Your 2024 Gemini Horoscope


An invitation to the land of milk and honey

What the stars have in store for you

The sun sets the tone in 2024. Imagine our sun shining over the whole year and making all the world friendly - you especially. Everywhere you are welcome. You talk, you exchange ideas, you meet, you part, and you're always in high spirits. Then, on May 24, Jupiter enters your zodiac sign, and things get even better. This Jupiter rightly bears the name lucky planet, because it makes the beautiful even more beautiful, drives away worries, conjures up a good mood and gives you access to happiness. You can almost say: it is an invitation to the land of milk and honey for you.

What to keep in mind

You are an air sign. A person of whom one can say that he is always on the air. Surely this is ultimately also based on the fact that your name is not Gemini, but Gemini-e - plural. Saturn teaches you to be more conscious in the coming year. You will become more reserved, also give others a chance to express themselves, listen and engage with what you hear.

The message of the sun

As the ruler of the year, the Sun has quite a pleasant intention: it wants you to be more successful and become more financially independent.


From May 24, Jupiter is fully behind you. He will make sure that you have your hands full and can skim off riches. At the same time you can expect promising orders. Jupiter whispers the best tips into your ear in time. Especially from June on you should play to the fore and make yourself indispensable. Your efforts will be rewarded. You will arouse interest and offers will follow. New contracts will be ready to sign from the end of August.


During the next two and a half years, everything that doesn't really belong to you and that only prevents you from being who you really are will be washed out of your life. It is as if you are opening and unpacking a large package in which all your karma is stored, and taking out only the things that are right for you. Soon you will be a different person.


It is in the adjacent sign. It is best to actually take him in like a neighbor and make friends with him. He knows ways to the spiritual world, so also to tarot and astrology. If you get involved with him, your life will definitely be enriched.


This planet is in the sign of Pisces, so it is in a tension relationship with your zodiac sign. This helps you move into spiritual worlds without getting lost in them.


He is the star that makes the largest arc around the Sun, taking 248 years to go around it once. This gives him a knowledge far beyond what you know. In 2024, he is not yet able to tell you everything he knows. But you are already participating in his hunches, which will be exciting and thrilling.

Love and passion

Jupiter is in your zodiac sign in the second half of the year. This guarantees wonderful hours in the realm of the senses. The stars even rumor of a soul partnership with a person with whom you have had more of a casual friendship so far. If you don't want it that way yourself, you will certainly not remain alone in 2024. What else you need to know in this context: Travel has never been as fulfilling as it is in 2024, and everything points to you meeting someone on a trip and starting a friendship that turns into deep love.

Career and money

The stars give the green light in matters of self-realization and want you to earn more. Mercury, your very own planet, is also fully behind you. As a promoter of the free market economy, your planet will ensure that you have your hands full and can expect promising assignments. Your planet will always whisper the best tips into your ear in time. In the second half of the year you should play to the fore. This will be rewarded. You have aroused interest, and offers will follow.


The sun as the regent of the year likes it fiery. Take this literally and apply it 1:1 to your life. It is important that you provide for variety in your life and bring spice into the everyday life. If you then also change your diet a little, the stars will give you the green light. A diet in March works wonders. If possible, book an active vacation for July. And plan a few days of wellness in the fall!

The Gemini and his partners

Aries is your partner in destiny.

With Taurus, love quickly becomes a daily routine - and the lovers will become an "old couple", unless you provide uninterrupted variety.

Another Gemini makes you furious with love and lust in July.

A boon is Cancer: lean back, close your eyes and let yourself be pampered!

Quite different is Leo: Who is more beautiful, stronger, more successful? If you are into permanent competition, you are right with him!

Virgo knows "what's good for you" as soon as you get up in the morning: Do you want a governess?

Should a Libra cross your path in 2024: Leave all the others!

With the passionate Scorpio you will experience a hot June.

Together with Sagittarius, the sparks will fly: someone who inspires you, fires you up, but also exhausts you.

Capricorn would indeed make your tax return and your car TÜV safe - but where is the passion?

Aquarius: a game of hide-and-seek that definitely has its appeal.

The Pisces broods and tends to sentimentality on top of that: not your case!


Being young and staying young is your life program. In 2024, when the Sun and, from June, Jupiter are fully on your side, you are sometimes overcome by really childish, even childish impulses. Why not laugh and scream out loud and sometimes cry and whine?


You will never become really old. But because you have two sides, the cheerful and the thoughtful, your second side will come through more often in 2024. That's the way it is! It is also good if you admit this side to yourself. It makes you inwardly coherent.

May 22 - Jun 21

STONERock Crystal
BEST DAYWednesday
SOULMATELibra, Aquarius


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