Your 2024 Horoscope for Leo


Where you are is always up

What the stars have in store for you

2024 will be an outstanding year for you, full of highlights and successes. You have the ruling planet of the year, the sun, to thank for this. Of course, because the Sun is also your personal ruling planet. So it can only bring good things for you. In addition, Jupiter will turn towards your zodiac sign at the end of May. And as its name suggests, Jupiter brings good luck. You can expect favors, possibly even fame and glory. But there's more. We can't forget Pluto, which spends most of the coming year in Aquarius just opposite your Leo zodiac sign. This could herald a significant love affair, whether it's with your current partner, with whom you already live, or with someone completely new in your life.

What to watch for

Saturn and Neptune will linger in the sign of Pisces throughout the coming year. Caution is advised here. This position does not necessarily lead to ailments or illness. But if you are careless and reckless with yourself in 2024, there could be unpleasant consequences. However, if you take care of your health, you will get through the year unscathed.

The message of the sun

The Sun gives you a powerful boost in your being: you are vital, motivated and in a good mood - and you can fully live out your Leo naturell. It's based on the fact that your charming appearance gives you an advantage over everyone else.


In the second half of the year, Jupiter is in the zodiac sign of Gemini, which makes you want to put your thoughts and ideas into action. This could lead to great improvements in your daily life and increase your circle of friends.


Saturn makes you more mature. You develop into an independent personality, strong, self-confident and knowing. Of course, you can still be playful and silly like a bright-eyed teenager, but you are also ready for big tasks and responsibilities. You can also make important decisions for others.


Uranus brings change, but only change that pleases you and suits your nature as a Leo. You should not do anything in the new year that does not suit your talent. You are a creative person and not destined to do dull tasks. Uranus will not rest until you find what is yours to do.


A possible negative effect could be that you suffer an affliction due to inattention. However, if you take good care of yourself, you can get through the year unscathed.


This star is your new partner. But don't think that only positive consequences are associated with it. Pluto is awakening your karma. If there are negative and disturbing aspects, they will meet you sooner or later. You can deal with your karma, including the life stories of your parents and ancestors.

Love and Passion

At the end of May, Jupiter, the grandest of all planets, takes a position that is considered the most beautiful and best in astrology. You can expect to meet and connect with a person who is destined by the stars. You are entering the garden of love. Your passion awakens. In your current partnership, things may be as hot as they were in the beginning. However, it is also possible that your demands for love will become too great for your current partner, which could result in separations. Jupiter brings not only lust, but above all cosmic love. You need to understand each other and feel inside that you belong together.

Career and money

It would be best if you spend the first half of the year abroad, take a long vacation or spend time at home on the things that are close to your heart. But this also has its advantages: you will get better. The more experience you gain during this time, the more skilled you will be when Jupiter reaches your zodiac sign in June and stays there for a long time. With Jupiter, you have the best prospects for a career jump. Anything you tackle will succeed, including your ambitions to become self-employed, but especially in terms of your desire for greater wealth.

Health and well-being

Health will occupy a large space in your life in 2024. This does not mean that you are at risk in any way. On the contrary, Jupiter makes you healthier. But you can support its effect enormously if you pay attention to some things. Regular short periods of relaxation are important, when you can completely switch off. For example, you could jog often, but not for too long. Yoga is also ideal. If you need to go fast, breathing exercises and a little stretching at work will help.

Leo and his partners

Leo and Aries need tolerant neighbors, because their passion makes the walls shake.

Sex yes, friendship yes, love no! is the relationship rule for dealing with Taurus.

With Gemini you are not well suited for passionate love adventures, but for that you can't laugh so much with anyone, even in bed.

Seducing Cancer is great fun - but the probability that he will become more and more introverted and you will become more and more dominant is high.

Another Leo won't let you get him down. Conclusion: sex makes all senses explode, everyday life becomes a grueling titanic struggle.

With Virgo you get along great - but only as long as he is as playful as you.

You will quickly fall in love with Libra, because he flatters you with sweet words and is very tender in bed.

Sex with a Scorpio is like a climb towards climax. Afterwards, the crash into the bottomless pit follows.

Sagittarius and Leo get along splendidly: at work, on the sports field, in bed.

With Capricorn and Leo the career becomes more and more important.

With Aquarius, you may have an affair once in a while, but definitely a lifelong friendship.

Intoxicating and intoxicating: nothing is more exciting than the liaison with Pisces.

If you are younger than 25

You probably don't even realize you're lucky. It seems normal and natural to you. However, you may be tempted to shape your life, learn something, and get an education. Everything is fine as long as you don't forget that you are a Leo and that the joy and pleasure of life should come first.


With the stars waiting for you in 2024, you can take what comes your way quite relaxed. If you have not been able to live out your role as a Leo enough in previous years, you will certainly take a path that will finally allow you to enjoy life.

Jul 23 - Aug 23

SOULMATEAries, Sagittarius


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