Dream symbol Disguise


masquerade, disguise, costume, carnival, fantasy, facade, preserve image, pretend, transience

Everyone has surely wished to be someone else, to slip into someone else's skin. This exerts its own fascination on people, to play at least a different role for some time through a disguise. The most interesting are costumes that represent a special character type of person that does not correspond to one's own nature or characteristics. Male homosexual persons often show themselves in female costumes or love to slip into the role of the opposite sex.

People who are afraid of almost everyone slip into disguises of Superman. People who act like inconspicuous gray mice in everyday life appear as colorful birds of paradise or clowns. An excellent opportunity to let off steam all kinds of hidden fantasies and sides is offered above all by the time of carnival once a year. Children are more uninhibited in their behavior. They often mask, paint and dress up and love to try out different roles in their games.

A disguise dream not only makes you look different, but you really feel like you've been put into a different skin, as the saying goes, "Clothes make the man!" It fires up your imagination and brings out more of our childlike nature.

Dream research is primarily concerned with what is hidden behind the facade or disguise.

General dream interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream image of disguise symbolizes the concept of the facade behind which the dreamer hides his personality. If the costume he slips into in the dream scene is very scary, this illustrates to him that he is lying to himself or is not sincere towards himself. A disguise also gives information that the person should deal with which aspects he wants to come out of himself more or which parts in him are more activated.

Sometimes a costuming dream is an expression that the dreamer longs for the qualities and strengths of the particular character he is portraying. During carnival, often the inhibiting covers usually fall off; it is not for nothing that this time is called "Fool's Freedom". It is an unwritten law that allows one to break the taboos and boundaries of the otherwise tight social rules of conduct.

If one dresses up as a jumping jack, this clarifies the indication that the dreamer wishes for more eroticism in his life.

According to the popular understanding of dream interpretation, the disguise in the dream represents an intoxicating and sensual festivity. If you see people behind a mask at a carnival party in your dream, this is a sign that should warn you of disappointment and deceitfulness.

If one dresses up on the dream level, this dream image admonishes the dreamer not to approach unknown people with too much openness right away. Behind one's own back there could perhaps be people who like to align one and spread rumors, one should face this calmly. Not feeling comfortable in one's disguise means that the dreamer in question feels that he cannot show his true colors in everyday life, fearing to be rejected. This dream symbol encourages the person to dare to appear without pretense and to stand by himself.

Psychological dream interpretation

For psychological dream research, the disguise as a dream image represents certain personality patterns of the dreamer. He is dissatisfied with his own outward effect and wants to improve his image to the outside world. The particular costume in the dream indicates to him on which levels he should welcome a change.

If the dreamer appears in a dream with a very provocative costume, this augurs that he often rubs shoulders with others because of his extraordinary manner. If one appears in a childish costume, this expresses that the dreamer is quite immature in his behavior and he is thus asked to take more responsibility. If one plays a historical figure in a corresponding costume, this reflects old-fashioned, outdated beliefs of the person concerned.

If the dreamer has the feeling on the dream level that in his costume his personality comes out better than in everyday life, this conveys that the person concerned has problems with his own traits. If he has fears about a disguise or masquerade, his subconscious symbolizes psychological conflicts. Possibly the person feels not valued enough, not understood by his social environment or the dog is buried somewhere else, namely in the unfulfilled sexual life.

Spiritual dream interpretation

According to the spiritual view, the symbol of disguise in dream events is analyzed as a favorable situation for the dreamer to expand his own point of view and to admit other points of view. This expansion gives the dreamer the chance to become more aware of his inner strengths. Furthermore, this dream image symbolizes the transience of all things. Even the body is nothing more than a dress, a disguise of our true being that must also be "discarded" at the end of our life days. Everything material in life embodies a divine play, a theater, a kind of facade or also veiling of the real. The view behind the curtain, the scenery, leads to permanent liberation and realization.


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