Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the clever; Mercury, the rational—yet, even he cannot fully cope with the nature of Gemini. As a definitive trait, consider the following: despite their great intelligence and understanding, in the key moments of their lives, Gemini born will let their hearts speak for them, even when it goes against all reason. Geminis loathe boredom and stagnation. Their lives are characterized by constant change. They love diversion and need movement all the time; they are in search of something new, better, or simply something else. This means that they are not good at consistency, and they also tend towards a certain frivolity. It does not make much sense to accuse a Gemini of lacking concern or to expect thoughtfulness of them; it is simply not in their nature.

Those who are looking for strong feelings will be disappointed, but whoever is looking for excitement and stimulation will appreciate them. Despite the Gemini love of novelty, when it comes to interpersonal relationships, they are faithful, and will always return to their old circle of friends. With so much upheaval and change in the rest of their lives, Geminis tend to seek out a familiar place of rest. Gemini-born love to talk, and they are brilliant speakers, but they are also able to listen to others attentively. Geminis are not ones to want to live in nature, much less in the countryside. Their territory is the big city, with all of the possibilities it contains.


As an air sign, Geminis tend not to have strong relationships to material things. They see money as something to amuse themselves with, and they enjoy spending money on things that others would consider to be unnecessary. When money is tight, Gemini can easily live in limited conditions. They also love games. Some Geminis like to gamble because there is so much suspense and excitement about the possibility of something new, but they should be cautious as they are in danger of becoming addicted. Given their love of diversion, Geminis do have somewhat addictive personalities, of which they should be mindful.