Dream symbol Drowning


to sink, to drown, to get no more air, to submerge, to be flooded by feelings

Common places of drowning in dream

To dream of drowning in a river

Dreaming about drowning in a river can be an indication of uncontrolled emotions and foreign control. There is also the possibility that the dreaming person sees himself without a way out of the situation he has got himself into. It could indicate a serious misfortune if there is a wild, traveling river in the dream.

Drowning in the car

For example, a car fallen into the lake, sinking to the bottom in the dream, in which the dreamer sits and panics for fear of drowning, indicates a lack of self-confidence. This could be symbolic of the fact that events from the past may not have been fully processed. Attention should be focused on activating self-confidence.

Drowning on a "Titanic" - ship

If a sinking ship appears in your dream, threatening to sink, this can be considered a warning signal for you as a drowning person. It may foretell the dreamer in question of an impending major calamity or that professional plans may fail. All this need not obligatorily come to pass, but you should be inwardly prepared for the fact that a tidal wave may be coming.

Drowning in the floods of the sea

In dream research, the ocean, the sea and seascapes symbolize the longing for vastness, freedom and adventure. The element of water is also a symbol of purification. If one dies at sea or in the ocean in a dream, one does not have to immediately become completely panic-stricken. On the contrary, this dream symbolizes that the sleeper is ready to free himself from burdensome emotions, so that nothing stands in the way of a relieving new beginning. Rather, he will be able to free himself from some burdensome emotions, which will enable him to make a carefree new beginning.

Drowning in the mud

If the image of drowning in the mud appears in the dreamer's dream, the person in question is quite certainly in a sinking, seemingly hopeless state. Mostly it could be a conflict, whereby he himself has contributed his part and should take himself by the nose. The dreamer can solve this dilemma only if he faces them honestly.

Drowning dog in a dream

A drowning dog in a dream

If a dog drowns in your dream, this dream symbol indicates that mental imbalance prevails and that negative stressful feelings have not yet been digested. He is advised by this dream to look at these feelings and through this awareness to open up to new things.

Dream about drowning of a child

If the sleeper dreams about the drowning of a child, there is no need to fear that one's own child is doomed and in such danger. Nevertheless, this dream is about the fact that the loss is marked, the fear of losing relatives or a close person or something similar to a cherished pet.

The relationship partner is drowning

All dreams of drowning are probably not among our favorite dreams and appear as a real nightmare. Especially if one's own partner drowns. But such a tragedy is probably not to be expected in waking real life. Rather, through this dream symbolism appears the fear of losing the beloved due to a separation. Perhaps there are conflicts in partnership at the moment, which are to be confronted honestly and which are to be communicated with the beloved.

A drowning baby

When one's baby threatens to drown, it can be a traumatic experience of the person concerned, but again, one is urged to remain calm when one wakes up from such a dream troubled. There is no reason to think this could come true in this form. It is more likely to be everyday fears of the parents related to their children, which very likely affect all parents more or less. The care and the best will of the parents for the common good of the child, which are quite natural, are expressed by it. If a childless person dreams of this, it can be related to a close person in his environment.

A cat drowns

In a dream a cat drowning does not necessarily indicate a bad omen, even if it is a black cat, as superstitious people still assume today. It is rather announced by the dream research a process of the internal cleaning from which the dreamer energetically and with again creating strength, overcoming its fears, from the ashes is to rise.

Rescuer in distress - saving a person from drowning

If you save someone from drowning, it could be that you yourself as the dreamer of this dream image could get into a tricky situation, yet this should not be seen as a hindrance, but as a new-value challenge of life. If you will reflect on all your strength, then you will perceive the stones in the way more like pebbles and less as boulders and you will successfully cope with the life test and you will emerge from it stronger.

General dream interpretation

From a general point of view, dream interpretation interprets the symbol "drowning" as a forewarning for the sleeper to be especially careful at the moment. At the same time, this dream image also symbolizes good luck and prosperity in his future life situation.

If the sleeper in the dream rushes to help the drowning man, then this dream indicates that firm determination is necessary to survive a dangerous situation unscathed.

If the dreamer is saved from drowning by someone else, he can consider himself lucky to soon make the acquaintance of a kind and generous person who will make a sacrifice to assist him. Being saved from drowning promises the dreamer much praise and recognition in waking life.

If the dreamer is intentionally drowned by another person in the dream, it may indicate financial loss in waking life. If one sees in a dream many people killed by a natural disaster in a flood, it should indicate to the dreamer that a special circumstance will require him to make some sacrifices .

If the dreamer kills an animal in a dream by drowning it, it means that the sleeper will soon be afflicted with a disease.

Psychological dream interpretation

On the psychological level, the dream image of drowning indicates to the dreamer feelings that he cannot control and that must be conquered in order not to be overwhelmed. The person concerned tries to suppress them pathologically and accordingly cannot let them go.

Whether it is at a fish pond or in the Caribbean sea, this dream image can express a low self-confidence and a corresponding helplessness. If you fall into the water in the dream, you may not be able to pull yourself out of your situation and feel beyond any self-control with no way out. Most often, this dream also serves as a warning or foreshadowing of sorrow and worry. On the other hand, this dream image shows that the foreign domination by a feminine being in life will soon overtake the dreamer.

If the sleeper drowns in a dream or observes the drowning of another person, according to psychological interpretation, he is informed that he has lost something important in the real waking state. He is advised to be more attentive so that he will not be tempted to misbehave again.

If someone saves the dreamer in his sleep, the subconscious symbolizes to him that there is still hope in a seemingly tricky situation. If he can save himself from a threatening drowning circumstance, he has the necessary power and strength to redeem himself on conflictual situations. However, if the dreamer is in trouble and sinks under the water surface and loses his life in the process, he will have to invest more energy in everyday life and focus more precisely to find a solution. The dream could also indicate that the person is currently a bit tired of life and could urgently need life motivation. This symbol indicates to draw new courage, which will lead to more zest for life.

Drowning at the open sea as a dream image stands for fearfulness related to the uncertain future . According to the psychological interpretation, the dream stands for FIGHTING POWER when the dreamer rescues a drowning person. This indicates that no task or requirement is too great or too difficult for him, he is granted to bring everything to a successful outcome.

Spiritual dream interpretation

According to the spiritual view, dream interpretation interprets the symbol "drowning" as a loss of e go . By immersing oneself in the sea of life, one loses this egoistic reference to the imaginary self, melts and fades away in the great being.


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