The Capricorn portrait

by star astrologer Erich Bauer

Capricorn: The sublime

Capricorn-born people learn to control their emotions as children. Behind this fact is ultimately a sublime goal, namely to survive - and not as a being who only pursues his personal self-realization. From the perspective of the sign Capricorn, the individual counts for little, just as when looking down from the mountain, the individual becomes insignificant. From his point of view, the one who follows his feelings, drives and desires and does not perceive the well-being of all is precisely the one who is selfish. Capricorn makes a personal sacrifice for a greater, more comprehensive gain. He always has in mind the coexistence of all, the community, society, humanity - life "as a whole". If everyone would do that ...! A typical Capricorn has this sentence intu. It is the core of his Capricorn philosophy.

Capricorn and profession

Capricorn is an earth sign. It refers to matter, materiality and concreteness. Capricorn people therefore like to work in a matter-oriented or manual way. They are particularly interested in nature and the mechanics of things (farmer, lathe operator, car mechanic, electrician, engineer, technician). This knowledge of the regularity of things can also be applied to the human body: Capricorns are good masseurs, body therapists (Feldenkrais method), chiropractors and orthopedists. The sign Capricorn gives ambition and perseverance. To climb the mountain, to stand above others, to be close to heaven: this is Capricorn philosophy. This requires ambition and persistence, and these virtues are, so to speak, part of the basic equipment of Capricorn people. The leader Mao Tse-tung (sun in Capricorn) ordered his army the famous "long march to the north". This is also a Capricornian idea. Furthermore, Capricorn-affected individuals like to handle human needs in a detached way, from a distance, so to speak. They therefore like to perform jobs where they can give instructions and answers, organize, manage, bring together, direct, and govern from behind a desk. Their ability to cope with themselves at best predestines Capricorn people, in turn, for such professions where one has to work alone, for example, as a farmer on a hermit's farm, mountain farmer, explorer in Antarctica, astronomer, security guard, night watchman, lighthouse keeper, weather observer. Their frugality should also be mentioned. This helps to lead a simple, but quite fulfilling life. Therefore, Capricorn people become shoemakers who still tan their leather goods by hand. They become organic farmers who grow crops organically out of conviction. And they become "dropouts" who live off their own products. Perhaps Capricorns are the only ones who are happy with what they have: because they are frugal and like to work hard.

Capricorn and money

There are very rich Capricorns (at least two names from history: Onassis and Dr. Oetker). And there are certainly poor Capricorns as well. But certainly there are no beggars among them. Why? Because a Capricorn knows that you have to work for your money. According to this attitude he directs his life from childhood. No other sign of the zodiac is so consistent in following a plan that lets him live decently. He then also chooses such activities that promise him the greatest possible financial security, becomes a civil servant, a public employee or a teacher. This ensures a secure pension. In addition, there is another virtue: Capricorns can save. No other sign of the zodiac looks so closely at the relationship between performance or supply and cost. A Capricorn never buys something that is cheaper elsewhere. Basically, he always saves for "later". In old age, he wants to treat himself to something.

All love Capricorns for

Reliability. With him, a Capricorn, you will not experience disappointments. He keeps his appointments and promises. That is one hundred percent sure. But this should not give the impression that a Capricorn is always there for you. As he reduces his expenses for himself to a minimum, so it behaves towards others.

What does a Scorpio need to be happy?

A Capricorn is happy as a snow king when he notices that you think about him, for example, give him a gift and do not wait until Christmas or until his birthday, days that are very close anyway. But also a surprise phone call, which has no other reason than to express his affection, brings him - for his standards - almost out of his mind. Of course, he does not show his joy unadorned. But those who know him can read it in his shining eyes. From a woman he gets involved with, the Capricorn man expects that she cooks well and simply, and if then the knuckle of pork was also on sale as a special offer, he is delighted. She, the Capricorn woman, in turn, is satisfied if her (future) husband brings home successes and good contacts and takes her to a cozy restaurant now and then. Basically, both - Capricorn man and woman - rave in the highest tones for very simple food, but every now and then a summit experience is also due when eating. They love thriftiness, the Capricorns - very much, in fact - but the quality must not suffer under any circumstances. They are usually absolute gourmets and know exactly where to find the best meat, the freshest vegetables and the finest wine. Luxury - is that even an issue for a true Capricorn? It is! They indulge themselves - and don't talk about it. After all, if you work hard and successfully, you can indulge yourself with a clear conscience, the noble pieces from gifted designers. As far as outfits are concerned, purists give Capricorns the greatest pleasure. Strict noblesse in material, cut and color are right at the top of their list of favorites - and no fancy frippery or any kind of flashy effects! Practical and simple things are also always popular with Capricorns, from battery-powered gas lighters to a sturdy oyster knife to an electric Parmesan grater. They are also into art that can be hung in the home and comfortable furniture, but not ostentatious. The Capricorn loves his family. Even if he has suffered more than he has laughed - he is attached to it. He expects the same from his (potential) partner. Negative remarks about his father, mother or siblings should therefore be avoided if you want to seduce a Capricorn. Finally, in this context, a few words about his humor. He likes to laugh, the serious fellow, loves to tell anecdotes and appreciates people who can tell good jokes. But there is one thing he rarely, if ever, likes: to be laughed at, for whatever reason.

To conclude this topic, here are all kinds of things that Capricorns like in any case: clarity, Rocky Mountains, snow, winter, diamond, rock crystal, polar bear, desert, Simone de Beauvoir, Konrad Adenauer, Marlene Dietrich, pine, loneliness, number 10, mirror, white, cactus.

And he definitely does not like: sentimentality, snail shell, moisture, spiders, whims, unreliability, wind.

