The Aquarius portrait

by star astrologer Erich Bauer

Aquarius: The eternally different

Aquarians think the Capricorn section, which is immediately behind them, like a prison from which they have just escaped. They simply have to be different. Comparable to a wrongfully imprisoned and then released convict, they now feel like dancing. Yes, they are extraverted, extreme, ecstatic people. Some inner voice whispers to them that this way of living is the only salvation for them from the past, from rigidity and darkness. In them sometimes rages a real fight against such a past, which they then live out against outdated authority structures, hierarchies, stubbornness, rigidity and lethargy. The fight against the evil, dark, narrow, musty rages in every Aquarius. Typical representatives of this sign prefer to live on upper floors, automatically open windows and doors, and react almost claustrophobically when they enter a narrow, dark room. They also suffer from the "closedness" of situations and the dullness of thought. Few things drive them up the wall as quickly as a narrow-minded, stubborn attitude. He, Aquarius, embodies the light over the heavy, the airy over the dense and solid. He longs to be able to detach himself from the contradictions of life like a bird and simply fly away.

Aquarius and profession

Because of their intellectual creativity and their desire to experiment, they are born inventors. To be satisfied with the way something is does not correspond to their nature. Their alert mind is constantly researching new possibilities, changes, improvements, renewals. Impossible things do not exist for an Aquarius. You just have to look at it from the right perspective, make a change, structure the whole thing differently - and the solution is found. Landing on the moon? No problem! Begetting artificial life in a retort? Also possible! And perhaps the water man spirit has invented the pill for immortality up to in hundred or also only thousand years: The people who, in order to bridge this time, have their dead body or brain frozen, are certainly also Aquarians. Futuristic planning, getting ahead of the zeitgeist - all this is what these people do best. When it comes to predicting the fashion trend of the coming years, to order the wheat today where it will be cheapest in two years or to invest the money in the country that will yield the highest return in the future: Your forecasts are the best in the race. They also embody the avant-garde in terms of the trend of literature, painting, music. A modern world, of course, includes all computer technology, global networking, and modern transportation technologies such as space travel. Both Cap Canaveral and Silicon Valley are Aquarian areas. Their free, open minds naturally don't stop at spaces that lie beyond generally accepted boundaries. It is precisely that which appeals to them, which frightens or is alien to the average person - such as astrology, for example: to take cosmic space as a gigantic clockwork from which one can read the events on earth and in human souls - that has always been reserved for a few special individuals; that is Aquarian vision. Not to be left unmentioned is the ingenious creativity of Aquarians. It seems as if the eternal will to create makes use of them, so gifted is the expressiveness of a musician like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a singer like Placido Domingo, a painter like Edouard Manet, a lyricist like Georg Trakl or an actor like James Dean (all zodiac signs Aquarius).

Aquarius and money

Aquarians get filthy rich real quick and just as quickly become destitute. One happens because they have a great idea and market it profitably. The other happens because they have another great idea, but experience a terrific failure with it. Sure, there are also watermen with long-term contracts and well secured positions. But even then the money curve is not linear, sometimes it goes up and then down again. It is almost like rape to give an Aquarian a contract. He needs the risk, also a certain uncertainty, he wants to live and not save. He probably gets along best as a freelancer, also because then he doesn't have to put up with bosses directly above him. He doesn't like them on principle.

All love Aquarius for

their humor, their good humor, their otherness. Moreover, they are the best companions you can imagine: An Aquarius at a birthday party - and the party is saved. Aquarius also never lets you down. Once you're their friend, you stay that way forever.

What does an Aquarius need to be happy?

