Dream symbol Oasis


desert, caravan, camels, refueling, vacation, palm trees, beach, draw new strength

An oasis is a place in the middle of a desert where there is water and a plant kingdom. For travelers exposed to heat and drought through long periods of time, such as caravans, oases represent important meeting places where they can quench their thirst with drinking water and also replenish their energy reserves with food. There are small oases with a few palm trees or even a city in the middle of the desert where you can refuel.

When someone dreams of an oasis, they see this place surrounded by sand dunes, exotic plant life and palm trees, less an economically thriving hub of goods and commodities.

General dream interpretation

The oasis as a symbol in a dream suggests that the dreamer is probably longing for relaxation and recreation and would like to escape from the tedious daily routine for a while. Perhaps the subject has been experiencing a lot of stress and turmoil in business matters, or has had a lot on his mind in general, with his own well-being coming up short.

This dream image of the inviting oasis, indicates as a reminder that he should not ignore his own needs, of the physical and spiritual demand for balance. Thus, an oasis in a dream promises that the dreamer urgently needs time off to recharge his batteries or that he should implement matters with more calm and patience.

Seeing oneself abandoning an oasis in a dream is an indication that the dreamer in question is ready to face life's challenges. The completion of some business will take a lot of energy, but after quickly completed work, one has truly earned the recovery period.

According to folk dream interpretation, the symbol of the oasis reflects contentment and happiness. The person can consider himself lucky, because his chosen path is crowned with success, it is important that he consciously allows himself time off in between. However, various details in the dream can change the dream interpretation: If one dreams of a desert and finds an oasis there, he is urged not to give up despite difficult circumstances, even if his investment has not yet brought the hoped-for fruits to light.

If one finds oneself in the middle of an oasis, it is an indication that one is in a difficult situation, but it is not hopeless and can be overcome with the support of others. It is also a cautionary symbol that the dreamer should continue to strive to remain determined and zealous in the matter at hand.

Further information for the general interpretation could give things, which one sees in the oasis: If one sees high palm trees standing in the dream oasis, this signals delayed repentance of the dreamer, which unfortunately can change nothing at the respective situation. The seen water of the oasis in the dream spurs the dreaming person not to fall into despair, because the goal is not to be reached with compulsion and impatience, but with trust that everything will occur in its time. If one finds a lack of water in an oasis, it represents for the general analysis that one can withstand the pressure and is up to the competition of a certain matter.

Camels trotting leisurely around in a dream symbolize a positive omen, predicting a good outcome of business ventures.

Psychological dream interpretation

The dream image "oasis" is symbolically associated with the life-giving and purifying properties of water. According to the psychological dream interpretation, this is an indication that the oasis has the function of mental and emotional refreshment. The groundwater is linked to the subconscious, which is connected with insecurities, fears and threatening life circumstances. The person is in search of stability and security.

Breaking out of the exhausting daily routine, longing for rest and relaxation, all this is related to the oasis.

If one gets lost in this dream oasis, this dream symbol symbolizes a space of protection and regeneration . Experiences that one has in this oasis and the feelings associated with them make one aware of how rusty everyday life goes on in the same rut over and over again and this seems to have left a deep impression.

If one dreams of leaving the oasis, then the subconscious indicates through this dream image that the phase of relaxation and rest has come to an end. The inner psychological state of the dreamer is strong enough to withstand attacks from outside. The subject feels very strong and has tasted a little of the sweetness of adventure through this dream and will be more open to the unknown and exciting in the future.

Spiritual dream interpretation

For spiritual dream interpretation, the symbol "oasis" is considered to be a kind of REFRESHING PLACE for the dreamer, where he can relax. The dreaming person longs for spiritual refreshment. But on the other hand, the oasis in the dream also represents the desire to run away from the troubles in life and to rest and recharge energetically in a spiritual place with such understanding.


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