Dream symbol Fear of heights


dizziness, fear of death, view, fear, depth, trembling, skyscraper, cliff, loss of control

Fear of heights is not an uncommon phenomenon in our society. Some people get dizzy at such lofty heights. A balcony set high, an observation deck on a mountain, or riding up in a gondola can cause fear and panic. This may express itself as physical numbness or you may collapse and go down on your knees, a whimpering expulsion transitioning to a crying fit could also manifest itself.

A deep-seated displeasure and fear of heights can also show up in dreams. The interpretation of this dream symbol is less about the exact location in the dream, which can be a cliff or a skyscraper for example, but really about the fear that is felt.

Frequent dreams about this symbol

Extreme fear of heights

A drastic fear of heights can also have stressful effects in a dream. If you get an image in a dream where they were exposed to an extreme fear of heights, the cause of this could be found in your real life. It could be that this dream image is an indication that the person in question is afraid of losing control in some areas of their life. A deep fear of death felt by a lofty view from a skyscraper or sitting in a roller coaster, according to dream research, illustrate great obstacles and barriers to be overcome in the waking state of life.

Places of fear of heights

On a ladder

If in a dream associated with fear of heights a ladder appears on which you are standing, this illustrates that a current life circumstance is changing for the better. Despite the good prognosis, this outcome may be delayed by an excessive amount of worry. So don't get in your own way and let serenity and confidence carry you more.

High buildings as a trigger

The dream image fear of heights is especially often associated with a skyscraper in the dream because of its height. If this appears in the dream, it means that in the waking world something is not going quite smoothly, as it was planned by the person concerned. Occupation or private life escapes the control of the dreamer.

Fear of heights on a staircase

When looking through the abyss of, for example, a long spiral staircase, you can already feel quite dizzy or on a normal staircase, queasy feelings can occur in a dream. If a fear of heights haunts the dreamer in his dream, it indicates insecurity of certain parts of his personality. It could indicate hindering parts that limit or delay spiritual growth and these the person is asked to let go of.

Fear of heights in the elevator

If the dreamer is taking an elevator to the top in his dream, this dream image could illustrate social climbing for the subject. There could also be an elevator crash in the dream, symbolizing that the dreamer needs to count on the support of outsiders to solve certain difficulties at the moment.

Bridge Height Anxiety

Due to the dream image fear of heights on a bridge, the dreamer is illustrated that further development can only occur if he goes more into confidence. Based on the current situation in life, the person should carefully consider the next necessary step and whether the effort is worthwhile.

From the balcony

Were you afraid of heights when you looked down from a balcony in your dream? Behind this dream symbol hides the feeling of insecurity in your familiar surroundings. On top of that, you seem to have lost your vision about an important matter. If you want to regain energy and strength, clarify the situation and restore order.

Lookout tower

If the dreamer stands on a high tower in his dream and is panic-stricken because of the height, the dream interpretation gives him to understand that a feeling of superiority can quickly lead to arrogance if one is not mindful. Especially if you are aware of your strong character and have many skills to show, this is no reason to put yourself above others with arrogance.

Fear of heights while climbing a mountain

The mountain is a dream symbol that appears very often and is quite typical in relation to fear of heights. This strong expression of the dream image symbolizes that it is worthwhile to accept challenges. Through this effort taken upon oneself, one can climb to the top of the mountain, which symbolizes the achievement of one's goals.

General dream interpretation

In general, dream interpretation says that if a fear is felt in the dream, it reflects the waking life. If the dreamer experiences fear of falling down in a dream, it represents worry and fear in everyday life situations. If he feels fear of falling down, it says that the person is afraid of failure and loss of control. What exactly this refers to is individually variable.

Most likely there is also a change in the partnership, it could be about planning the offspring, also about moving into a common apartment or common move to another country or also professionally a new wind blows.

The person is advised to practice serenity, without jumping to conclusions and to look at everything from a positive point of view, just be open to new things. Uncertainty is associated with insecurity, which makes him feel uncomfortable, but is ultimately unfounded. Trust!

Other causes of fear of heights dreams could result from having made a misjudgment that announces a deep descent and confronts the dreamer with facts. This dream represents an invitation to look into one's own attitudes and perceptions to find out where he is fooling himself to avoid disappointment.

Psychological dream interpretation

The psychological approach suggests a real fear in the waking state through the image of fear of heights in the dream. It could be an existing threat or overload from everyday life that is affecting the dreamer. Panic, powerlessness or powerlessness can also occur as an influence.

This dream symbol serves as a REQUEST at certain moments to appreciate and accept the help offered from outside. Possibly, the subconscious mind shows through this dream that the reserves of strength are not large enough to solve the complexity of the problem alone, but is dependent on support. Vanity and pride are therefore just out of place, the realization that accepting help does not mean weakness is inevitable.

Spiritual dream interpretation

The spiritual interpretation accordingly turns out to see this dream image "fear of heights" as a symbol for unprocessed CUMMERS and SEELIC conflicts, which urgently call to be processed.


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