The Sagittarius portrait

by star astrologer Erich Bauer

Sagittarius: The philanthropist

Sagittarius-born people possess something that cannot be logically, rationally or empirically comprehended. It "comes over" them. They know something without knowing exactly from where: they have an inspiration. But - and this is crucial - such an inspiration is just as valuable and "real" as a logical conclusion or an experience. This gift of inspiration is possessed not only by Sagittarians, but by all people. But the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius far more than the rest of the zodiac signs. Absolutely top of the line are Sagittarius-born people. Equally strange is their "helper trip". Already as small children they take care of some animal and if they don't take a helping profession as adults, then they are at least in their spare time contact point for people with worries and problems, engage themselves in a welfare association or another social institution.

Sagittarius and profession

Sagittarius makes you hopeful and optimistic. It is like countering the dark winter season that is now upon us with a light that promises warmth, security and confidence. Sagittarius-born people become priests, pastors, teachers of religion or ethics, philosophers, esoteric group and seminar leaders, and arbiters. They all preach a better and more just world where evil, bad and unjust are banished. When astrologers and psychotherapists encourage and motivate their clients, Sagittarius power works through them. In the same way, the thousand guides for "more self-love, self-confidence, happiness, contentment, cheerfulness, charisma" come from Sagittarian brains. When kindergarten teachers, radio announcers, TV announcers, journalists, songwriters and writers invent or retell stories in which good triumphs, they are media and mouthpieces of Sagittarian energies: In fairy tales, fables, allegories, myths and legends there is always a core of truth, wisdom, meaning, virtue, morality - a quantum of Sagittarian energy. Modern fable tellers live in Hollywood or in Silicon Valley. In Steven Spielberg's (Sun Sagittarius) fantastic movies like ET or Jurassic Park, good always triumphs. Even more beautiful, lovely, perfect is the world in the films of Sagittarius Walt Disney. Travels in fantasy, journeys to one's own self by means of psychology or philosophy, the search for self-knowledge or the search for God: this makes up one side of Sagittarius-oriented people. The other has to do with real travel. Whatever on this globe has to do with travel - on foot, by bicycle, plane, train or car - from designing the itinerary to selling tickets to guiding and accompanying the journey: everything is an expression of this astrological energy. When traveling in the manner of a contactor, not only kilometers are swallowed or lazily dozed on the beach: culture, education, broadening of horizons are the order of the day! Getting to know other customs is a must and with every kilometer of rolling wheels the Sagittarius feels closer to himself, his unbound soul, which is neither German, nor French, nor Italian, but boundless and cosmopolitan. As a result of their ideologically open attitude, Sagittarius people are the scholars, researchers and discoverers par excellence. Their advocacy for a better and more just world also makes them excellent social workers and lawyers. A judge, too, always needs a good portion of Sagittarius energy in addition to a "portion" of Libra in order to judge humanly and not just to fulfill paragraphs. Sagittarius energy also works in healing. The centaur, the symbol of Sagittarius, is a connection of man and animal and thus a symbol of human wholeness, consisting of body (animal body) and spirit (human part). As a rider steered his horse, so the spirit is called to accept the body in love. Insight, that is the great magic word of Sagittarian healers. They never rely solely on surgery, pills, acupuncture needles, homeopathic essence or body massage. All this may be useful, but without insight any therapy is in vain. The symptom can be made to disappear, but soon it reappears elsewhere. Sagittarian healing methods are therefore psychoanalysis, all talk therapies, family therapy and of course psychological astrology.

Sagittarius and money

Money alone does not make you happy. This well-known phrase must have come from a Sagittarius. "God Mammon" is namely not his karma, not his destiny. He always needs also a spiritual goal, a philosophy, an ideal, to which he can give his strength and his energies. An exclusively material purpose does not lead to lasting success. But as soon as he undertakes something that promises meaning, healing, happiness and satisfaction, he is right. This also applies to turning to gambling. In fact, these people do not win more often than other zodiac signs. But their chances of winning increase to the extent that they are willing from the outset to share any winnings with institutions that have the welfare of people at heart.

All love Sagittarius for

their open-mindedness. A Sagittarius is a born philanthropist; he cannot even bear to see an animal suffer - even more so, of course, when a person is sad, and possibly because of him. In other words, a Sagittarius is the person you love to have by your side.

What does a Sagittarius need to be happy?

