The Gemini portrait

by star astrologer Erich Bauer

Gemini: Two souls dwell oh in his chest

Gemini births particularly represent the duality of earthly being on one side and spiritual on the other. However, this duality also means having to taste all the sadness, forlornness, and at times great torment of existence on earth. In return, at other times one is happy all around and finds oneself "in heaven", so to speak.

Gemini and profession

Gemini is an extremely versatile creature, which is very difficult to classify. According to their philosophy, life is a theater with constantly changing, sometimes grandiose, but mostly amusing and comical roles. There is something baroque about their existence, on the one hand tremendously life-affirming, yet on the other they are always on the precipice. "Carpe diem!" (seize the day), they write on their banner, and likewise "memento mori!" (remember that you are mortal). They are just as unfit to be scientists in remote Antarctica as they are to be lonely lighthouse keepers; they need to be close to and in touch with other people, they want to talk, exchange ideas, meet people, they need variety and the opportunity to slip into many different roles. It is not uncommon for them to have both a main and a secondary profession, or at least to pursue a hobby that at some point generates considerable additional income. It is also almost the norm for them to change jobs and, often enough, even professions several times. In the broad field of the entertainment industry (theater, film, newspaper, TV), in the information sector (mail, news, science) and everything that has to do with the production and distribution of books (author, editing, agency, publisher, sales, library) their versatility is most likely to find an adequate field of activity. Even when they are just acting as secretaries, typing seemingly pre-written letters, they feel a sense of responsibility and pride: this makes them the best executive secretaries in the world. Their head is like a library, an encyclopedia. More than others, they can absorb, process, compare, analyze, recognize, eliminate, add up and reproduce knowledge and facts. Wherever such clever and potent minds are needed, in the administration, registry, science, research, you can find twins.

Gemini and money

Hardly any other zodiac sign can boast as many celebrities as Gemini. Among them are Nobel Prize winners like Andrei Sakharov, Jean-Paul Sartre, Thomas Mann as well as Oscar winners like Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie and Clint Eastwood. There are also an astonishing number of statesmen, such as John F. Kennedy, Donald Trump and Che Guevara. This disproves the prejudice that twins are easy-going contemporaries who don't really have much desire to rack their brains for their profession or bust a leg. What you miss among famous Geminis, however, are people with a lot of money. If they're rich (like multi-billionaire Donald Trump, for example), that doesn't make them stand out. In fact, money does not play a major role for Gemini. From an astrological point of view, this is based on the fact that the money sign Taurus is in their twelfth solar house and thus has lost its importance. Now this does not mean that Gemini are poorer than others. On the contrary, but the money comes, and it goes again. It is simply not so important.

All love Gemini for

their knowledge, tips and the opportunity to talk to them for hours about God and the world.

What do Gemini need to be happy?

With their outgoing, friendly nature, it is not difficult to attract the attention of Gemini-born people. It does become a bit more difficult to keep their interest for a longer period of time. Listen attentively to your chosen Gemini and show interest in their lives without sticking your nose in too deep. Mr. and Mrs. Gemini like uncomplicated, imaginative, witty people who are both love partners and friends. Individual ideas and games spark their desire. Direct unimaginative come-ons turn them off. Surprise your Gemini "Adam" in broad daylight in his office or in the middle of the night dressed only in a coat, stockings, "high heels" and a few drops of perfume. You will not forget this experience so quickly. You can conquer a Gemini woman most easily with spontaneous gifts (they don't have to be expensive, but imaginative) or with a funny, unconventional bouquet of flowers. It's really fun to pick out gifts for Gemini. They love anything that stimulates their minds - books, magazines, puzzles, crossword puzzles - or that they can communicate with, such as the latest cell phone or a notebook so you can go on the World Wide Web anywhere. And you have to entertain them, the representatives of this air sign: As long as Gemini have something to do, to think, to feel, they are doing well. Even if they whine and complain because they don't know where their heads are anymore, it's still better than sparing them. The Gemini-born does not have a preference for certain restaurants. But when he hears of a new restaurant opening, he absolutely has to go there as soon as possible.

