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lightness, floating, bird, writing object, ritual object

Feathers have always had a special place in the lives of primitive peoples of all kinds. Also in the practicing shamanism or also in the esotericism feathers come in rituals again and again to the employment. Especially popular they are used in incenses in houses for energetic cleansing. Feathers are considered by Indians and medicine men as a sign of appreciation . The number of feathers on the head of indigenous peoples indicate which rank he occupies in the hierarchy of his tribe. Especially Indian chiefs adorn themselves with pompous and unique feathers, which are a gift from the birds and give the one who wears them high prestige in the tribe.

In the social circles of our culture, feathers have many uses and applications. On the one hand, in earlier centuries they were used as an important tool for writing ink on paper, before the invention of the fountain pen and pens. On the other hand, at some time it was also fashionable to wear feathers as jewelry on hats. Today, feathers are still stuffed into pillows and blankets as well as jackets to be warmed by them during cold winter days.

Common dream symbols

What the particular color of the feather means:

Brown feathers

The color brown in dream symbolism announces a TRANSITION STADIUM. Emotions of the dreaming person at the time of the dream play a very strong role and therefore it is very advisable to keep the memory of these feelings alive. If after waking up in connection with a brown feather a negative feeling resonates, it indicates that an expectation or hope will not be fulfilled. If one wakes up in a quite positive vibration, a defeat may appear for the time being, but it will bring to light beneficial insights.

Basically, the respective color indicates the direction whether loss is to be expected in a situation or whether it is crowned with success.

Where feathers occur in dream

You find a feather in your dream

If there is a feather in front of you in a dream, for a correct interpretation you should immediately feel after waking up whether there was joy about this discovery or rather the opposite. If, as a result, a pleasant feeling about this find appears as a product, this could predict beneficial events for the person concerned. If you dream that it is a dark feather that you find and you have a queasy feeling about it, then a somewhat disappointing experience could be waiting for you. However, since the dream will point it out in advance and prepare them for it, the whole thing won't turn out so bad in real life.

Feathers in the mouth

You have a mouth full of feathers in your dream? It could be an indication that there are obstacles that prevent you from understanding and processing events in the real world. The full mouth inhibits the ability to absorb. Symbolically, the feathers symbolize the barrier to expressing thoughts and feelings to others. Nevertheless, jump over your shadow, because it is healing for the soul to communicate regularly.

Collecting feathers

If you see yourself picking up feathers from the ground in a dream, then a benefit will be revealed to you. So, if you pick up feathers, it predicts VALUABLE KNOWLEDGE that will come to you. By being more aware of some things and facts, you can draw clearer conclusions and because of that, a new freedom announces itself.

A chicken feather in a dream

Who dreams of feathers from a chicken, is called to deal more strongly with problems at the root on and deal with deeper life issues. The dreamer or the dreaming take themselves in the fast-moving everyday life probably too little time to turn to old entanglements which urge after dissolution. Regularly it is in any case important to take time for inner unevenness in order to walk or even float through life more light-hearted and free.

If the feathers show up in the bed in the dream, on the pillow for example, it could put stones in the way of the person in question, or at least cause trouble.

A coal black crow feather

What do you think it means to dream of a feather of the crow? Both the raven and the crow are among the mystical animals often used in stories and legends, as guardians or messengers. They deliver messages and keep secrets, and they have magical powers, such as the power of transformation. So when a black crow feather appears in a dream, it should indicate to the dreamer that he is about to move to a higher spiritual level. He is ready for a higher realization and his spiritual insights are being solidified, leading further on an adventurous journey!

Proud eagle feather

Finding a large eagle feather is a rare find, not only in real life, but also in dreams a beautiful experience. Very striking is a large brown beige feather in the dream world. The feather of this bird of prey stands for STRENGTH and POWER. The sharp eye of the eagle symbolizes the OVERVIEW of the whole to get. The feather of the eagle indicates that the dreamer will succeed in achieving his chosen goals.

Feather of a falcon

The falcon, like the eagle, also belongs to the birds of prey, according to the biological insight. Its feathers symbolize SUCCESS and POWER. As soon as a falcon feather appears in a dream, the person is shown that he is in a glorious phase. Especially if the feather in the dream shows itself perfectly without blemish. If it is a rather patchy feather, then this phase will be somewhat short.

Beautiful feathers of a peacock

In waking life, peacocks can usually only be seen in zoos, and one rarely gets to see them in their natural environment unless one is traveling in India. Mainly there you can find these beautiful animals in blue-green shining plumage in nature or even near holy temples and ashrams (monasteries). If a woman dreams of this beautiful creature, it could indicate high prestige or a job promotion. Being in possession of peacock feathers in a dream indicates that the person prefers luxury in life and also loves and lives life full of sweetness.

General dream interpretation

Generally speaking, seeing a feather in a dream means that the sleeping person, having gained unjustified recognition and praise in real life, is adorning himself with other people's feathers, so to speak. Although he knows that it is not his due. Perhaps this dream is a good opportunity for the dreamer to evaluate himself and to see if his life is characterized by too much egoism, pride and arrogance or even boastfulness.

However, this is always about the very individual message, depending on the context in which one dreams of feathers. If feathers are stirred up in a dream when a down comforter or a pillow is shaken, this stands for an approaching conflict.

If feathers float in the air in a dream, one should not get too hung up on expectations and get too caught up in surreal hopes and imaginings that may not come true. If the feathers fly away chaotically into the air, it is better not to wait for the accidental luck that might come flying in and to contribute by one's actions to keep everything in check.

Other interpretations for this dream symbol: If feathers fall on the dreamer, he will be able to go through life floating lightly. Being adorned with feathers augurs an upcoming great journey.

Psychological dream interpretation

According to psychology, the dream symbol of the feather can express unconscious hopes and desires to drift lightly like a feather through the "airs of life" in search of the unknown and undiscovered and to explore oneself even more.

Seeing feathers in your dream also encourages you to lead your life more in SOFTNESS and LEAKAGE. To be calmer and more mindful with yourself and others. Perhaps there is also a work in the room that wants to be completed.

Consider the feather as a loving fencepost hint to take things a little slower and not to put too much pressure on yourself with finishing tasks. See the feather as a loving hint to slow things down a bit and not feel obsessive pressure with finishing your tasks.

Spiritual dream interpretation

From the point of view of spiritual dream interpretation, the feather stands as an allegory for the spiritual development of the person concerned.

The feather embodies the element AIR and furthermore stands for our soul. People with sensitive and spiritual disposition usually consider feathers as a message from the spiritual world and also as a symbol for the existence of guardian angels and other spiritual helpers.


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