Dream symbol Libra


balance, contentment, justice, zodiac sign

A scale serves as a tool to measure the weight of an object or is also the name of a zodiac sign. Even the dream interpretation deals with both differently. Thus, the question arises on what kind of dream symbol refers to the dream of the person concerned.

Is the particular dream image about the zodiac sign Libra from the zodiac? Or did he even get a horoscope interpretation from an astrologer? Otherwise it could be simply about the measuring instrumentScale, with which one weighs something.

General dream interpretation

According to the general dream analysis, the interpretation of the term "scale" as a measuring tool establishes that it revolves around the symbol of self-control and balance, which is urged upon the dreamer. Inner balance forms a stable basis on which clear and reasonable decisions can be made.

Furthermore, this dream image of Libra indicates a sense of justice, related to oneself and others. Likewise, this dream symbol refers to principles of behavior in respectful coexistence, which the dreamer should remember from time to time.

If you see a scale in your dream that is unbalanced because it has too much weight on one side, this serves as an advice to the dreamer that he should take a closer look at himself while awake and get to the bottom of this imbalance. A balanced scale symbolizes harmony and equilibrium.

If a scale shows up in the dreamer's dream, this prophesies that it is time to make a significant decision. If the dreamer weighs down the scale with a large object, it augurs great abundance and wealth coming into the person's life.

If a Libra is carefully balanced in a dream, this indicates that the dreamer is able to assess the situation correctly by weighing it wisely and will therefore make a clear, firm decision in a situation. If the dreamer himself stands on a scale and is weighed, this indicates that he has made a mistake, which should be consciously brought to his attention.

If the zodiac sign "Libra" appears in any form in the dream, it generally stands for relaxation and joy, romance and sympathy. Further, this dream, especially if the dreamer himself is of the zodiac sign Libra, indicates that he should work on his indecisiveness and also recklessness. This form of indifference can have a negative effect on himself for a longer period of time.

Psychological dream interpretation

The psychological dream interpretation related to the symbol of the scale in the dream plot stands as an expression of justice, balance and sense of order. Which objects are weighed with the scales should be considered carefully, as they represent an important detail for the interpretation. Precise weighing in a dream symbolizes that the dreamer carefully examines and weighs situations or circumstances before deciding and proceeding to active action.

Psychologically interesting for dream research is the aspect of what kind of scales the person dreamed about. If it is a personal scale, this serves as an indication that a personal evaluation of a certain matter is important in the real world. If you see a weighbridge in your sleep, this dream symbol prompts you to reflect on your own life.

If a scale is seen standing in a medical center, it symbolizes a health problem of the dreamer. If balanced scales appear in the dream, this announces to the dreamer that in the awake state of consciousness he is striving to act clearly and fairly. However, if the scales appear to be unbalanced in the dream, further details in the dream might indicate whether this could augur more advantages than disadvantages for the person.

Libra as a zodiac sign in a dream is related to the aspect of TIME. In this respect, the dreamer is advised to take the initiative as soon as possible in real life and not to postpone a certain matter any longer.

Spiritual dream interpretation

Spiritually, the dream interpretation concerning the dream Libra leans on the symbol of harmony and balance. In addition, this dream image also indicates clear judgment. The zodiac sign of Libra spurs the dreamer to learn how to make decisions clearly at the right moment. Because right timing is everything!


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