The Taurus portrait

by star astrologer Erich Bauer

Taurus: The epicure

Taurus people measure their quality of life by the quantum of peace and sensuality they can have and enjoy. Every Taurus dreams of a life that offers as much of this peace and serenity as possible: a house with a garden or a penthouse with a balcony, so that you can enjoy the sun or rest in the shade on warm days. In the apartment should be large, solid furniture, armchairs in which you can relax comfortably, a bed so large that you can lie lengthwise and crosswise. Also important are a full refrigerator, a cellar or attic with supplies, and a solid car where you don't have to squeeze through the door when getting in, nor do you have to make yourself small all the time while driving. And this car should have good suspension and soft upholstery. The bull motto is, "Life is rich and sprouts in abundance!" In the psyche of every Taurus exists this image of great abundance.

Taurus and profession

To make abstract things concrete and vivid: In this, Taurus are unsurpassable. They easily succeed in presenting complicated things in a simple and tangible way. Taurus is a fixed or fixed quality. As a result, these people try to hold on to what they once had. What they can do, they want to repeat constantly. That riches can be accumulated in this way is understandable. It is just as obvious that such people always have their métier down pat: They are geniuses as long as they stay within known boundaries, but they have reservations about anything new. In our pleasure society, these individuals are naturally just right. Their desire for possessions, sensuality and pleasure, for having and being pleasurable leads to their being very successful, for example, in the banking sector, in the food and textile industry and, of course, in the manufacture and sale of luxury goods. Likewise, they can be found in the restaurant industry or in cooperatives and small businesses committed to healthy eating or alternative lifestyles. However, Taurus-born people do not only know how to handle money, food, clothing and luxury goods. They are also fabulous didacticians who could even teach a child Albert Einstein's theory of relativity. Their art is to make things sensually tangible. Furthermore, these people have "healing hands" and possess all the prerequisites for being a body therapist, chiropractor or masseur. With every intensive bodywork the therapist gives off his own energy. Without a "portion of bull" this activity is not possible at all in the long run: one is exhausted too quickly. Their practical sense and their connection to the earth element, in turn, makes Taurus people excellent architects and structural engineers. Checking constructions for their feasibility and durability is in their blood, so to speak.

Taurus and money

Just as presumably a Taurus dreams of green, lush, lush meadows, Taurus people dream of a meadow where money just grows. The amazing thing is that they actually get money easier than others. Now, please, this is in no way meant to imply that they spend all day lying on their lazy skin or eating and feasting while their bank account keeps filling up. Oh no, Taureans work for their money - and how. Other zodiac signs do that too, only Taureans just end up with more. Why? Because even as a small child, they see what you can do with money. So they develop an appropriate way of dealing with it. Later, a Taurus instinctively knows where to invest his money so that it increases. They are not thrifty, but they are precise.

All love Taurus for

their desire for the good life and their art of being able to conjure up a delicious meal even from simple things.

What does Taurus need to be happy?

Let's start with how to scare away a Taurus: Being unpunctual, dressing sloppily, spending money uselessly, cooking poorly or too little, refusing to go to bed with him and make love, not eating the expensive meal when invited, acting unreasonably, taking a job with unregulated working hours so that he never knows when to expect you, traveling abroad a lot. Now to the positives: you shine on your bull already in the morning. Bring him a cup of tea with fresh rolls in bed, make sure that (if you are his wife) the laundry smells fresh and (if you are a man) your bank statement is never in the red. This all sounds very simple, and so the Taurus in pure culture - not at all meant pejoratively - is also very simple, very sociable, easy to have, as long as you do not deprive him of what he considers his basic right: Peace, comfort, a consistently solid quality of life. The greatest joy for him is when everything stays the way it is. And the greatest fright for him is the idea that something could change tomorrow.

At the end of this topic still all kinds and multicolored what a bull likes in any case: Barbecue parties, luxury, sedateness, menus, curry sausage, wine cellar, trade journal, kitchen utensils, Parma ham, Angus cattle, lobster, a couch, the color green, gummy bears, cockchafer and the allotment garden.

And they definitely don't like: speeding, speed, cheap wine, dieting, cold fries, sharing, indigestion, the color red, mosquitoes, the slaughterhouse, fakirs and starvation artists, Karl Marx.

The Taurus as boyfriend/girlfriend

It may not be easy to become the boyfriend or girlfriend of a Taurus. But once you are, the friendship is likely to last a lifetime. Unless, of course, you allow yourself a huge blunder. You can also always count on support and help from a Taurus-born. Conversely, the Taurus also expects you to stand by him when necessary. What you should avoid is to ask a Taurus for money. This may work once, but never a second time. In general, it is the duty of a bull friend that he or she, if something was borrowed, also returns the same on time. Otherwise, the friendship quickly goes out the window.

Can Taurus keep a secret?

Taureans are extremely reliable. They never tell anything to anyone if you have asked them to. Even if you haven't mentioned it explicitly, a Taurus will hardly blab anything around. A secret rests with a Taurus as in the grave. He is not one of those people who like to gossip. Conversely, he sees red if you tell something he has confided in you. For sure, Taurus are good friends, maybe even the best of all. However, it is important to make sure that you never violate the territorial sovereignty of a bull. So please never come too close to him and his world without being asked!

