Dream symbol Excavation


treasure, buried, find again, discover hidden, valuable comes to light, find

General dream interpretation

Many may have wished or even dreamed of being an archaeologist in a distant land, excavating and coming across an important find that could be of great significance to mankind. This journey could further turn out to be a great adventure trip, like in "Indian Jones", because others are also keen on this treasure and want to claim it for their own.

With respect one regards archaeological excavations, which serve the knowledge and preservation of old cultures. All kinds of treasure hunters and their finders, or would-be archaeologists have been plowing the ground for centuries in the hope of finding anything of value.

This dream image can be a symbol of the search for oneself. The dreamer digs in his inner treasure chest of memory for buried feelings. Behind the desire of the excavation stands for the dream interpretation, a so far unknown impulse to discover and understand its self. Thus, through the dream, one reaches self-knowledge and personal maturity.

Digging up something means profitable work and perhaps even a reward in the form of treasure beckons. Maybe you just find a dog, because the proverb says: "there lies the dog buried" and in any case indicates that whatever you find, it will provide more clarity.

As a symbol "to dig up" a dead person stands in dream interpretation for the bad conscience of the dreamer.

Carrots, beets or horseradish can also be dug up in a dream. This situation, generally speaking, may indicate hesitation on the part of the dreamer in the dream or ambiguity about his abilities.

Positive dream symbol

For some it is adventure enough to dream of digging a hole with a spade and finding something glittering there, such as silver coins, and you already have the future shining before your eyes.

Negative dream symbol

If it is a dark hole, the dream image "excavation" stands for bad omens and misfortune, and if it also fills the hole in the dream with water, one can expect that in waking life everything will go a little out of order or not according to plan.

Psychological dream interpretation

When someone does an excavation in a dream, he is doing psychological work on his own ego. What one discovers during the excavation could be very helpful in dream interpretation, for example, repressed weaknesses or undiscovered abilities of the dreamer.

Unconsciously perceived aspects of the personality are brought into consciousness. The dream image "excavation" thus symbolizes insight into one's own psyche and self-reflection.

In dream interpretation it is significant for becoming aware of a conflict situation or for clearing up relationship disturbances what the dreamer unearths and which feelings play a role in it.

To try to dig up something unknown in a dream expresses that the dreamer is striving to reveal a side of himself that he does not yet understand. Particularly repressed psychic contents want to be brought into the right light, which might otherwise lead to mental disturbances.

The bottom line is that knowledge and skills may be discovered within oneself that must first be laboriously excavated before they can be integrated and put to use. If the dreamer is concerned with uncovering buried aspects of his personality and is aware of what he is looking for, it will be an easier undertaking for him. It is important to remember that such dreams are connected with the following questions: What was unearthed? How did it feel and in what condition was it? Such a deepening search might be worthwhile.

Resulting clues could revive a broken relationship or clear up a conflict situation. The digging up of a "corpse from the cellar" or any objects unmistakably reveals a bad conscience of the dreamer, which is related to imbalance and inner turmoil in waking life. Often in the background there could also be fear of something coming to light that would be better left "buried". Well, not always a treasure is found during the excavations, it is better not to rely on it.

Spiritual dream interpretation

For the psychological dream interpretation it is certain that if the dreamer is ready to penetrate into spiritual depths, then he is able to face his hidden self, to recognize and to understand.

Children who dig around in the sand on the beach are usually not searching purposefully, but still dig up all sorts of things, such as: Shells, colorful stones, and sometimes objects forgotten by other bathers.

Old songs and stories may want to be unearthed now and then, or disputes long forgiven and forgotten. On the one hand, curiosity drives us to dig up the unknown, on the other hand, we sometimes bring to light disputes long forgiven and forgotten.

In conclusion, a dream full of excavations can thus be exciting in terms of the dreamer's find. Of great importance for dream interpretation are the linked feelings that accompany the dream image, as well as other circumstances of the dream event.


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