Let's start by saying how to thoroughly spoil the mood of Aquarius: You nag at him, are grumpy, gruff, offended, reproach him for not being sweet enough - and you not only have a bad-tempered Aquarius, but soon no one at all. Criticism, reproaches, rejection - he can take everything, but it must be over after it is said, and must not degenerate to the point that one walks around constantly with a reproachful face. Bygones! Eaten! These are his favorite words. All right, now let's get to what Aquarius likes. In the first place there are surprises. No matter what, if only it is not planned - the Aquarius goes berserk. You could do a test: Would you call all twelve signs of the zodiac - good friends - at three o'clock in the morning and say, for example, that you had just thought very strongly of the respective friend and wanted to know if it would be the same the other way around - could be. In addition, you would also have a nice bottle of wine, which you could drink on the occasion yes now together ... You can bet: The Aquarius will be the only one who does not hang up in a huff. What else you could do to make an Aquarius happy beyond all measure is to spoil him with generosity, pomp and a certain cult. Somehow he is a snob, on the height of the zeitgeist, a member of the chic scene, the high society ... He takes everyone who presents him even a whiff of the big wide world into his heart, elicits storms of enthusiasm or - as he calls it - standing ovations ... Cordiality and naturalness also make him blissful. His whole existence is ultimately an eternal struggle against the everyday, the normal, the commonplace and the simple. And yet - or perhaps because of this - it simply blows his mind when someone comes along and says to him honestly, quite simply and naturally: "I love you!" Finally, a warning after all: never try to hook an Aquarius over a child. This might work with the zodiac signs Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus and Pisces. In such a case, an Aquarius will be up and away faster than you can count to three.

To the conclusion of this topic still all kinds and multicolored, which Aquarians like in each case: Skyscrapers, violet, number 11, gulf, flying, Abraham Lincoln, Marx, Christopher Columbus, palms, aquamarine, cigar smoke, San Francisco, Hamburg, universe, parrot, spirit of the age, club, computer, Daniel jet engine.

And they definitely don't like: birdcage, zoo, uniform, borders, narrow-mindedness, homesickness, superstition.

The Aquarius as boyfriend/girlfriend

Aquarians are the best friends in the world. In fact, for an Aquarius, the clique of friends is more important than the family. However, this doesn't mean that you make any commitments with an Aquarius friendship. No way! From the Aquarius point of view, friendship is an alliance of freedom. With his friends you can do all the things that are otherwise impossible or difficult, especially celebrate and be merry.

Can Aquarians keep a secret?

Secrets? For an Aquarius, such a thing does not exist. He is into openness. People who hide things are repugnant to him. Never push an Aquarius to keep a secret. One loses his respect.

Female Aquarius on the test bench

Whoever has conquered a typical Aquarius woman is to be congratulated. He has found a girlfriend, a wife, a lover, a mother, a daughter, but most of all a great mate. Because you get so much, in no case should you make the mistake of picking one of the "roles" and claiming it exclusively. For example, it would definitely be the end of love if you immediately thought about marrying this woman or considering her mainly as a future mother. Not that this is out of the question, but an Aquarian lover most likely pays homage to the motto that love is only beautiful as long as it happens between free people. She is sure that a love fails because of being married - and she would like to spare herself this experience. And children? Half of all Aquarian women don't want children of their own. They could always adopt a child, but one of their own with the consequences of big belly, big breasts, breastfeeding ...? Isn't that all terribly antiquated? The other half of the Aquarius women sees it a bit more casual. But probably very few of them are really enthusiastic. Nothing, however, is fixed once and for all for an Aquarian woman. Maybe one day she will say of her own accord, "So, now I want to have a child with you!" So, never forget that this woman masters many roles. Also, don't expect her to always remain this great woman you met her as. Forbidden, therefore, is a sentence like, "My God, you were hot when we met; didn't you ask right away how I wanted it best. And now ...?" Yes, it was like that, and she liked it, but now something else is more important. Now she is a companion and sex plays a secondary role. What she expects from her husband? That he never be completely normal! She admires outsiders, adventurers, airplane pilots, circus artists, musicians and poets. There must be something like that about the man she loves. Doesn't she have some really terrible sides? Well, let's say terribly annoying ones: a typical Aquarius woman is sometimes terribly cerebral, which can be funny most of the time, but at times can be a real "turn-off". She's a bit cold-tempered and terribly demanding. And she certainly has what it takes to be a good children's book author - but she won't have much time for her own children.

