Dream symbol Dinosaur


mammal, reptile, extinct, strength, power, aggressiveness

Nowadays we probably do not meet dinosaurs, only because of the remains we have some idea of this extinct reptile. They lived millions of years ago and seem to be a fascinating link with their extraordinary appearance and gigantic size.

Many different types of dinosaurs that lived on land are said to have occurred, some served plants for food and others ate meat quite happily. These primordial creatures served as protagonists of horror movies, where they came back to life.

If you meet a dinosaur in a dream, you are most likely looking for the distance. But it could also be highly exciting to meet a prehistoric dinosaur on a walk.

General dream interpretation

The image of the dinosaur in the dream is related to strength, aggressiveness and power. It refers to the dreamer's imagination and also symbolizes the preference to travel back in time by him. If the dreamer is in a partnership at the moment, this illustrates that he wants to experience love more deeply and shows a willingness to go beyond himself.

If fear triggered by a dinosaur appears in a dream, it shows that the person feels emotions of his partner as overpowering and sometimes cannot cope with this flood. Feeling fearful towards a dinosaur also represents existential fears and worries.

In what context does the dinosaur appear in your dream? It probably makes a difference to be chased by a herbivorous dinosaur than by a carnivorous one. Depending on the case, this triggers one or another different strength of emotion. In any case, being chased by a dinosaur reflects fears associated with the dreamer's real world.

If the dreamer feels intimidated by another person in everyday life, the subconscious could show up in the dream through a dinosaur image. If you don't have a chance to escape from this person, then it can certainly become a burden for the person. If you manage to kill a dinosaur in a dream, the general dream interpretation interprets the willingness to face an oppressive situation.

Psychological dream interpretation

Different backgrounds are important for the symbol of the dinosaur according to the psychoanalytical interpretation. This primordial creature can be associated with different personality parts. Repressed and atrophied parts of the character were fossilized as if to a fossil.

This dream symbol also encourages the dreamer to deal with facts that lie in the past. Suppressed emotions can aggressively pour out of one as if from your steaming cauldron or blazing volcano. Thus, the dinosaur as a metaphor in dream interpretation stands for an unresolved past.

Sometimes it happens that the dreamer himself becomes visible as a dinosaur in the dream. This can be taken from the fact that the dreamer starts the attempt his imagined or also real weakness would like to smooth. Due to the perceived inferiority, the dreamer feels the need for more assertiveness and strength.

Interpreted differently, the dream symbol that one slips into in a dream can augur that one's own self-esteem is enormous and therefore there is a danger of arrogance and overestimation of oneself.

Spiritual dream interpretation

This primeval mammal leads us back to the gray prehistoric times, a past where there is still a lot of chaos and therefore strongly influences the present. However, one can turn the whole thing around and direct it consciously, by also giving the possibility to release from the now the chaos from the past. Finally, the time factor is illusion seen on the transcendent level.


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