Dream symbol Dragon


snake-like creature, spitting fire, chinese culture, divinity, devil

In mythology, the dragon represents a kind of hybrid creature, combining characteristics of reptiles and predators.

In China and throughout Asia, "Long" is one of the most famous mythical creatures and, unlike the European dragon, embodies the divine aspect and not an evil demon.

The Greeks believed in the Chimera, a mythological fire-breathing creature composed of a lion and a goat. This symbol represents chaos and the devil himself and has a clearly negative connotation, compared to the Chinese mythology revered as a symbol of happiness.

In a dream, such a creature seems frightening, especially if one is in battle with it. The one who wakes up from such a nightmare can deal with the extent to which he himself is ready to reconcile the physical aspects with spirituality.

Possible dream images

To be a dragon in a dream

If you become a dragon yourself in your dream, you seem to crave more power and strength in your real waking life, so that you can better assert yourself against others when confronted. At the same time the dream image of the dragon also serve as an indication that for difficult undertakings strong energy is available as support in the background.

Symbol of a cute dragon baby

If the descendant of a dragon appears to the dreamer, it indicates renewal in the life of the person concerned. This change will be excellently mastered by the person concerned, as he is aware of his strengths and is ready to take on the responsibility assigned to him. Also, new opportunities can open up when a baby dragon meets you in your sleep.

A fire breathing dragon

The sight of a fire-breathing dragon on the dream plane makes the dreamer aware of his strong emotional outbursts in the waking world. In addition, a fearsome, large dragon also symbolizes that he is capable of mental feats, which he may not yet be aware of. Furthermore, the spitting fire dragon may also indicate that one is easily seduced by negative emotions and should be more forceful in dealing with them.

Fighting a dragon

If a fight scene occurs in the dream of the sleeping person, it usually shows an ambitious quarrelsome meeting, where the person concerned needs all his reserves of strength and is also tempted not to shy away from violence in order to resolve the conflict. If the mythological creature is captured or defeated in battle, it may mean that the dreamer is bringing his instincts under control in waking life.

Killing the dragon

If the dragon is killed by you in the dream, suffering causing suppressed emotions should be shone through and thus consciously brought to the surface. Cutting off the dragon's head in a dream symbolizes an overload in real life, which has a holistic negative effect on the person concerned.

General dream interpretation

Dragons are associated with symbols of strength, vitality and power. If someone dreams of this huge, powerful fire-breathing giant reptile, one is directly related to these character traits.

Positive dream symbol

However, this fiery creature can appear quite friendly and trusting on the dream level. In this case, it sends a positive message to the dreamer, indicating that one has the necessary energy and reserves of strength to successfully master the tasks. If the dragon is seen as a legendary and noble mythical creature, the dreamer may receive a big financial gain in the near future.

If there is a fight with the reptile-like fire creature and it is defeated after protracted struggles, you as the dreamer have fought back against lower instincts and defeated them internally. If the dragon wins the fight, the person does not seem to have his animal instincts under control.

Negative dream symbol

He is considered scary, but despite everything also sociable. He stands for egoistic and animalistic TRIEBKKRAFT of humans and is thus inevitably connected with fight and resistance . In the same way, the dragon can stand as a symbol of lack of energy when it appears dipped in black paint or even rotten flesh or visible bones appear.

However, if the dragon is in a nasty, belligerent mood, one could suffer a loss, especially if one is used to going over dead bodies for a certain success. To be hurt by a dragon prophesies that there is an enemy in the near vicinity through which the dreamer could be threatened.

Psychological dream interpretation

Every human being has inherited primal instincts from archaic times that serve survival. These include the impulse for flight and fighting spirit, which still seem to be active in us today. In this context, psychological dream analysis speaks of a deep human conflict. Every person has strong qualities with which he can bravely face conflicts and dissolve barriers, thus it is possible for him to overcome his weaknesses and tap inner sources of strength.

In that sense, it can be about a struggle inside with an animalistic, sexual side , or it can be about an inner conflict with unconscious qualities. This can mean chaotic ideas andpassions, which include the word "suffering" not without reason. It is advisable to bring more structure into your life.

For a dreaming man, dreaming of a dragon can be the proverbial symbol of a "house dragon" who is afraid of his wife and her "fire-breathing ejections".

If we are victorious in the fight against the dragon in the dream, it symbolizes for the psychological dream interpretation that one has become aware of one's unconscious powers and has learned to use them meaningfully, which can free one from egoistic ways of thinking.

Spiritual dream interpretation

In literature, a dragon in battle is used as one of the most popular motifs. Up to the present time, the fight with a dragon serves as an image of the confrontation between good and evil. Spiritual dream interpretation suggests letting go of the concepts about DUALITY - of the two contradictory sides - and going beyond them.


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