Taurus individuals love beauty, arts, and pleasure, and who would think otherwise when this sign is ruled by – who could think otherwise? – Venus. This much sung about planet is named after the goddess of love and beauty. In the whole zodiac, there is hardly a sign that has such an affinity for art and aesthetics. Taureans also have a propensity to philosophize. They love long discussions, whose purpose is not to accomplish great feats of mental acrobatics, but rather to build a solid edifice of ideas.

But Taureans are not only thinkers and esthetes, they also need safe economic conditions and a stable system of values. They long for a world in which everything is fine, and all things and people are solid and reliable. Once a Taurus recognizes something as good and useful, they will want to enjoy and expand on it for all their life. Taureans are said to be stubborn as bulls, but this is not completely accurate. They simply have distinct personal opinions, and it is important to them that these opinions be respected, no matter what. Therefore, they have a certain willfulness, but they’re not completely stubborn to the point that they cannot be swayed by a reasonable argument.

Taurus individuals love comfort and good food. In general, they have good self-esteem and are not easily upset. Still, if you provoke them too much, they will put up a fight – but this happens quite seldom. The reasons for their outbursts are not always clear to other people, and they likely consist of many little mosaic stones of humiliation, desire for revenge, and pride. Taureans have a strong sense of family and need for harmony. They can fully unfurl their inner selves in friendly and harmonious surroundings, and then they reveal their fantastic creativity. They are orderly, but their nonchalance can easily bear a bit of chaos.