This sign of the zodiac is as wayward and eccentric as the celestial body governs it: Uranus, which is also the only planet that rotates backwards around its rotational axis. Aquarius-born are also often seen moving in the opposite direction. They are born revolutionists, prepared to fight for their ideals with any means necessary. And yet, they are also the friendliest people under the sun. They would never oppress or exploit anyone. They are almost more interested in others than they are in themselves. They’re extraordinarily compassionate and not at all self-absorbed.

This could be one reason why Aquarians have so many friends. When it comes to partnerships, however, those born under Aquarius simply cannot accept a subordinate role. They need to feel free, regardless of the cost. This can put a strain on their partnerships. Aquarians will resist any efforts to bind them to oneself. One can only keep them interested when petty problems are kept away from them. Aquarians don’t place the slightest value on material things, so they’re likely to be overwhelmed with gratitude if you take all petty and menial tasks away from them.


This is why Aquarians often find themselves with families and in domestic living conditions. Their tendency to join clubs or associations related to their interests also runs counter to their desire for freedom. Still, they’ll only be seen joining associations that advocate for human rights, freedom, or another revolutionary idea. Aquarius-born are very contemplative. They are able to listen to their inner voices when they need advice or when they’re trying to solve a mystery. Their goal in life is to unravel the unexplainable.