, the suitcases are always still on call. In fact, a lioness can pack her bags within half an hour and disappear never to be seen again. You win a lioness by beating her with her own weapons: Your partner must present himself as a freedom-loving, commitment-shy, independent person. Because just like the lion man, the lion woman is more interested in making prey than in "owning" someone. Or figuratively speaking: The "cat's interest in the mouse" lasts as long as the latter is "alive", moving and still able to run away. Just like the other two fire ladies Aries and Sagittarius, the lioness is also very strong, the Amazon among women, so to speak. She stands her ground at all times, is practically gifted and fit in technical matters - supposedly male domains. I say all this to get her potential partner properly attuned to her: This woman is not impressed by driving a sports car or surfing the Internet. Likewise, she is not dazzled by money and career, because she can do all this herself if she wants to. Her husband and darling must touch her heart. He may be a little naive and he must radiate something special. Above all, he must not be one thing: an ordinary man, an "off-the-peg" man. The fact that her boyfriend is eccentric, even a little crazy, makes the lioness weak.

Male Leo on the test bench

Already his mother pampered her Leo child, so he naturally always assumes that every woman admires him. If he feels he is being watched (and who isn't watching for this man?), he plays his repertoire of the soft, cool, charming, hot-tempered, easy-going hero. But one thing is also pretty clear: he thinks he's the main character and doesn't honestly and seriously doubt for a second that the woman was created because of him. So give him a wide berth if you've just joined a feminist union. He is the lord and master. It all sounds terribly antiquated and somewhat reminiscent of the days of feudal rule. And there's something to that: lions have a stab at the old-fashioned. They dream a bit of the good old days with queen and king, a round table of loyal knights and a good people on their knees before them. However, the lion man then also embodies the other side of the old school: he takes care of his wife. It fits this man just as easily that he works and earns money and his wife stays at home and takes care of the household (of which he himself is the most important part, of course). Ultimately, it is a matter of taste whether you can take him as he is or better avoid him. Only one thing you have to know: You can't change a lion. This man is so stubborn, inflexible, convinced of himself, that you rather get the earth to run the other way around the sun than to change him or his opinion. If you can deal with his kind as a woman, however, you make an astonishing discovery: He, the proud and exalted, the pasha, macho, patriarch, chauvinist, and power hog, is then quite different after all, he adores his wife and even cuddles up to her. I therefore like to think of the Lion Man as the cliché of the Italian man. He, too, plays the sex maniac and hero, but he has little to say to his mom, his wife and even his daughters. Who does he like best, this man? On the one hand, of course, women who are as great as he is, beauties, imposing appearances, women with money, women with origins and those with a future. On the other hand, he also loves really shy ladies, wallflowers, namely when he feels that he can encourage and build someone up. Because the Lion Man also loves to play patron and sponsor, who see the true greatness of their protégé. And of course it also flatters his ego when a wallflower finally turns into a rose with the help of the lion. His favorite, however, is a witty lady, a kind of avant-gardist, ahead of her time, a bit wise - and very, very special ...

Little lions

A little Leo knows what he wants. He radiates a healthy self-confidence from the first day of his life on earth, which develops into a distinct side of his personality over the years and especially during puberty. He goes his own way without hesitation or questioning. Despite his strong will, he approaches his fellow human beings with warmth and cordiality. In the first years of his life, his father serves as his role model and he tries to act like him and to put his own will into practice. For a healthy development a Leo needs a lot of independence. As early as possible, he should be allowed to go his own way and assert his will, according to his age. This does not mean permission to do and leave everything. But how the furniture is placed in the nursery or what is worn could be questions that a little lion would definitely like to decide for himself, even at preschool age.

Aged lions

If Leo can stay true to themselves, they spread a mood like the evening sun in old age, inviting you to relax and enjoy life at least now. That's nice. But if a lion was denied this possibility by external circumstances, then something like a lion known from terrible adventure stories can come out: a despot and tyrant. Then there are also lion-borns who bury their nature completely and pass senilely into old age.

Jul 23 - Aug 23

The facts

Element: FIRE

as a symbol of radiating life energy


Leo stands for domination, strength, majesty, calmness and serenity.

Quality: FIX

Claim to leadership, homage and duration

Time quality

Summertime as an expression of fiery power, relaxed calmness and sedate, playful being.

Polarity: PLUS,

masculine, yang, active outward

Ruler planet: SUN

Central star, symbol in resting center


Self-confident, generous, warm, natural, creative

Magic helpers

Color: Golden yellow    Stone: Diamond
Tree: Palm    Animal: Leo
Fragrance: Cinnamon



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