Your 2023 Horoscope for Taurus


Much desire, love and money

What you get

2023 is a Mars year. This upsets you, someone who is used to everything always going according to plan. You simply have to break away from this expectation. Occasionally or more, unrest comes your way. But that is the only unpleasant thing. Otherwise, you have fabulous stars.

What you lose

You have to cope with disturbances and now and then even chaos. That everything always goes according to plan, you have to part with this expectation.
You are especially adept at handling money and real estate.

The message of the planets

Jupiter, the heavenly body that brings luck and prosperity, is in your zodiac sign Taurus from June. This leads to an aura of happiness: wherever you are professionally active - in a store, an office, a tool bank, a counter, a bar - you radiate confidence, and everyone likes to work with you, respectively preferably closes deals with you. And what about love? Don't worry! Love is also strong in other ways, but not continuously and evenly, but follows an up and down.
Concerning Saturn, you can rub your hands with glee. This planet bothered and hindered you how and where it could. Now it not only leaves you alone, but even helps you with your favorite activity, the increase of money. Saturn tells you the best tips on how and where to invest your money.
Uranus is again in Taurus and thus in your zodiac sign. This also brings unfamiliar things and surprises. This planet focuses on change, brings new things and demands teamwork - all things that you, a Taurus, don't readily like. Now it depends on whether you jump over your shadow and take advantage of the new circumstances or resist them. In the first case you can expect a year full of surprises, in the second a lot of trouble.
Pluto is in Capricorn. This means that your life will bring constraints and demands: people often demand more from you than you are willing to give. Behind this, however, is not greed on the part of those around you, but a greeting from the past. For example, it may be that someone is now demanding something back from you that they paid to you in a previous life. So it would be wise to allow also the angle of a karma debt.

Love and Sex

In March, Venus, the love planet, is in her constellation, so in terms of love, no one should stand in your way or even come across as brash or impertinent. This means that you will meet people who fit you like a lid on a pot or like the right key in a lock. Also in existing partnerships this great Venus awakens new feelings and passion.

Career and money

Clothes make the man, as the old story goes. And satisfaction makes success. Because the Mars year gives you so richly, you will also be correspondingly successful. Saturn, which has harassed you for years, leaves you in peace. This has enormous effects on professional realization. You have it easier, you get ahead better, you get success faster, you earn more money. From May 17 Jupiter will be at your side. This promises good performances and contacts with people who patronize you. Now you can realize what you have always dreamed of: moving into a nicer house, more money, more time for your hobbies, simply more satisfaction and happiness.


Mars is another word for health and vitality. From this point of view, everyone, no matter what zodiac sign they are, has the best cards in 2023 to stay healthy, or if they are already suffering from something, to become healthier. You, as a Taurus, can enhance the power of Mars by moving more. You must overcome your tendency to be sluggish and restful. Rather, get up half an hour earlier and work your butt off in the gym to do so: You certainly won't regret it. Saturn has left you, as already mentioned, and thus physical problems leave you largely in peace. However, you will have to protect yourself from infections. Neptune in the sign of Pisces is an indication that your defenses against infections of all kinds are weakened.

Taurus and his partners

Aries and Taurus just don't get along, even if they try.
For a while, Taurus and Taurus can get along well. He is so comfortable. But in the long run, boredom sets in.
A Taurus can be deliciously amused by a Gemini. But it is rather not enough for a real love story.
Cancer is a little too possessive from a Taurus' point of view. On the other hand, he is looking for a person who is as emotional as he is.
The Leo he likes. When they get together, it means good luck.
Taurus and Virgo will definitely get closer in 2023. I wouldn't be surprised if a common perspective develops there.
With a Libra, love is like a symphony or like a dance. Each vibrates with the other, leads or can be led. A dream! But unfortunately, when you live together, it quickly turns into a nightmare.
A Taurus longs for a person who understands him mentally. The Scorpio is just right.
Sagittarius is too aloof.
A Capricorn can become your best friend, but a love partner he is not, it will remain so in 2023.
Aquarius is scary to you.
Pisces is also a soul mate, no matter how far away he is.

If you are younger than 25...

In Mars year 2023 you can achieve a lot, but you also have to accept changes: Stay loose, don't tense up, everything will be fine!

If you are older than 50...

It has already been said, in Mars year 2023 you can achieve a lot, but you also have to accept change. The change happens in a Mars year particularly spontaneously, egoistically and recklessly. Without further ado it can happen that someone comes too close to you or even tramples on your toes. In such cases it depends entirely on whether you make your voice heard in time, i.e. protest while you can still talk reasonably, or wait before it is too late. So protest while you can still talk sense, or wait until the famous drop makes the barrel overflow and you explode. If you don't blow off steam in time, you will become the notorious wild bull in 2023 not just once, but more often, lashing out uncontrollably and spoiling your best chances. Give yourself air in good time!

If you are depressed ...

If you are depressed, it has a lot to do with what was said in the last section. Namely, you are venting too late. Therefore, the method against any dark mood is to go out into the fresh air and breathe deeply in and out. Maybe going to a gym is not a bad idea either.

Your personal happiness strategy

Put your wallet on the table where you fill in the lottery tickets!

Apr 21 - May 21

SOULMATEVirgo, Capricorn
GUIDELINESRockefeller, Countess Dubarry


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