Female Taurus on the test bench

She embodies the epitome of a woman, is sensual and exceedingly soulful. Furthermore, she knows how to prove the once again quoted saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. In general, she is unbelievably practical and even puts the stronger sex in her pocket in the field of technology, which is generally known to be the domain of men. But the Taurus woman also proves to be a connoisseur in bed. These are enough earthly talents to make a man quickly dream of paradise with him as the Lord of Creation. But that's where the Taurus lady goes wild. She loves the life of a sensual woman and for that she likes to connect with a correspondingly talented man, but she does not allow herself to be put in the bag. Now she is very tolerant and doesn't immediately take on male stupidity with waving flags. She waits and hopes that the situation will relax. If one does not let her rest, however, she becomes rabid and radical. An angry "bull" is always a signal that her good nature has been exploited. Conversely, this woman must learn to show her limits more clearly at times and, above all, in good time. She is an epicure and she loves life. It is therefore obvious that she - because of the double pleasure - is looking for her equal. At least in her first partner desires, her dream man is a bacchanalian faun or a magical prince with inexhaustible reserves. Later, this image changes. Perhaps she has become wiser and senses that what she needs is not her mirror image but a balance, a man who will take her a little away from the path of pure pleasure. Her husband must be - as they say in Bavarian - "g'standen". An inexperienced boy, who possibly studies at her expense, may come into her bedroom for the sake of pleasure, but will never become her groom. She also doesn't want a business traveler who only visits her on weekends (unless he provides her with lots and lots of money ...). So she seems to be quite sober and clear in her choice of partner. And yet, there's also a tendency toward the problem-laden man, a drunkard, for example. There are Taurus women who always end up with men who need to be rescued, but who ultimately only drag their benefactor into the mire. Here, depending on the severity, insights into the past alone will help with the help of professional psychological counseling.

Male Taurus on the test bench

There are several types among the male bulls. First, the "bull": angular, wiry, stocky, but with the vitality of a boxing champion or bodybuilder. This physical bull is often found at the top of expanding companies, on the rugby team, and - in disguise - in the underworld. As a woman, you don't exactly have it easy with this type, because he demands everything, first and foremost absolute loyalty. However, if you love status and power excessively, you can go quite far with such a bull. Type number two meets in wine cellars to taste ten different Châteaux, or in noble restaurants - raptly eyeing a freshly prepared sweetbread. If you want to survive as a woman around him, you have to forego physical well-being now and then or radically slim down at least twice a year. Type number three is the inconspicuous Taurus: smartly dressed, somewhat conservative, with a job at the bank or in a reputable company. This man does everything to make his wife happy, fulfills her every wish. But he is a bit colorless and it takes a lot of energy to get him going a bit. No matter what type he is, his drive is proverbial, his potency gives him a top image in the female camp. However, he has worse cards in terms of erotic variety: He likes the tried and true - and its repetitions. Moreover, in the domestic milieu he likes to develop into a pasha, in the negative case even into a domestic tyrant. Nevertheless, women are drawn to him because there is something that is never missing at his side: money, security, nest warmth. And because, even when he is the most macho, he always treats a woman with respect. He tolerates the fact that "she" also works like "he" (after all, that's normal today), but he doesn't like it. He would much rather see his partner at home, taking care of the children and of course him when he comes home. He considers the fact that she works as a personal confession of poverty: he doesn't earn enough. In contrast, he has no problem at all putting on his apron at home and standing at the stove to show what a great cook and gourmet he is. He likes children. They complete his family happiness. If he's already a man you can rely on one hundred percent once he says yes without offspring, a child binds him forever and ever.

Small bulls

Taurus seem calm and thoughtful even as a little girl or boy. They are little bon vivants, content with what they have. At least superficially they hardly announce big claims, do not stand out particularly, but are quiet and amused. They observe everything. They take in new impressions only slowly, but process them thoroughly. Thus, they often need more time than other children to grasp something. However, once they have grasped something, they hardly ever forget it again. What looks like a waste of time in the eyes of a busy adult can contain important experiences for a bull child. The half hour it may take to get dressed is for them an intense exploration of their bodies and the materials, shapes and colors of clothes. For a little Taurus, the concrete, material world is important. He wants to touch things and "grasp" them in the literal sense. A Taurus also seeks clear ownership even as a child. Thus he does not like it at all if one uses his toys without being asked.

Aged Taurus

The lust potential of a Taurus does not decrease even at first when he gets older. But as he gets older, it becomes more and more important to transform, to ennoble life into a higher form. In old age, some of the pleasures of the senses dwindle: eating and drinking usually have only a nourishing function, and pure sex is reduced to a minimum. The occupation with art, for example, has a balancing and refining effect, regardless of whether it is only contemplative or through one's own artistic works. One can let the place where one lives become a Garden of Eden.

Apr 21 - May 21

The facts

Element: EARTH

calming, absorbing, preserving, shaping, delimiting


Taurus stands for mass, collectedness, calmness, slow assimilation and preparation through repetition.

Quality: FIX,

firm, constant, gathering, increasing, repeating

Time quality

Spring as an expression of sensually experienced, infinite wealth

Polarity: MINUS,

feminine, yin, passive, inward, reactive, receptive

Ruler planet: VENUS,

Goddess of beauty and love


Sensual, practical, solid, patient, affectionate

Magic helpers

Color: Green    Stone: Sapphire
Tree: Linden    Animal: Maybug
Fragrance: Patchouli



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