The Capricorn as boyfriend/girlfriend

Capricorn stands rock solid by its friends, protects them, honors them, goes through thick and thin for them, and offers them an unshakable support. However, happiness and contentment in a friendship with a Capricorn come only gradually, namely when you slowly realize what a rock in the surf of life you have by your side. They are not the warmest and coziest, but they are the safest, most reliable people there are.

Can Capricorns keep a secret?

There is no question that Capricorn is one of the most faithful of the zodiac. Just as he otherwise sticks to agreements and commitments, he is one of those people who would never divulge anything that is meant to be a secret.

Female Capricorns on the test bench

The assertion that the emotional life of a Capricorn woman resembles an iceberg comes in most cases from men, mainly from those whose attempts to land with her ended in emptiness. These women always make a fool of themselves with their usual showmanship. In their innermost being, the archaic of a being superior to men is at work, and their role models are all women who either wrote history themselves or watched their husbands closely as they made theirs. Those who do not recognize and respect this greatness experience their coldness and rejection. But whoever passes before her eyes may enter into her dream of the Arabian Nights. For behind her thoughtful exterior hides a seraglio of boundless love and lust; her cool flair proves to be an absolute counterpoint to her passionate inner glow. This woman simply has it in her. If you prefer appearances to being, you are in the wrong place with her. She gets big, dreamy eyes on the subject of fidelity. If only "he" were a "super daddy" who would go through thick and thin with her and stand by her without hesitation! He would have to forgive her everything, occasionally even the sensual escapades with another man. Because unlike the Capricorn man, the most faithful partner of the entire zodiac, she is also strongly determined by the Moon and her Venus, especially in love matters. They may well be in a more "permissive" sign, such as Sagittarius or Aquarius, and thus encourage a somewhat looser conception of fidelity. Occasionally, she also follows a double standard, taking liberties with herself, but expecting her partner to stand by her faithfully like a rock and wait for her until she has had enough of making love to the other. She was not born to stand in the shadow of a man. Rather it behaves the other way around. But a weakling who allows himself to be endlessly patronized, she also despises and even begins to bully him just to get him to stand on his hind legs. If he remains without backbone, she abandons him. And she carries out separations like everything else: quickly and consistently. Whom it hits, she perceives as hard and merciless. But she is sure that a hard parting is easier in the end.

Male Capricorns on the test bench

A Capricorn man has to be educated a bit in time. Not as far as the big and important things of a love or marriage are concerned, there he is quite great. He has everything a girl dreams of: first of all, he is comme il faut, that is, as it should be. He will never do or demand anything that will make his partner blush. But the latter will also never be surprised in such a way that he might discover a love letter from another woman in the Capricorn's briefcase. Isn't that insanely reassuring? He is a gentleman who always lets his wife feel that she is special, his sweetheart, his comfort, his sun, his evening star. The lady of his heart may have wrinkles and gray hair, he will always see in her the girl he loved from the first moment. If his wife is afraid of anything, whether sharks on vacation or burglars at home, the Capricorn man will immediately do everything to relieve her of her fear: He would no longer vacation by the sea, even if he had the captain's license. And he will equip his house with the most modern security measures. Besides: it's strange, but around him many fears disappear anyway - just like that. He'll never ask for sex if she doesn't want it. Oh, let's say it simply, even if it sounds antiquated and a bit corny: the typical Capricorn man will carry his wife on his hands, read her every wish from her eyes and take all her handholds. And what's the catch? Quite simply, he is not her type, he is absolutely not a ladies' man and certainly not a ladies' man. He won't kidnap her on a fiery horse, not even in an open convertible. He won't write romantic, languorous love letters, he won't breathe compliments into the phone, and when she greets him at the door in a see-through negligee, he'll scold her for dressing too lightly for the season. A Capricorn man can be so matter-of-fact and so sobering that it leaves one speechless. Therefore, a woman - now we're picking up again at the beginning - who loves his other undeniably great qualities must educate him from the beginning and make it clear to him that she won't tolerate slippers in the bedroom, can't stand his glasses (most Capricorns wear impossible glasses), expects more fire from him, wants a real French kiss every morning, and wants to hear a sweet new compliment to go with it. In other words, the Capricorn man is, as far as love is concerned, a little boy who wants to be taken by the hand and needs love lessons. You need a lot of patience and never forget in between: The big and important things are right with a Capricorn man.

The little Capricorn

Basically, it can be said that a Capricorn's family of origin tends to expect them, the growing child, to be independent at a very early age. Jokingly, I sometimes say that Capricorn children come into the world already "clean". What is certain is that this offspring usually cries less, eats more demurely, gets clean earlier, learns to walk and generally shows all the signs of a "little adult".

Aged Capricorns

Actually, people with Capricorn ascendant find their peace only in old age. Now they can devote themselves to their real destiny, strengthen the light in their inner being until it merges with the cosmic light. Old age is also a blessing because their helper planet, Saturn, is considered the planet of old age. This is, so to speak, the grace of the cosmos, its gift to people who spend their lives piling up burdens and problems and tend to put pleasure and enjoyment on the back burner. Now, in old age, everything becomes easy. Light-heartedness mixes with wisdom and gives happy years. Once death comes, one can cross over into the other world with light feet.

Dec 22 - Jan 20

The facts

Element: Earth

as the primary substance of all life. Structure, strength, duration


Capricorn as a creature of the mountain world, frugal, persevering

Quality: Cardinal

Pushing, dynamic, assertive, expansive

Time quality

Winter as a period of hardship and survival training

Polarity: Minus

feminine, yin, concentrating, preserving, forming

Ruler planet: Saturn

as representatives of truth and reality


Factual, objective, fair, methodical, tenacious

Magic helpers

Color: White    Stone: Black Nobleonyx
Tree: Oak    Animal: Polar bear
Fragrance: Laurel



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