Dream symbol Pendulum clock


accuracy, time runs away, inner clock ticks, decision-making ability, steadfastness

General dream interpretation

In general dream analysis, the pendulum clock symbolizes to the dreamer the unstoppable flow of life. Life is a constant change and development, no stone is left unturned. One should not oppose or resist this movement , as this would be an unnecessary expenditure of energy and in vain. What is unchangeable and unstoppable, what is determined to go, will go and what is determined to remain, will remain. One does oneself no good to stand in the way of this natural development of all being, instead accepting and perceiving the flow of life.

If the dream is about a broken pendulum clock, this image illustrates the standstill of a certain development in the real world. The subject has arrived at the cliff of something where there is no current progress or escape. If the dreamer damages the pendulum clock in his dream, this dream situation should convey to him that something is making it difficult for him to move forward. It is necessary to find out the cause of this inhibition.

If the pendulum clock has to be repaired by a clockmaker on the dream level, this serves as an indication that one is currently dependent on the assistance of another person to get the wheels rolling again.

If the pendulum clock is seen hanging on the wall in the dream, this dream image indicates rapid progress of a special life issue. Which area of life is related to this theme can be deduced from the details or objects present in the dream room.

If the dream object "pendulum clock" appears at the bottom of the subject's head, it represents the close relation to reality and the dreamer's steadfastness .

Psychological dream interpretation

According to psychological dream interpretation, the pendulum clock as a symbol is equated with the meaning of the dream image "clock". Thus, the pendulum clock can be seen as a symbol of one's life time. A theme closely related to this aspect indicates the waste of time, which the dreamer is afraid of. On the other hand, the pendulum clock in the dream could also represent the dreamer's preoccupation with the meaningful use of time.

This swinging movement of the pendulum of the clock represents the ups and downs of life. This often becomes aware only after passing challenging life situations, from which he hopefully learned.

Spiritual Dream Interpretation

Everything in our dimension has two sides facing each other, the so-called duality.

The dreamer is advised to accept this cycle, to surrender, then one can flow unhindered in this rhythmic flow.


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