Dream symbol Tumor


cancer, disease, communication, loneliness, cry for help

A tumor does not necessarily have to be malignant. Any enlargement of tissue resulting from genetic mutation is medically termed a tumor. Benign tumors that many people have on their skin are, for example, moles.

In the meantime, the chances of curing malignant tumors are quite good nowadays. Nevertheless, such diseases are still considered the second most common cause of death.

When you dream that you have a fatal tumor or that your family members have died, it is frightening at first. The fear of death is always present in the background or having to suffer great pain.

A significant role is played by whether the tumor in the dream can be fought or whether one succumbs to the disease. What is the environment in the dream ? Is one lying in a hospital or in a private home? Every symbolic detail, no matter how small, can be decisive for the whole puzzle.

General dream interpretation

The growth of a cancerous tumor is beyond our control, and the question arises whether parts of one's own personality have become unbalanced in connection with it. Emotional stresses can currently cause a cyst or a cancerous growth to make itself felt in the body.

If a tumor appears in the area of the mouth, this represents difficulties on the communication level. If one falls ill with cancer in a dream this also suggests that the dreamer has already been worrying about it or even worries that such a calamity might befall him. Perhaps one has just got over cancer and is healthy, but nevertheless memories or worries are still stored.

Another point of view of the tumor as a dream image, is the aspect of healing. The dreamer has suffered from a mental injury that needs to heal. If the dreamed tumor is healed in the dream event and the dreamer recovers completely, this indicates that he was worried for nothing and without background.

According to the folk dream interpretation, the tumor serves as a warning symbol against an opponent who could become a threatening danger. If one receives the message of several tumors in a dream, this augurs a negative omen. If the ill person is a young person, these growths represent a harmful environment with negatively influencing people. If a tumor is found in an elderly person, it represents loneliness and sorrow.

Psychological dream interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream image of a tumor means that the dreamer is out of physical balance. The dreamer should seek medical attention for a check-up.

Furthermore, inner conflicts and constricting ideas can also be responsible for the dreamer's fear.

A sick body usually expresses problems of a spiritual nature. In order to defend itself, the body resorts to the immune system. In dream analysis, this dream symbol represents a pathogen attacking the soul.

In the case of serious illnesses such as a cancer, the body is often helpless and needs support from the outside. This dream image usually appears in sleep as a cry for help . It reflects the dreamer's fear that he needs support on a spiritual level to be healed.

Spiritual dream interpretation

On a transcendent level, a tumor symbolizes an inner discord or conflict within the self. But likewise, in dream interpretation, the tumor also represents a spiritual breakthrough. A crisis is always a call to something new perhaps unknown. Through it he draws strength and gets the boost to new spiritual levels.


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