Dream symbol Obelisk


monument, memorial, sandstone, Egypt, column, pyramid, ambition

An obelisk is a free-standing column of sandstone that converges in a pyramid shape at the top. In ancient Egypt, obelisks represented the rays of the sun god turned to stone. They served as a symbol of the connection of the physical world to the world of the gods. Such a monument carved from stone could weigh up to 500 tons and be up to 32 meters high. Its symbolism in dream interpretation is not insignificant.

General dream interpretation

In dream interpretation, the obelisk represents an artistically carved stone that gives information about the dreamer and saysa lot about his life picture and his own character structures.

If the image of the obelisk in the dream appears as a simple hewn stone, this promises the dreaming person that many possibilities for shaping his life are open to him. He is free to take different directions flexibly. It is revealed to the dreamer that he alone is the pioneer of his life and that the world lies at his feet.

If one finds oneself in a dream working on a marble obelisk, this illustrates a great potential for creativity . The person has a precise plan or even ideas of his life goals, which he would like to realize.

In relation to professional life, the obelisk symbolizes a very positive sign at the dream level. It expresses that the dreamer has a strong ambition , which promises him great success. He knows exactly what he wants and this strength of clarity about his intentions is represented by the dream object "obelisk", as well as focus and assertiveness.

If the dreamed obelisk stands in front of the dreamer like a feared giant, this announces that a sad message is on its way to the dreamer. In relationships, this dream object may indicate a discord coming soon. A suggestion from the obelisk says, instead of giving less access to the impulsive sides in the near future and rather show a little more restraint.

Psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the obelisk symbolizes instinct-guided knowledge. The person in question may already be aware of this ability, but has not yet found confidence in it. The obelisk as a motif in the dream serves as a clue object. It prompts the dreamer to open up more to instinctual depth perception.

If an obelisk falls to pieces before one's own eyes in a dream, this probably has to do with deep-seated fears and the dreamer may be burdened with deep psychological wounds . His confidence has been shaken to the foundation and he feels insecure and unstable.

However, the stones of the obelisk pyramid also represent HEALING. At the moment the dreamer may be in a problematic and painful phase, a time of process necessary to experience great healing on a soul basis. Standing in front of a pile of rubble does not necessarily mean negative, but as an encouragement the obelisk appears to let the dreamer's gaze be directed trustingly towards the future.

Spiritual dream interpretation

According to spiritual dream interpretation, the dream image "obelisk" expresses that it is time for the dreamer to align himself with spiritualintrospection and spiritual devotion.


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