Dream symbol Persecution


expulsion, oppression, monster, police, crime, guilt, fear of failure

A car chase is familiar from countless crime novels, books and films. A robber wants to get something specific from his victim, or a spurned lover stalks his beloved, the police pursue a criminal. From the other point of view, a shadowed person is running for his life or bank robbers are on the run, etc. There are many different roles and actions in this perpetrator-victim game, as in the movie so in reality.

One basic principle, however, runs like a thread through all of these events: Someone wants to own or appropriate something without permission, and the other party wants to get rid of that someone, get rid of it, or have nothing to do with the respective matter.

There are always two points of view, that of the two sides involved, persecutor and persecuted, each of which has a completely different significance, and in addition there may be one or more observers who again have a different perspective on the situation.

So what does it look like in our persecution dream? Does the dreamer play the role of the pursuer, the pursued or the spectator? What do they have against you? Who is against you?

Persecution appears in dreams as a very popular symbol.

First of all, it is illustrated which dream events appear quite often in dreams. These can be not only people, but also animals.

Common dream symbols

To pursue someone or to be pursued oneself

Chasing a stranger

If a stranger is being pursued in a dream, this indicates to the dreamer that the person in question has made a momentous mistake that is straining his or her relationship with a person. The remorse haunts until sleep. This dream image recommends the dreamer to free himself from them by seeking a clarifying conversation with this person or by working it out with himself in another form.

Being pursued by someone

Often people are confronted with their own fears in their dreams. Persecution in dreams, where one is chased and attacked, serves as a classic example. The fear sensed is so real that one is likely to wake up in a cold sweat.

If one flees in the role of the pursued, it augurs an attempt to avoid an unpleasant situation in the awake state of consciousness or to avoid facing an unwanted emotion. It could be a conflict of conscience accompanied by feelings of guilt, which should be dealt with urgently.

If one can escape from the pursuer in the dream event, this indicates that the dreamer is ready to deal with the evaded situation and has been able to free himself from the burdening feelings, even if the consequences may entail negative things.

Monsters and monstrosities pursue the dreamer

Monsters and monstrosities that chase one in a dream generally symbolize fears and sorrows of the person concerned related to financial situations or also to a dilemma in the sphere of partnership. This dream of being chased by a monster should convey to the dreamer that the grief is groundless in space. Simply hot air, inflated as a monster appears in the dream but is completely unreal.

A wolf takes up the pursuit

Being chased by a wolf in a dream usually signals a threatening danger. The environment of the dreamer causes the said conflict, which can come to light through a friend or acquaintance. The dream wolf, with which one fights, stands as a symbol for a rival related to love affairs. It can also illustrate that one should remain true to one's own guiding principle and not be seduced by the feelings of jealousy.

You are being chased by a tiger

If a tiger is hunting you, this foretells that family members or friends are approaching you with negative emotions. There may be an outstanding dispute that has been insufficiently resolved. Anger and rage possible feelings of revenge are noticeable. The dreamer is advised to solve this whole misery with a conversation. If you manage to appease the tiger on the dream level, so that he turns into a purring kitten, you can quite skillfully clear obstacles out of the way in real life.

Lions chase me

Commonly interpreted, being chased away by rampaging lions symbolizes a financial decline and lack. This serves as a warning to the sleeper to beware of too great and reckless spending. In particular, important contracts should be scrutinized to the small print.

Being chased by a dog

The image of an aggressive dog chasing you often appears at the dream level, with which the dreamer's own fears are related. He seems to prefer, for reasons of comfort, to suppress conflicts and discord instead of facing them. The resulting negative emotions are reflected by the angry dog.

When you are chased by a chick

If a cat takes up the pursuit of the dreamer, which is also quite hard to beat in speed and is world champion in scratching with its claws, you quickly seek the distance. Also the cat serves on dream level as a symbol of escaping from unpleasant feelings. The dreamer feels haunted by these emotions only because he does not want to deal with them. It would probably be balm for his soul to put a stop to all this, to stop and devote himself to them.

A cow runs after you as if stung by hornets

This dream seems a bit strange and yet not so rare. When a cow is stalking across the pasture and getting on one's nerves, this is generally interpreted to mean that there is a person around the dreamer who is not well-disposed towards one. Such hostile people can do more harm than one would like. Be on your guard!

A snake does not let go

Fearful, you wake up from a sleep thinking that you are being chased by a snake. This fear still sits in all limbs. The snake stands as a symbol of the repressed urges of the person concerned and also for sexual desires, which hide in the subconscious. A good advice coming from this dream would be to deal with it.