Male Aquarius on the test bench

First of all, he is a charmer and has all the attributes that women love to succumb to. In particular, his playfulness, his lightness, this gift of saying the right thing at the right moment, opens all hearts to him. Isn't he one of the very few who can add small, colorful highlights to the gray everyday life? He takes care of his wife, cares for her like a mother. He takes her out and shows her the big wide world, just as she always wanted her father to do. He is much more than that: a witty conqueror and a brilliant entertainer who manages to combine fusty cavalier manners with highly topical nonchalance. And in bed, he offers the only tolerable mix of softie qualities and macho airs. So why on earth shouldn't you grab this guy right now and drag him down the aisle? Because an inner feeling says, "Wait, something's wrong! This person is too perfect. Why is he even still available if he's so divine?" And you're absolutely right in that assessment. The man has flaws and it's better to know them before it's completely over you. This great, self-confident, strong, fun-loving, experienced, successful Aquarius may be haunted by inner turmoil all his life, tormented by the syndrome of "lack of time" and the spectre of "hypochondria". It's a miracle that he still exists at all, with so many aches and pains plaguing him. But possibly his worst flaw is his tendency to emotional frothing. Aquarius is quick to reach into the emotional box, and he is just as quick to miss the mark. His vows of love come easily and unhindered over his lips and sooner or later seem fake and unnatural, and above all they are simply repetition with time. What is also astonishing is the transformation one experiences with him once the intoxication of being in love is over: gone are the erotic flights of fancy, the creative lust - and love vows! Landed in the safe marriage port, the partner of the Aquarius enjoys just as much or little attention and appreciation as any other woman: She serves above all for the perpetuation of his inheritance and as a resting pole in the exciting and exhausting life of the much courted. For women will continue to "buzz around him like moths to a flame" - even when they have discovered that he is an illusionist who "has everything in the store window and nothing in the store". (This was once said to me by the wife of an Aquarian, and I must add that she meant it rather facetiously). A 180-degree turn, then, which confronts every woman with a riddle. Is Aquarius in the end a man of modest or everyman? Of course, also, how should it be different? A lot of light always casts a lot of shadow! A woman who loves the "great" Aquarius must also take the "conservative" part, as the other side of the coin, so to speak. And she must not measure her Aquarius then also constantly at his chocolate side; that would be really unfair. Apart from that, this is an ideal-typical description. With the real Aquarius neither the one nor the other side is so clearly pronounced. Last, but not least: Isn't the "hocus-pocus" of an Aquarius still more amusing than the boring truth of unimaginative realists ...? One has the choice.

The little Aquarius

Even the smallest Aquarians show an original and unconventional side with great naturalness and make the experience that they achieve a lot through unconventional behavior. Thus they "practice" to be independent and self-reliant beings later on. Probably an Aquarius child does not think much of conventional role behavior and does not appreciate having to do things just because everyone does it that way. An Aquarius is likely to break away from his parents at an early age, because he is one of those children who would rather discover the world than hang on to mother's apron strings. He seeks his own way at an early age. To be able to do this, he needs a lot of leeway and parents who neither care for him too much nor restrict him. There is a fine line between healthy individualism and arrogant behavior. If he is taught that he is special, he is very receptive to this and can easily become a little "snob". Give him the space he needs and demand that he also grant others the same privileges.

Aged Aquarius

Something amazing happens in old age: those people with the zodiac sign Aquarius, who have lived their individuality and specialness in their previous lives, experience a pleasurable retirement, in which they can pursue their need for freedom and independence even more than before. Those, however, who have "denied" themselves this urge may develop absurd habits. The last great quantum leap is death. Then life is complete.

Jan 21 - Feb 19

The facts

Element: AIR

as a metaphor of everything spiritual and as a symbol of the divine breath that carries life


WATER MAN stands as a symbol of human inventiveness

Quality: FIX

preserving, persevering, firm, engaging

Time quality

End of winter and upheaval of energies in nature

Polarity: PLUS

masculine, yang, active, outward, expansive

Ruler planet: URANUS

divine forefather and spiritual creator of all being


Human, modern, free, unconventional, inventive

Magic helpers

Color: Purple    Stone: Turquoise
Tree: Date    Animal: "Unicorn"
Fragrance: Cypress



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