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Scorpio as a partner in love


With no other sign of the zodiac is the subject of love accompanied by so many ahs and ohs and with such an ambiguous look. Some people get a hot and cold shiver down their spine.
Is he really so obsessed with sex, the Scorpio? Or is it all just a myth? The truth has - as so often - something of both.
Let's start with the myth. Typical Scorpios cultivate the cult of the passion-ridden - and the cult of the mysterious unknown: No one is supposed to know what's inside them, what lurks in their abysses that others don't even dare to dream about. It is easy to get the impression - against which no Scorpio would ever do anything - that their life is a single garden of pleasures full of temptations: those that drive them into boundless rapture, and others that drive them to the brink of madness.
As I said, Scorpios do nothing about this delusion. If you speak to them about it, they remain silent with meaningful looks. In the end, this image gives them power - it keeps weaklings away.
But now to the facts. Their basic existential program is against casual, non-committal sex. No matter how aware a Scorpio in the flesh may be of this, he bases his courtship and lovemaking on an ancient plan inherent in his genes: only a strong, potent, passionate person is a worthy partner.


Typical Scorpios are very easily aroused. Even the slightest irritation of their sensitive body regions - abdomen and genitals - gives them pleasure. For the Scorpio man, tight-fitting panties are enough for this, and for the Scorpio woman, a certain way of crossing her legs.
Delicate, breathed kisses are not for Scorpios. Their kiss is stormy, conquering and wants to take possession not only of the mouth of the pleasure partner. Thus, the typical representatives of this sign of the zodiac are true masters in the corresponding sexual practices.
They are not exactly squeamish during lovemaking, the men and women of Scorpio. So their partners remain as a memory of "hot" nights already times blue colored love marks. Because suffering and passion are not mutually exclusive for them: Scorpio love is always "all or nothing", is ecstasy and frenzy, the exploration of unknown depths, a perpetual game of power and submission.
When choosing the "scene of the crime," a soft, comfortable bed is not the first priority. Scorpios make love wherever they feel like it, whether that's on the kitchen table, in the bathtub, or on the living room floor.
Sex is a sanctuary, a celebration, a meditation. This is precisely his strength in bed, that he doesn't have to haggle over any positions or hang mirrors from the ceiling. His sexuality comes "from the belly", not "from the head".


That he demands eternal fidelity from his partner is clear. But what about his own? The answer is surprising, because the Scorpio is by no means as faithful as one would actually expect, considering his whole philosophy of life. Scorpio men in particular run through life - somewhat casually - in a permanent state of readiness to rut. And all their sense organs receive sexual messages incessantly. Isn't there always the possibility to find a partner with whom the fusion becomes even more intimate (and thus the hope to survive even greater ...)?
What ultimately prevents a Scorpio from starting his large-scale mating game everywhere, is on the one hand his low contact ability, but on the other hand also the tremendous effort he has to put into the love game. With Scorpio women the principle of bonding prevails more than with men. But she also permanently receives erotic signals - and of course sends them out as well. So you always have to reckon with dangerous affairs with Scorpios.


A weightier issue than fidelity, but one that is indispensably linked to it, is jealousy. Scorpio is the most jealous goat in the astrological zoo, whether male or female. Jealousy acts as a "constabulary," so to speak, whose job it is to watch over the observance of the bond.
Scorpios get jealous even when their partner favors a player at the tennis tournament on TV. They are jealous of the flower bush which their beloved - as they find - waters and fertilizes too often. Of course, the Scorpio is even more jealous of their partner's dog and canary, not to mention the suspicion with which they eye their partner when they have more to do with other people than is strictly necessary.
Once his mistrust is aroused and thus his inner security is no longer stable, he smells hidden motives everywhere. You better don't risk "it" if you are in a relationship with a Scorpio; because it surely costs more nerves than the fun of such a flirtation is worth. By the way, it seems to be almost impossible to cheat on a Scorpio secretly, because he sees through lies or half-truths with almost clairvoyant ability. If there is an indication of infidelity, a Scorpio is not afraid to search for evidence with detective thoroughness. Therefore, one should think twice about such a "slip". Even if the Scorpio forgives him, he can certainly never forget the faux pas. And he will forge his thoughts of revenge - and sooner or later carry them out.


Probably a Scorpio seduces someone else faster than he himself is wrapped around the finger, because although he does not make contact easily, he masters the art of Becircens like no other. Nevertheless, here is a tip on how to attract his attention: Scorpio men "dig" a sexy aura and provocative, but not cheap-ordinate clothing; Scorpio women respond to "whole" men with an "animalistic" aura, by which, however, neither musclemen nor machos are meant.
Gifts also make him happy, although he usually pretends to be above money and glittery things. But he is happy as a child when he finds out that you have spent hours looking for the right one. With your Scorpio man, you'll be right on target with an electronic chess set, mystery novels, or photography equipment. Your Scorpio woman will be delighted with a bouquet of flowers, the more dramatic the arrangement looks the better, such as roses with blood red buds, calla blossoms or white lilies. If you know her better, give her black sexy lingerie, black satin bedding or musk perfume. Everything that emphasizes her erotic charisma pleases this woman, because she wants to look as sexy as possible at any age.
Scorpio gets sad if you forget any day, which plays a significant role in the common relationship: the first kiss, the first night, of course, the wedding ... And it becomes rabid if you are not one hundred percent open and honest; a Scorpio wants to know everything - what you think, feel, dream ... He goes mad if you keep a secret from him.

Oct 24 - Nov 22


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