To conclude this topic, there are all kinds of mixed things that Gemini likes in any case: cell phone, Internet, piazza, café, TV, cinema, champagne, Glasperlenspiel, daily newspaper, Who is who, encyclopedia, club, number 3, mercury, ivy, letter, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, sour, Charles Aznavour, Hollywood, oxygen, butterfly, Charlie Chaplin, white clouds against a blue sky.

And he definitely does not like: monologue, silence, soliloquy, one-way street, secrets, index, nitrogen, film tear, the beard of the prophet.

Gemini boyfriend/girlfriend

When you have a Gemini for a friend, there's never a dull moment. These people have it out for how time flies. Besides, with a Gemini friend you also know what's going on: in the office as well as in the neighborhood and in the whole world. It's more of a problem when you have a Gemini for a friend and you want your peace for once. Asking this person to please make a point and take a break works for a few minutes at best. They are the happiest, most entertaining people in the world. With such great enthusiasm, something quite different often comes up short, namely that your friend born under the zodiac sign of Gemini sometimes also has terrible worries. Then you have to listen to him, even if you hear about his suffering for the 50th time. Sometimes, it is essential to know also, this Gemini just disappeared. Then let him. He just needs that now and then.

Can Gemini keep a secret?

There is no better way to make something public than to entrust it to a Gemini marked "Top Secret". These people were market crier in a former life and continue it in the present existence, only they spread their "news" no longer with a bell and loud voice, but from mouth to mouth, by cell phone, SMS and on Facebook and Co. They remain true to their purpose, which is to bring news (and not only this) among the people and in this way to create a network of connections among people. Because that's their real job, to make sure that no one remains alone in this infinitely big, wide world.

Female Gemini on the test bench

When you are about to fall in love with a typical Gemini woman and go out with her for the first time, you are simply blown away. This woman is like a breeze of tenderness, a cloud of happiness. Everything you dream of as a man suddenly comes true. She is tender, loving, devoted, attentive, clever, tomboyish, cheeky, independent, resourceful and, and, and ... Why didn't you run into this woman earlier? And during the first days, weeks, even months of a common relationship the amorous tones become even higher and more fervent: This woman is the right one for life! She simply outshines all previous ones. This impression can correspond in individual cases once actually to the truth, however, much more likely is that one has succumbed to her ingenious acting talents. A Gemini girl can guess her lover's most secret wishes and dreams like no other, and she immediately puts them into practice. Does he wish for a witty, charming damsel? Here you go, here I am! A little more romance required? No problem either! Or should there be some thoughtfulness today? This automatic wish fulfillment doesn't stop in bed either: Ah, he likes it when you make love "wild as an animal" ...! So it is screamed and moaned that the walls shake. If he is even genant and loves preferably in the dark, then she plays the country girl who has never really made love. Ingenious, this woman! No question about it! The man finds "his inner woman", his alter ego, the woman he talks to all his life - whether he realizes it or not. The woman who is there when he satisfies himself, the woman who knows everything about him ... However, depending on the man's zodiac sign and his life experience, doubts arise in him over time whether she really means everything she says. At some point, with some already after a month, with others only after half a year, there is then the first big row: "You're just playing me!", he reproaches her. "You don't really understand me at all! You're not real!" Or maybe they're just seeing each other less often and suddenly stop playing the fun sex games. In any case, the air - the lightness and weightlessness - is out of the relationship. Of course, the accusations are unfair. After all, the Gemini woman has never made a secret of the fact that she likes to play. It is rather the man's disappointment that his dream is shattered. On the other hand, Gemini women will hear this reproach all their lives, that they take everything too lightly, are too superficial, cannot love deeply enough. They have to live with that. Or they try to compensate for their deficiency through conscious introspection or self-awareness: their fear of deeper feelings, their fear of devotion, their fear of closeness. On the other hand, a Gemini woman does not need to be ashamed or to hide. She "is" Gemini, not a sensitive Cancer or Pisces. And the way she is, she is just right!

