Dream symbol Escape from volcanic eruption


fear to die, escape, erupt, natural disaster, flee, hot lava, emotional outburst

Fortunately, volcanic eruptions are not a daily occurrence and certainly not if you are at home in an unaffected area, such as a tropical island, but far away from a volcano. So, in the first place, there is no need to live in panic and fear that you will become a victim of it. The state of today's science on top of that can predict such catastrophes early enough in advance by technically highly developed measurements.

In our dreams, however, a sudden eruption can occur quite unexpectedly and then we are forced to find a quick means of escape. How we could interpret such a volcanic eruption and what it says about us and about our life, we can discuss afterwards.

General dream interpretation

If you see yourself running away from something in a dream, this is often an indication that you want to escape from something in waking life as well.

The symbol of a volcanic eruption is about multiple emotions and also fiery passions that the sleeping person feels unable to cope with in real life. Deep inside he knows about the suppression of these strong feelings and at the same time he suspects that this cannot work in the long run.

The dreamer has arrived at the edge of the cliff, where it can go no further and where a small drop could cause the barrel to overflow and these exploding emotions, which are about to erupt, could cause quite a chaos.

It can affect different areas of life, such as in your relationship life or even in your professional life. An emotional outburst in a partnership, could change many things, either destroying or leading to more clarity, or both. Often a storm with thunder and lightning is necessary to shake something up, to let something stagnant burn down, so that something new can arise from the ashes and bring more clarity and truth. Or it concerns the professional life and could be "cleared up" there times correctly by strong arguments.

In any case, the dreamer is advised to face his repressed, unconscious emotions and "invite" them to show themselves and, even if it may be painful, to allow what wants to reveal itself from within, instead of continuing to run away and without facing this responsibility.

The person concerned should try to find out to which area in his real life exactly the dream could refer and face his suppressed feelings and their possible consequences instead of continuing to run away and evade his responsibilities.

Psychological dream interpretation

According to the psychologists who interpret dreams, a dream of escape from a volcanic eruption represents an abseiling from one's own emotional world. Through this dream image, the subconscious shows the person that he is not in control of his emotions and because he does not face them, they are soon doomed to erupt.

It is therefore important to focus on finding a healthy way to deal with one's own feelings, which begins with introspection to get a deeper understanding of oneself. The escape from the volcano eruption in the dream is to "WATCH" the person concerned and point to unprocessed inside. If he does not change his approach, one will be the blacksmith of one's own misfortune and the catastrophe will not be averted, escape will thus be impossible.

Spiritual dream interpretation

Also seen from the transcendent, spiritual level, the dream of escape from volcanic eruption lets the dreamer know that a deep passion is burning within him, but he is afraid of it and is fleeing.


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