Your 2023 Horoscope for Virgo


Your life becomes easier

What you get...

2023 is a Mars year. With it, whoever has the biggest ego wins. You, a Virgo, are not a ruthless person, but social, collegial, thinking. Are you disadvantaged now? On the contrary. Just when all the world is competing like hell, your strength of being able to wait, being accurate and reliable comes out big time. You will be entrusted with tasks that require skill and patience. You will be appreciated as a reliable, faithful business and work partner.

What you lose...

However, this Mars could also draw you even more into your work, so that you won't be able to rest at all. That would be dangerous. You need to banish your work mania from your life.

The message of the planets

As of January 1, Jupiter is in the sign of Aries and thus for you in the 12th solar house. The constellation leads to a kind of transformation in silence. Only this much is certain, that in May 2023, when Jupiter is then in the zodiac sign Taurus, you will be a different person: more mature, more adult, more self-confident, more centered, stronger in character. You will also become more aware again of how important friendships are for you as a Virgo: Good friends strengthen your back, are a kind of family substitute and the alpha and omega of a happy life.
Saturn is opposite your zodiac sign. This can put pressure on you. But, whether you get into trouble, that's up to you.
Neptune is also in the sign of Pisces throughout 2023, and thus opposite your zodiac sign. This planet gives you the gift of intuition and clairvoyance. You will have hunches about what is coming and you will be right. You will understand other people better than they understand themselves. Your healing abilities will increase. With this Neptune, you have the gift of energetic healing: Your proximity alone is soothing, calming, healing.
Pluto is in Capricorn in 2023. This puts you especially close to your past: you are drifting in the current that comes from the past and flows into the future. You will be doing things that you may have started many lifetimes ago. You will walk on paths that your ancestors have already trodden. In all of this, you will receive strength in the way you relate to your past with gratitude.

Love and sex

Uranus is in the sign of Taurus throughout the year, putting you in a favorable position. With this Uranus, your life becomes easier. Nothing is missing for you, even if you don't have a love partner right now. The relationship with the person you love, on the other hand, becomes very natural: you belong together, even if you don't reassure yourself of this every day (in bed). On May 17 Venus enters the zodiac sign Taurus and stays there until the end of the year. Now begins your most beautiful time, because your love blossoms new, fresh, unique... You are happy. You will forget all shyness and shame. Even singles who have been solo for a long time will find, fall in love. A hot summer breaks out in relationships. You look at each other again with freshly in love eyes. Starting in June, Venus lingers in the sign of Leo for four months. This brings you a particularly intimate time. Now it will also be decided whether there is the potential for soul love in your partnership.

Career and money...

Saturn is opposite your zodiac sign for the whole year. Automatically this is associated with becoming more involved professionally, accomplishing more, taking on greater responsibility. This commitment will definitely have a positive effect on their income.


Mars is a source of health and vitality for you throughout the year. You will feel better than in previous years. At the same time, Saturn demands that you live healthily. Anything you do wrong will avenge itself much more than usual. So take good care of yourself, live healthy, and you will be spared from troublesome ailments. That you stop smoking, live healthier, jog every day for half an hour, eat less meat, etc., is a good thing. For this you will also get full support from Neptune. These two stars guard your field for health and give you hell if you handle yourself badly. Pay special attention to your digestion. All other ailments are related to it.

Virgo and its partners

Miracle upon miracle: Aries, otherwise wild and unruly, is downright friendly in 2023. For Taurus, Virgo is a dream all year round. It's the same the other way around. If they are not already married, they most certainly will be by the fall of 2023 at the latest. Gemini and Virgo will often argue about who is right. A Cancer is dearest to a Virgo in 2023. He is so soulful and enchants the home into a paradise. They are a couple for the wedding waltz. A Leo would also be just fine. But the stars say there are also many differences. Another virgin? That works fine, but unfortunately only for a short time. In the long run they wear each other out. Rather lukewarm than passionate love is possible with Libra. Exceptions: June. But in a friendship it works well the whole year. Scorpio is Mister or Misses 10.000 Volt, with especially electrifying encounters in July and then again in autumn. Sagittarius is a greyhound: you can only bear his infidelity if you yourself also have several fires in the iron. Capricorn and a Virgo make an ideal couple in 2023. But they have to be careful that the stress doesn't get them down. Indeed, there is a tendency to drive each other. Aquarius sees black when Virgo sees white: you can`t get more opposite than that! The Pisces pleases at first and in the course of the year better and better. A Pisces-born may well become a new partner.

If you are younger than 25 ...

This Mars, conductor of the year, is comparable to doping. There you have to be careful not to get addicted. As a Virgo, you have a penchant for it. So put again and again and systematically breaks!

If you are older than 50 ...

Saturn puts pressure on you. However, this must not now lead you to put pressure on yourself as well. You need phases again and again, in which you relax, go for a walk, travel, lie down in the bathtub, etc.. Always find your center and you will find your peace.

If you are depressed ...

Saturn is in the zodiac sign of Pisces. This means that it does not matter to make a big appearance. On the contrary, he depresses your mood. Then you suddenly recognize everywhere only what is not one hundred percent true. What helps is to distract yourself by doing the most pleasant and nice things possible, such as listening to music, watching TV, going for a walk, etc.

Your personal happiness strategy

You are a systematic person, even when you fill out your lottery ticket. So you draw patterns and signs in your lottery ticket. Connect the numbers this way.

Aug 24 - Sep 23

ANIMALPersian cat
BEST DAYWednesday
SOULMATESCapricorns, Bulls
GUIDELINESHildegard of Bingen, Albert Schweitzer


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