Male Gemini on the test bench

The image of the Gemini man is extremely dazzling, complex and contradictory. Hardly anyone will question that Gemini men are charming, witty, entertaining and versatile types, at least when they want to win a woman over. But that's about it with the agreement. During further examination, extremely flattering remarks such as "heartbreaker", "cavalier" or "tender and very understanding lover" are still guaranteed to fall, but also less uplifting statements such as "flatterer" or "braggart" and as attributes "insensitive", "coarse" and "cerebral". Especially the last attribute is probably most often accused of Gemini men, and not without reason: They are not so strong in the heart area, their focus is rather in the head, and they try to explain everything logically, so also things of the heart. If then a Gemini man explains his behavior for the hundredth time to his wife and charges, although she would like to be taken nevertheless only in the arm, then she would like to shake him already times gladly, so that he slides finally from his cerebral cortex somewhat more deeply to his feelings. I believe that every woman who gets closer to a Gemini man realizes - consciously or unconsciously - that this man is easy to get, but can just as easily get lost again. Women who move on at this point are either looking for something short-term, a fling, a one-night stand, or they are a free bird themselves and are looking for the appropriate match. Ladies who close down at this point, that is, say to themselves, "Nothing for me" or "I'm too good for that kind of thing," may save themselves great heartache, but will certainly have to do without some delicious amusement. In any case, it's not easy to get past the Gemini man: He embodies the archetype of the gambler and sonnyboy, who always walks on the bright side of life, is very experienced and knows plenty of other women. This is exactly an important point. Unconsciously, many women are attracted to a Gemini man because they smell that they can learn with him and do not have to "play the mommy" again. Especially women who have just freed themselves from a clinging relationship fall for Gemini men. They feel: Here is a man with whom freedom and love are not mutually exclusive. For women who have burned their fingers in previous relationships, Gemini men are also incredibly beneficial for another reason: with them you can talk, talk, talk ... And because they are born actors, they are also wonderfully suitable as a soul comforter for such women who are currently in a relationship crisis. Then they play to the lady, who seeks advice and comfort from them, everything that she doesn't find (anymore) with her current one. They become real masters when they can outdo an imaginary rival. But beware, beware! Women, who break off their previous relationship because of this supposed love ability of the Gemini man, in order to stay with this dream man, usually experience bad surprises. Suddenly their enchanting knight and comforter no longer has a rival and turns out to be a "completely normal man". Nevertheless, besides Aquarius and Libra men, Gemini men are the best friends a woman could wish for. With them it is great to go out, talk, be tender, even go to bed - without big dramas. As a husband they lose their charm: their charm gets a bit boring, their sayings are well known, and after a while it's a turn-on when they compliment every woman they don't know yet, while they fall asleep and snore faster and faster next to their wife. Still, even long-term relationships with them can have their charms. Anyone who has managed to stay together with a Gemini man despite all the flings and ups and downs of their feelings actually has a friend for life who is turned towards new things and in whom the cheerful, breezy side always comes through despite all the drama.

Little Gemini

Your little twin approaches the world with alert interest. Even as a baby, he appreciates when something is going on. As soon as he can walk and talk, his sociability becomes obvious. Easily and quickly he finds the "wire" to people of all ages. If not counteracted by other reticent dispositions, he just bubbles out. Full of enthusiasm he makes himself heard and talks, talks, talks. And he is extremely curious. It is said that every child goes through the infamous "why phase" at some point. So for a child with the zodiac sign Gemini, this phase lasts endlessly.

Aged Gemini

It becomes more difficult when you get older and thus, as a rule, more lonely. First of all, however, it should be said that people with the zodiac sign Gemini are the last to get lonely, simply because they "stock up" on enough contacts in time. Nevertheless, the years leave their mark. Then it depends on whether they know - or at least suspect - that everything they are looking for outside has actually always been within themselves, and that "being alone" can also mean "being at one" with themselves. Then age even brings beauty and deep satisfaction.

May 22 - Jun 21

The facts

Element: AIR

Versatility and communication, but also split and torn.


In their duality, TWINS symbolize multiplicity and division, versatility and ambiguity.

Quality: MOVABLE

changeable, adaptable, but also unsure of themselves

Time quality

The third and last month of spring is considered an expression of sunny cheerfulness and warmth

Polarity: PLUS,

masculine, yang, active, outward

Ruler planet: Mercury

of the morning as a symbol of divine message


Curious, Lively, Agile, Versatile, Nimble

Magic helpers

Color: Yellow    Stone: Gold topaz
Tree: Hazelnut    Animal: Monkey
Fragrance: Sandalwood



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