Dream symbol Leopard


predatory cat, fast runner, jungle, elegance, power animal, trophy

Leopard, lion, jaguar and tiger are among the largest predatory cats. It is at home in the savannahs, in Africa's steppe areas as well as in the jungle. Its movements reflect suppleness and grace, and its coat shines in beautiful patterned splendor. In black-furred version such cats are called panthers. He has a uniquely good hearing and also an excellent sense of smell. Special mention should also be made of his well-developed sense of sight, which enables him to hunt prey at night. All these abilities make it easy for him to be a fantastic hunter.

Not for nothing a leopard skin represents high status of a respected warrior, also this trophy represents a powerful ruler. Heads of African tribes adorned themselves with these skins. In other traditions, the leopard also stands for bravery and courage and thus also represents a common heraldic animal. The dangerousness of this cat is equated by many with exoticism and eroticism. That is why this leopard pattern is often found in lingerie and bed linen.

One may be pursued, feel threatened or panicked by a leopard in a dream. Or one observes from some distance the fast predatory cat ? Either way, emotions play a big role in dream experience.

General dream interpretation

In dream interpretation, the leopard symbolizes two sides that belong together. One side represents the fighting spirit and fearlessness of the hunter. These qualities seem to be buried or dormant in the person concerned, it is time to wake up and use them for one's own good.

The other side of the dream symbol indicates a ruthless sophistication, which makes a predatory cat, but can also inflict a lot of damage in the interpersonal sphere. It is necessary to find a middle way, a kind of balance between the two sides.

When a leopard chases through the dream, it announces an omen of impending storm clouds brewing in the sky, predicting a dangerous situation. In that respect, it is about business-financial matters. If the leopard jumps on the dreamer in the dream, this symbolizes that a familiar person will suddenly attack him from behind.

If one is on the way in the steppe and one runs away from the attacking leopard, this dream image illustrates that one is exposed in the professional or private environment. However, there is still a chance with the appropriate application of force to straighten everything out.

If one finds oneself in a cage together with a leopard, there is no need to fear adversaries. If one kills the leopard in the dream, it augurs a successful victory in an important life situation. If you look at the beautiful silky fur of the predatory cat in your dream, this is connected with appreciation.

Psychological dream interpretation

In psychoanalytic interpretation, the leopard serves as a dream image for masculine drive and aggression and also stands for vitality and passion . At the same time the dreamer feels attraction as well as threat. One part of him rejects his sexual desires and wishes, while the other part of him wants to live them out excessively.

If the leopard makes a dangerous impression on the dream level, this symbolizes overestimation of oneself as well as the potential to go over dead bodies . Psychologically, a tamed or sick leopard augurs the person's desire to find a better way of dealing with his urges and desires.

Not to be overlooked, last but not least, the leopard as a dream symbol illustrates the erotic part. In dreams of women, predators signify unconscious sexual desires and also repressed sexual aggression towards masculinity. In men's dreams, the interpretation of the symbol of the dangerous hunting animal means that female sexuality is interpreted as threatening and endangering.

Spiritual dream interpretation

The leopard is also one of the power animals in shamanism. It lets the dreamer recognize his own strengths and leads him on the right path of life. It helps him to use his full potential, but warns him not to abuse his power and superiority.


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