At the top of a Sagittarius's encouragement scale is travel. Someone who books him a plane ticket for a short trip to some metropolis, someone who encourages him to get behind the wheel and drive somewhere in the blue, someone who wants to go hiking with him in the mountains on the weekend or who gets him a ticket to the next Champions League match - Sagittarius lays his heart at his feet. In second place comes entertainment. The Sagittarius likes to know everything for his life, but he is too good for it himself (mostly he has no time, because he is constantly on the road) to get the information. In particular, he deeply dislikes dealing with public gossip and similar talk. But if his partner takes this job off his hands, reads the relevant gazettes, knows who and what is "in" or "out" at the moment, then he is happy. Now let's open the negative list: What can a Sagittarius not stand? First on the list is nagging. Woe and ah! How annoying he finds a partner who tells him that he should clean up sometimes or at least put the butter back in the fridge after spreading it on his bread. He? The great Sagittarius? He should bother himself with such trivialities? Is he not born to higher things? On this occasion it must be said once that Sagittarians are simply sloppy. Along with Pisces and Gemini, they belong to the people who attach the least importance to tidiness and aesthetic appearance. Why should they? Their realm is closer to heaven than to earth. But they are wrong about that. In the end, even this little place they inhabit and work on is a piece of "body" that they are supposed to permeate with their spirit. Nevertheless, this world is teeming with Sagittarians who, at least as long as they are young, don't give a damn about earthly order and, as I said, grimace in annoyance when someone accuses them of it. Furthermore, they react very allergic to disrespect. A Sagittarius who does not hear at least once a day that he is the greatest, the most beautiful, the greatest, is offended and sharpens all his senses to see if he cannot get this confirmation somewhere else. He is vain, yes, and amazingly, he doesn't mind being told that either. He must already be very convinced of himself! At the end of this topic still all kinds and multicolored what Sagittarians like in any case: Animals, number 9, purple, Ludwig van Beethoven, Tina Turner, Walt Disney, Geo, Greenpeace, off-road vehicle, atlas, red cross, jasmine, lapis lazuli, Nepal, Avignon, Hollywood, Steven Spielberg.

And they definitely don't like: insincerity, intrigue, pessimism, stinginess, environmental destruction, black, yellow press, gossip columns, stand-up parties.

Sagittarius boyfriend/girlfriend

The high ideals of friendship are not part of a Sagittarius' standard program. The world is so big and for him it is even bigger than for other zodiac signs, because he doesn't accept any limits. So why bind yourself to one (or a few) people, when there are also people living in the neighboring country or even on the other half of the earth, who can become friends, too, after all?

Can Sagittarius keep a secret?

A Sagittarius thinks it's secretive to know something exciting, important or thrilling, keep it to yourself and not tell anyone. He likes publicity, doesn't like secrets, taboos and muzzles. Now this doesn't mean that he can't keep anything to himself. But you're better off not telling him anything if you don't want it to make the rounds of the company soon. Sagittarians can become real gossips who get a kick out of spilling secrets. The following is interesting in this context: Sagittarians like to become psychologists, doctors, and even clergymen. These jobs require absolute secrecy (doctor's secrecy, confessional secrecy). The potential talkativeness of shooters is thus prevented by a professional vow.

