Your 2024 Horoscope for Aquarius


2024 will be your year

What the stars have in store for you

The Sun rules the year, which benefits all zodiac signs by making it easier to develop personal qualities. However, for you, an Aquarian, something great is added: planet Pluto is in your zodiac sign. This awakens your strengths. The thing is, 2024 brings many changes upon us, and you are best able to cope with them. This Pluto runs very slowly, needs 20 years for one round around the sun. Therefore, it will take a while before its influence is really felt. But undoubtedly 2024 marks the beginning of a new era, and you are the forerunner. You already know everything important.

What to watch out for

Things will definitely not be quiet in 2024. There are also personal changes ahead for you. That's why it's important for you to be flexible. Rest assured: Whatever happens, you will benefit from it and feel strengthened, because it has long been your conviction that change is necessary.

The message of the Sun

The ruler of the year, the Sun, has a special effect on your interpersonal relationships. You will meet new people, but you will also part from some.


Jupiter is considered a lucky planet. On May 25 of next year, this Jupiter takes a position that will bring you especially great benefits. If you plan to make important changes, you should wait until the second half of the year to implement them. Then the prospects are much better.


This planet occupies a rather unfavorable position throughout the year. This reveals that you are worried about your money. Of course, this is unpleasant. But it also has an advantage, namely that you do not rashly initiate projects, since there is always a certain fear of making a mistake.


This planet is completely on your side when it comes to change. However, it could also tempt you not to be careful enough with your money. You should keep this in mind and be careful.




This star also has an unfavorable effect, namely that it likes to awaken negative moods. You have to protect yourself against this, you have to go through it. Do not let Pluto stop you in any case. What you are planning is right and important.

Love and passion

The world is open to you. Pluto has been waiting for a long time to interfere in your relationship life. In 2024, the time has come: you will meet people who have exactly what you desire. Relationships often develop from this. But friendships and partnerships are at least as important. You now need people who think similarly to you or who motivate you to implement your special knowledge. Your previous relationships will of course remain, unless your current partner is not ready for the new spirit. Basically, love and partnership is of course very important, but deep inside you also slumbers the desire to change. Then it may be that the topic of love no longer plays the main role.

Career and money

2024 is not easy for anyone. On the other hand, it is possible to get ahead in this year than in any other. Perseverance, tenacity and high work motivation are important, but even more important is to give space to your ideas. For you, an Aquarian, the chances look good to make it big in the second half of the year. Jupiter is then in the zodiac sign Gemini. There you will find exactly the conditions you need, namely people who are waiting for something new to happen. It seems as if people are calling for you and giving you tasks that will help you advance - also financially.


The sun rules the year and therefore also your well-being. Take this literally. Light, sun and above all fresh air are your health pillars. Try to consciously speed up your breathing every now and then. Run a few meters, get on a bike and pedal away!

Aquarius and his partners

You are impressed by Aries. But just as vital as he loves, he also quarrels - out of the blue and completely without reason.

With Taurus you can rest, spend whole weekends between bed and couch: tremendously relaxing.

Gemini wants the same as you in 2024: flirt, have fun, don't think about tomorrow.

Cancer is good for you.

With Leo, it's love at first sight: Take it. Nothing better will come along.

Virgo is an organizational talent - privately, professionally, everywhere.

Libra is a good buddy and is up for any fun: Keep warm!

After the first encounters with a Scorpio, one thing is certain: you don't want to deal with so much passion and possessiveness.

Sagittarius is the man to steal horses.

You are impressed by Capricorn, but love rarely works out.

One more Aquarius - and you fly. Because he knows exactly what you're into.

With Pisces you start dreaming right at the beginning of the year: so gentle, so tender, so emotional - but unfortunately also so unreliable.


Aquarians always stay young. That is part of their image. You think you are ahead of the whole world and that is why you stay young inside, so that you still have plenty of time for the future. In 2024, the year of the Sun and with Pluto in your zodiac sign, you are especially brave and ready for an exciting life.


As a rule, your critical mind will also set in from 50 onwards. Many a thing you admired as a youngster now loses its attraction. But with the Sun as regent and Pluto in your zodiac sign, the desire to make the world a better place becomes very strong again, and you also look around for ways to make it happen.

Jan 21 - Feb 19

BEST DAYThursday
SOULMATEGemini, Libra


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