Armed persons who are on the chase

The police are after me

A chase involving the police creates suspense as in a detective story. In principle, the police in the dream plot illustrates what relation we have to "freedom." If the police appear in a chase, followed by an arrest, this image illustrates that the person feels constricted in his everyday life or deprived of his freedom. We may also feel restricted by a particular person.

One is followed by a child

If a child appears on the dream level, this usually promises new perspectives and opportunities that will open up to the dreamer. A new phase of life will soon begin. The pursuit of a child indicates that it is a matter of embarking on a certain path in life. One is literally pushed towards or forced to be happy with this pleasant prospect. All effects should still be carefully observed.

If a girl is chasing you in a dream, this dream symbolizes a lack of maturity in sexuality or an outdated love, which is still very present in the mind of the person concerned. In addition, this dream image can also indicate easy manipulability of the dreamer.

General dream interpretation

The symbol of persecution appears quite often in dreams according to general dream research. Most often the dreamer plays the role of the persecuted victim in the dream.

According to general dream interpretation, this dream image of pursuit indicates that the dreamer unconsciously wants to escape from specific life situations. Most likely, you do not want to take responsibility or get rid of your own fears of failure . Unresolved feelings of guilt may also come to the fore as a result.

Dreams with the theme of pursuit are perceived nightmares in which one wants to get rid of the pursuer as quickly as possible. But the pursuer is faster or has cleverly chosen a shortcut to catch up with the subject.

This image impressively reflects that what you want to shake off out of resistance, the more it sticks to your heels and eventually catches you. This dream scene stands as a sign of something different. It can be a symbol of unpleasant traits that you thought you had let go of and are experiencing their return, such as traumas or recurring panic attacks and other neuroses.

It is asked the dreamer by this dream to consciously admit to themselves, from which life circumstances they run away or which feelings you do not accept or suppress. Many things can change for the better if you are willing to accept them. Some people have developed the ability to consciously intervene in their dreams themselves. However, this requires some practice.

If you are the perpetrator in the dream scene who is pursuing his victim, you are most likely pursuing an attempt to make up for a mistake made. The dreamer longs for a certain person to forgive him, so it is about forgiveness. This dream can also indicate that there are some people who are spreading g ossip behind the dreamer's back, which he should counter skillfully. It also indicates that some decisions should be made anew.

Psychological dream interpretation

According to psychological dream interpretation, persecutors express unconscious fears that are perceived as burdensome and therefore cannot be easily resolved. The dream figure of the pursuer is in the main focus for psychological analysis. To decipher this symbol, it is significant by whom or what the dreamer was pursued. If you study yourself in real life, you can get useful information about it.

If you appear simultaneously as a pursuer and a pursued victim in the dream event, this signals that you are fleeing from yourself. Often this dream image also symbolically stands for one's own claim to achievement and ambition, which a part of one's being resists.

Persecutors in dreams reflect real people from one's own environment or also stand for certain emotions and character traits that make the dreamer uncomfortable and which he usually represses. If you know the pursuer from reality, this could give you reason to ponder the background or motive of this person. Is there some kind of threat coming from this person or do you feel harassed by him?

If the dreamer is pursued by his own partner in his sleep, this points to problems in the relationship. There are different interpretations for this example. The person may feel cornered by his partner, or it may indicate insecurity in the relationship and intimidation on a sexual level.

If you are haunted by a shadow that has no particular appearance or shape, this refers to a mental upheaval that has not yet been worked through. The dream encourages the dreamer to consciously deal with this issue in order to get rid of it.

If an animal pursues the dreamer in the dream event or monsters stalk, this also illustrates events and feelings that have not yet been digested. Aggressions, feelings of guilt, fears that assail the person concerned are among them, or also life circumstances that overwhelm the dreamer.

Animals that pursue you usually symbolize libidinal aspects and passions of the dreamer. If you witness a chase in a dream, this symbolizes that the person concerned is not at peace with his or her emotional world.

Which animal you are being chased by gives further details for an individual interpretation:

- If you are being chased by a wolf, this indicates fears of being cheated by someone or falling victim to malicious gossip.

- If a dinosaur is chasing you, this could represent a more senior person, such as a superior, by whom you feel intimidated or discouraged.

- If one is overheard or probed by an acquaintance or friend, this could indicate that a familiar person is leading the dreamer into an ambush.

- If a person of the opposite sex pursues one, this illustrates fear on a sexual level.

Spiritual dream interpretation

According to spiritual dream analysis, a dreamed persecution in sleep conveys the fear of impulsive uncontrolled actions.


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