Female Sagittarius on the test bench

If you love a Sagittarius woman, one thing is very important from the very beginning: this woman does not belong to you alone. For example, she may belong to a certain religious community. She may also be an athlete and sometimes trains for hours with her teacher (who is allowed to touch her everywhere and with whom she does everything he says ...). Or maybe she just retreats sometimes and indulges in her fantasies, all of which are about a better world. It is also possible that this woman has to be shared with a dog or several cats, which of course climb into her bed in the evening. It is also possible that she keeps talking about her idol, an actor, a sportsman, a musician, all of whom she would marry immediately if they were standing at her door. All this has nothing to do with the fact that she, the Sagittarius woman, would not love her partner enough. She simply needs these freedoms, they give her the feeling that she is not just living an ordinary, stinkin' life. A Sagittarius woman stands with one foot here on this earth and right next to her husband. With the other she lives on a foreign planet, in a monastery in the Himalayas or in a harem in Arabia: You have to get used to that if you love a Sagittarius woman. You probably also have to get used to her potato salad, which is not even remotely close to that of her own mother. The roast pork also tastes tough. But the spaghetti sauce that this Sagittarius woman conjures up on the table is tasty, and the pasta is al dente. When it comes to foreign dishes, the Sagittarius woman is just better than Mom. She'll get the potato salad thing sorted out eventually. Roast pork will probably have to be taken off the menu altogether: For a real shooter, animals sooner or later only enter the kitchen alive, i.e. as her dog or cat. What you can also assume with the utmost probability is having a libber at your side. This does not necessarily mean that she belongs to a women's movement. She lives it practically, walks around in pants most of the time, thinks skirts are stupid, doesn't let anyone stop her from riding her motorcycle, and perhaps seriously thinks about standing in the goal of her team on Sunday mornings when she goes to play soccer with her buddies. Also, don't give her yesterday's attitudes about a man entering the pub first or always letting the woman go on this side or that. This woman doesn't think much of the classic difference between men and women, and if she has to choose, she's guaranteed to side with the men. However, if you are looking for a woman who already smiles at you in the morning like a sunshine. If you're looking for a woman who doesn't start complaining after two or three kilometers of jogging. If you dream of going around the world in your own motor home and are looking for a co-pilot. If one takes sex not only as "satisfaction", but is ready to take it as a magic vehicle with which one can drift off into the cosmos. If one is not afraid of night-long discussions about God and the world. If one is ready to discuss possible partner problems also once in a common therapy: Then one has for it the only correct woman.

Male Sagittarius on the test bench

Let's say a woman has fallen in love with a Sagittarius man. What now? Is it best to forget about him right away, because this man won't stay with you for long anyway? Do you have to expect that he will be caught in flagrante delicto with another woman every hour? Do you have to play cops and robbers all the time, with the woman having the thankless task of being the latter? Or is it simply a matter of taking the right tactical measures to stop losing this man? Forget. You have to trust love. Thank heavens, love follows its own laws, and in the case of a Sagittarius, even more so. You can't influence the events anyway, once love is involved and the Sagittarius man has taken an essential part in it. One enjoys this man! He will open the heart. He will show what love is. He will make his wife very happy and give her experiences that she will not find with any other man. On the other hand: you just can't take it so seriously when he tells you about the umpteen other women he has had. This has nothing to say at all. He doesn't want to brag or scare people. He is simply saying that they all count for nothing compared to the love he feels now. Just listen quietly and nod when he says that he is a free man and never wants to commit properly. First of all, he's not a free man, and secondly, he very much seeks commitment. But all that is unimportant. What counts alone is feeling! You have to let him feel that you follow your heart exclusively. First of all, this is right and secondly, it impresses him tremendously. It may be that one day this man will leave the relationship, but his wife will always think of him with a warm heart. It may even be that this man makes a child and leaves the mother - as the saying goes. But someone will then take care of this child.

The little Sagittarius

A little Sagittarius knows what he wants and expresses his will confidently and probably loudly. "No" could be one of his first words. He doesn't like it when people simply decide over his head. With his sunny nature, he radiates an inner centeredness that is often not far from egoism. He experiences himself like a little sun shining from his own center. As long as he is a child, he is given a loving smile in return; as an adult, he will need a solid foundation to be able to retain this radiance. So the question for him is always whether he can find an occupation with which he can identify heart and soul. If he has a clear idea of what he wants to achieve, he does not need to demand attention for its own sake. He has a strong will and the ability to accomplish many things on his own. However, if he has too little opportunity to do so, his tendency to make himself the center and claim everything for himself takes over.

Aged Sagittarius

The symbol of Sagittarius, as already mentioned, is the Centaur, a mythical creature, half man, half animal. In old age, even in a Sagittarius, the animal part naturally decreases. But these people are among those who are still fit at eighty and even do sports. Since, as is well known, in a healthy body also lives a healthy mind, they also remain fit in the head. Sometimes they even have the grace to cross the threshold of death consciously and with a clear mind.

Nov 23 - Dec 21

The facts

Element: Fire

Primordial substance of all life. Divine spark and inspiration


Sagittarius Centaur as a hybrid of animal and man

Quality: Mobile

unstable, flexible, social, connecting, adapting, reconciling, absorbing and releasing

Time quality

Predominance of the night side leads to internalization

Polarity: PLUS,

masculine, yang, active, outward, expansive

Ruler planet: JUPITER

Father of the gods Zeus, ruler over the sky


Optimistic, open-minded, idealistic, rousing, jovial.

Magic helpers

Color: Purple    Stone: Lapis lazuli
Tree: Ash    Animal: Horse
Fragrance: Mimosa



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